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  • Episode 9 Your First Event


    Click here to Download this Episode Just a quick rundown on things to bring with you or do for your first event. Sorry about not having the list of events here. I’ll try to put them up at a later date.

  • Episode 8 Wigs


    Click here to Download this Episode Arda Wigs Epic Cosplay Wigs 5 Wits Wigs Custom Wig Co. 18th Century Hair & Wig Styling Book göt2b Glued Spiking Glue Elmers Glue Wig Comb Teasing Comb Hair Thinning Shears Wig Clips Wig Cap Sports Hair Gel Velvet Headband Glitter Guidance: Investing in a costume is investing in … Continue reading "Episode 8 Wigs"

  • Episode 7 Closet Cosplay


    Click here to Download this Episode New Mics! Still learning how to use these properly. LTU Expo Con Ja Nai – Costume Contest! Jack and the Beanstalk Golden Seamstress Terpsicore at the Tower Detroit Costumer’s guild Straw Hat Making Shuto Con CMPL Comic-Con Original Sewing and Quilt Expo Sew Much Cosplay Closet Cosplay – using … Continue reading "Episode 7 Closet Cosplay"

  • Episode 6 Foam Armor


    Foam Armor for stage and cosplay.

  • Episode 4 Planning the Next Project (2/2)


    Click here to Download this Episode (Previously on GGE: Figure out what you want to make Find as many reference images as you can Look for silhouette in patterns Look for lines, seams, pattern shapes Check for how other people made similar outfits Get accurate current measurements Decide how close to the original design you … Continue reading "Episode 4 Planning the Next Project (2/2)"

  • Episode 3 Planning the Next Project (1/2)


    Episode 3 is part 1 of 2, on Planning your Next Project! New years resolution to make more costumes? Start here!

  • Episode 2 Holiday Gifts


    This episode we discuss some of the best gifts (in our opinion) both FOR and BY costumers.

  • Episode 1 Steampunk Basics


    On our inaugural episode we discuss the basics of Steampunk.