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A mind-body fitness company founder and a comedic mental health therapist hash out our deepest questions and life's challenges. We speak about how activating and joining the mind and body through music, movement and community can help us enjoyably and entertainingly navigate through this journey called life.


  • Grace Meets Grit with Daina Middleton

    Grace Meets Grit with Daina Middleton

    16/04/2021 Duration: 01h03min

    In this episode, Bernice and Kali are honored to share an interview with Daina Middleton - an accomplished business person who has worked at a variety of firms including Hewlett Packard and Twitter. Daina talks about her climb to success, the lessons she learned along the way and how Oula came into her life at a particularly poignant time of reckoning and recentering. This is a great listen from a knowledgeable leader with insights into why it's so important to embrace your authentic self. Read more about Daina at her website https://dainamiddleton.com/

  •  Astrology as a Path to Empowerment

    Astrology as a Path to Empowerment

    15/03/2021 Duration: 01h11min

    "Astrology works. The charts never lie." In this episode, Kali and Bernice have the incredible privilege of interviewing Whitney Fishburn, editor and reporter on Capitol Hill turned Astrologer. After both having really life-affirming sessions with Whitney, Kali and Bernice could not have been more excited to talk to Whitney about her personal story that led her to astrology, how and why it can be a life changing experience for clients, and how the systems and cycles of astrology can help us make sense of our own lives, our own journeys and realize our personal power in a world where so often we are just a cog in the machine that is capitalism. To book a consultation with Whitney or to learn more, visit https://www.ensouledastrology.com/.

  • Episode 103: I am Love - a Reflection on this months affirmation

    Episode 103: I am Love - a Reflection on this month's affirmation

    26/02/2021 Duration: 53min

    In this episode, Kali and Bernice explore what came up for them this month as they reflect on #iamlove. How quick they are to confuse their actions with their essence, how the concept of love is much simpler than the action of it, and how maybe self love is the key to save the world. Take a listen and reflect on how love is given and received in your life.

  • Episode 102: Intuitive Eating with Chelsea Campbell

    Episode 102: Intuitive Eating with Chelsea Campbell

    18/02/2021 Duration: 01h12s

    In this episode, Kali and Bernice have the opportunity to talk with Registered Nurse and certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, Chelsea Campbell, to learn and talk about Intuitive Eating - the practice of, tuning into your body's signals, cues, and sensations to guide your self-care and your eating choices, as opposed to following some external set of rules like a diet or restrictive lifestyle. They talk about how this process can be done by all of us, and how it is a very important step on the path towards self-love, especially in the fatphobic world we live in. This episode is a must-listen, especially for those of us with a complicated relationship with our bodies and who desire to be freed from the suffering this causes us. Other media referenced in this episode: Podcast: Ten Percent Happier where one of the creators of Intuitive Eating, Evelyn Tribole, was interviewed, and in real-time during the episode, host Dan Harris has some amazing revelations about himself. It was re-aired in December 2020.

  • Episode 101: I am Here

    Episode 101: I am Here

    27/01/2021 Duration: 55min

    In their first podcast of 2021, and following in line with the #iamoula campaign, January's affirmation is #iamhere. In this episode, Kali and Bernice discuss what it means to be here in the present moment, here as a product of our own story, here as heirs to our ancestral story, and here as community members to a collective story. Their hope is that as you listen to their personal stories, it will encourage you to explore your own #iamhere story.

  • Episode 100: The Sixth Pillar - Womens Empowerment

    Episode 100: The Sixth Pillar - Women's Empowerment

    01/01/2021 Duration: 01h02min

    On the last episode of this series, Kali and Bernice talk about why empowering women, themselves included is work that they are called to do. They grapple and fumble over gender binary stereotypes, if they are creating inclusive spaces for all women and people in general and how they use Oula to empower themselves in their own lives. They also talk about the healing power of storytelling through music and movement, and how stories that aren't even our own can be felt deeply to create empathy in action and an opportunity to heal collective wounds.

  • Episode 99: The Fifth Pillar - Self Image

    Episode 99: The Fifth Pillar - Self Image

    18/12/2020 Duration: 01h03min

    In this penultimate, pandemic-ruled episode of this series, Bernice and Kali take a deep dive into their self image, how its motivated their lives, lesson they've learned, and freedoms they are still striving for. They also reflect on the gift of Oula for this safe space in which identity, image and perception fall away so that we can truly see one another at the soul level.

  •  2020 Vision: The Fourth Pillar - Personal Purpose

    2020 Vision: The Fourth Pillar - Personal Purpose

    04/12/2020 Duration: 52min

    This episode is all about asking ourselves what is the purpose of finding our purpose? Bernice and Kali talk about their relationships with their purpose, how they struggle to know it, live it and also how it allows them to tap out of being present, because they want to go "fulfill their purpose!" The ego plays a huge role in purpose, and its shadow side can make a lot of things yucky pretty quickly. Thanks, as always, for listening and for being a part of this community!!

  • 2020 Vision: The Third Pillar - Spirituality

    2020 Vision: The Third Pillar - Spirituality

    20/11/2020 Duration: 01h12min

    In Episode 3 of our 2020 Vision Series, Bernice and Kali talk about spirituality. This is the trigger warning for the episode, as they dive into their own beliefs and practices, as well as their observances about religion and its purpose, benefits and flaws. It's a big topic and they hope in some way it adds value to the listener's experience or provide at least some food for thought!

  •  2020 Vision: The Second Pillar- Friendship

    2020 Vision: The Second Pillar- Friendship

    06/11/2020 Duration: 51min

    In Episode 2 of our 2020 Vision Series, Kali and Bernice talk about the importance that friendship plays in their lives. After being friends for nearly 10 years, they talk about their own friendship and their generation gap, what they look for in friends, why their friendships last (or not!) and the importance of maintaining them, especially through difficult times like Covid. Thank you to you, our friends, for being a part of our lives.

  • 2020 Vision: The First Pillar - Marriage

    2020 Vision: The First Pillar - Marriage

    23/10/2020 Duration: 56min

    In Episode 1 of our 2020 Vision Series, Bernice and Kali talk about their relationship with marriage. How it's been affected by COVID, how its changed throughout the years, and how their marriage endures through rough waters. Self-deprecating, amusing and explicit, but always honest and authentic, these friends don't hold back on this one!

  • Reflections from the Past 6 Months

    Reflections from the Past 6 Months

    09/10/2020 Duration: 52min

    Kali and Bernice are back after a pause for reflection.  In this episode, they talk about some of the more difficult questions they've been asking themselves during this confusing time.  They offer insight into their own struggles and fears and questions that keep them up at night.   Podcasts referenced:  Brene Brown's Unlocking Us- "On My Mind: RBG, Surge Capacity, and Play as an Energy Source" Super Soul Sunday- "What Does Purpose Really Look Like- with Wes Moore"

  • We are all Losers! Thats What Makes OULA Special

    We are all Losers! That's What Makes OULA Special

    21/07/2020 Duration: 52min

    As we are approaching our 10 year anniversary at OULA, we have been taking a good look at our marketing and branding and have been working with experts to help us hone in on message and voice. One idea that Bernice came up with is the concept that we've all lost something, and we can find it through OULA. It could be loss of health, community, relationships, people and even ourselves. What we can find through music, movement and community sometimes feels like the missing puzzle pieces of ourselves and lives, even if we didn't realize they are missing. Of course, it wouldn't be a Mind-Body Stuff podcast without several digressions into masks, humor, parenting, stories and lots of laughter.

  • Truth and Shame

    Truth and Shame

    01/07/2020 Duration: 59min

    In this podcast, Kali and Bernice explore their own truths and the shock when they are not universal. They go on to discuss that if these truths are not universal, do they become less meaningful to the individual who holds them. Can you still hold your space and also hold space for another's truth? They also speak about how women are so tuned into the power of shame and wield it as a weapon. What can we learn about how to hold space for another's truth without shaming them for being different?

  •  Pause and Pivot

    Pause and Pivot

    07/06/2020 Duration: 47min

    It was week 10 of COVID-19 and Bernice and Kali talk about the Great Pause and how they are pivoting personally and also as OULA Fitness. They recorded this podcast live on Instagram and as always, asked the big questions, laughed inappropriately and spoke with fervor and passion!

  •  Life in the Time Of Coronavirus

    Life in the Time Of Coronavirus

    25/03/2020 Duration: 46min

    Our podcast this week is all about life in the time of Coronavirus. How we're staying sane, how we're sitting with uncertainties and fear, how humor is so important to mental health. In these unprecedented times, we are trying to find hope and lightness so that we can get through-- stronger, more connected, grateful and wiser-- on the other side.

  • The Complicated Reality of Being a Social Creature

    The Complicated Reality of Being a Social Creature

    16/03/2020 Duration: 01h03min

    In this week's episode, Kali and Bernice talk about all things social, from COVID-19, awkward interactions at parties, the safety of an OULA circle and (inspired by Glennon Doyle's new book) becoming Untamed. They talk about their collaborative relationship and how their ego may tell them they're not enough on their own but really their magic is when they come together to create. As humans, social creatures, it can be so hard to navigate the connection that we equally crave and fear, but how important it is for the expansiveness of humanity.

  • What the Super Bowl Told Us About Womens Empowerment

    What the Super Bowl Told Us About Women's Empowerment

    12/02/2020 Duration: 53min

    Kali and Bernice are back at the mic after taking a bit of a hiatus! The Super Bowl sprung them out of Podcast Retirement because they were all fired up about peoples' responses to the halftime show. On this podcast they try to understand the strong push back that men and women alike gave to Shakira and JLo's performance! As you can imagine, Bernice was pole dancing while watching it and Kali and her girls were talking about whose costumes were their favorite without even a clue that this was going to be controversial. Is it fear based? Is it learned? Is it from the Puritans? Is it from our witchy background being burned at the stake? WHAT IS IT? Take a listen to our perspective!

  • You Cant Rush Your Healing

    You Can't Rush Your Healing

    10/12/2019 Duration: 45min

    This week, Bernice and Kali discuss our human tendency to rationalize grief. The truth is, grief doesn't follow the rules. It can not be compared or put on a timeline or diminished and whatever you are feeling right now, and especially during the holiday season, deserves your attention. They talk about their own experiences with loss and grief and even their own shame about their grief. Have you ever felt like you shouldn't be so sad about something because someone has it worse? Yes this thought process can sometimes be of assistance with cultivating gratitude, but it can also stop you from fully feeling what is coming up. We hope this podcast gives you permission to be sad or disappointed or longing during the holidays.

  •  Ancestral Wisdom and our Search for Belonging

    Ancestral Wisdom and our Search for Belonging

    04/12/2019 Duration: 43min

    In this episode, Bernice and Kali refer to their new song of the week, "She'd Say" by Andy Grammer, about what his mother who has passed would say to his daughter. This song prompted them to reflect on their own knowledge of their lineage and how to tap into ancestral wisdom. They wrestle with cultural appropriation and their longing for connection to the wisdom that elders hold. Their ancestors migrated to the United States, and like so many others, lost their ancestral wisdom. Did they give it up, was it taken from them, where is it and how do we find it?

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