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Alchemist Theatre is a spiritual theatre show with no dogma. This podcast channel features music from our live shows, audio from our sermons, and guided meditations, as well as our specialty shows like "Jesus Medicine". Learn more about The Alchemists and Alchemist Movement at


  • Alchemist Theatre presents Letting Go

    Alchemist Theatre presents "Letting Go"

    28/08/2019 Duration: 17min

    In this digital offering, The Alchemists tackle the theme of "letting go", chosen by their patrons last month. Reverend Levity explores the darker side of having the prophetic gift of clairvoyance in "The Plight of Foresight", and Reverend Divine discusses how to shift our energies away from what’s not serving to what will in "The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Holding On”. Join The Alchemists for a salon-style discussion on Saturday 8/31 @ 10am in Reno. Learn more at

  • I Want To Be Light | Reverend Levity (live)

    "I Want To Be Light" | Reverend Levity (live)

    16/04/2019 Duration: 24min

    Reverend Levity's instructions from the director of this church was "to be a little more vulnerable and include a little known detail of your life. Maybe a challenge or struggle you’ve gone through and how you came through it - good or bad - and what you learned that contributed to your personal 'story'". In this talk, Rev Lev shares what she believes trauma is, confesses her journey to overcome a recent personal trauma, and uncovers how the simplicity of un-attaching from your Personal Story™ can lead you to the lightness you're yearning for. She ends with a guided meditation that invites you to the bottom of the ocean to find which of your Stories are weighing you down.

  • Alchemist Theatre presents Refuge, ft. Eric Andersen (live show)

    Alchemist Theatre presents "Refuge", ft. Eric Andersen (live show)

    02/11/2018 Duration: 01h16min

    Are you disheartened by the housing crisis happening in Reno? Do you worry about things like safety, community, and homelessness? Do you often wonder what our world would look like if our basic needs were met, and how you can be a part of making that happen? Explore these themes and more with The Alchemists through visual art, talks, live music, and more -- joined by the one and only Eric H Andersen of The Novelists for another unforgettable and heart-openening collaboration. *** Alchemist Theatre was born out of a desire to create newer and better ways of gathering and worship. As a group of professional and talented artists who are passionate about creating art, we wanted to go deeper, and find different ways to connect to Spirit. We want to inspire people to create art, build community, and become better versions of themselves. As modern day Alchemists, we are here to transform fear into love, and are seeking peers who are ready to do the same. Fear is real, but it's not the Truth. www.alchemistmove