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  • Shoutout To Dianne

    Shoutout To Dianne

    08/12/2017 Duration: 01min

    A shoutout to the lovely Dianne Ashcroft

  • Its COOOLD!!

    It's COOOLD!!

    08/12/2017 Duration: 01min

    It's COOOOLD!!

  • Some ❤ From Dianne Ashcroft

    Some ❤ From Dianne Ashcroft

    02/12/2017 Duration: 36s


  • Do What You Love Ep3

    Do What You Love Ep3

    29/11/2017 Duration: 07min

    You have to so what you love doing because this s**t is not easy!

  • Sorting My Workspace

    Sorting My Workspace

    29/11/2017 Duration: 02min

    Just joined a workspace and thought you might want to know

  • Gary Vee Gets A Phone Call

    Gary Vee Gets A Phone Call

    25/11/2017 Duration: 02min

    This is how NOT to contact an influencer

  • Who Are You?

    Who Are You?

    25/11/2017 Duration: 04min

    Knowing who you are and what you can offer is important - Not enough people know it though! You can't contact an influencer if you don't know what you're offering to them. NEVER give them homework!

  • Random Advert 1

    Random Advert 1

    25/11/2017 Duration: 36s

    Random Advert 1

  • Influencer Marketing Intro Ep1

    Influencer Marketing Intro Ep1

    25/11/2017 Duration: 02min

    A brief break down of influence marketing

  • Allow me to introduce myself

    Allow me to introduce myself

    24/11/2017 Duration: 04min

    Allow me to introduce myself