Feeny And Friends



Join hosts Patrick and Britt as they do the important work of dissecting twenty-five-year-old show and TGIF favorite Boy Meets World, a not-so-subtly titled coming of age story that children of the 90s will always cherish. Listen along as they watch tiny boy Cory Matthews meet the world head on along with his wacky brother Eric, ride or die Shawn Hunter and forever love Topanga Lawrence all under the watchful eye of his teacher and neighbor George Feeny. Just another 90s nostalgia podcast, you say? Yes it is, and you know you love it!


  • Feeny and Friends Episode 9- “Class Preunion”

    Feeny and Friends Episode 9- “Class Preunion”

    31/01/2018 Duration: 46min

    This week things go a little off the rails in the Feenyverse as Patrick and Britt wonder what in the heck the boy was supposed to learn about the world this time. Was it college shaming or just a warning about the dangers of risky playground jewelry trades? Meanwhile, Britt has to explain to Pat that George Washington was just a person, Pat has to explain the rules of professional sports drafting to Britt and someone has to explain to Alan that sending 63 telegrams to a public figure is illegal stalking. Topanga for President!

  • Feeny and Friends Episode 8- “Teacher’s Bet”

    Feeny and Friends Episode 8- “Teacher’s Bet”

    17/01/2018 Duration: 44min

    This week Patrick and Britt host a fun-packed episode that will surely trigger absolutely no one and is filled to the brim with easy-breezy topics such as underpaid teachers, racial slurs, anti-Semitism and a brief history of Italophobia. At least they get to talk about American sports hero Barry Bonds…oh wait. At least Topanga is back and is wearing a sari…oh wait. At least noted DILF Alan will educate his son about prejudice…oh wait. This is a tough one, Feenyheads, but important in the long and arduous process that is the enlightenment of Cory Matthews. #BoyMeetsWoke

  • Feeny and Friends Episode 7- “Grandma Was A Rolling Stone”

    Feeny and Friends Episode 7- “Grandma Was A Rolling Stone”

    03/01/2018 Duration: 49min

    This week Patrick and Britt discuss a rare Golden Girls-Felicity-Boy Meets World crossover episode starring Keri Russell’s early 90s curls (whose springy hotness calls into question the validity of Feeny’s so-called relations once again). They point out that this episode is full of insidious fishing imagery with innocent Morgan being utilized as girl bait and Keri’s distractingly bouncy curls being used as Eric bait, which leads them to the ultimate question: is Feeny a mere fisherman or is he actually a fisher of men? Other topics of discussion include Pat’s weird dream, favorite television grandmas and rom coms starring the elderly. Bernice and Feeny Forever!

  • Feeny and Friends Episode 6- “Boys II Mensa

    Feeny and Friends Episode 6- “Boys II Mensa"

    20/12/2017 Duration: 48min

    This week Patrick and Britt detail Cory’s attempt to fight back against the tyranny of Feeny by convincing absolutely no one (not even two podcasters of questionable intelligence) that he is a genius. Geniuses, in fact, are the hot topic of the episode as both the adult and baby variety are discussed. This episode also includes a shout-out to Elizabeth Perkins and Geena Davis, a long and thorough deconstruction of the 1994 live action Flintstones movie and the light clinking of ice cubes in a glass as ambient back ground noise. Please send Halloween jokes to feenyandfriends@gmail.com because Pat’s go-to sucks.

  • Feeny and Friends Episode 5- “Killer Bees”

    Feeny and Friends Episode 5- “Killer Bees”

    13/12/2017 Duration: 44min

    This week Patrick and Britt were forced to sit (silently), watch (helplessly) and then discuss (sadly) how master manipulator George Feeny oh-so-skillfully brings Cory over to the dark side, forcing him to care about things like studying and knowledge and facts. Partial facts, anyway, as this episode of the podcast also serves as a highly important public service announcement: Do not rely on ABC shows from the 90s for accurate geographical information, Feenyheads! Also. don’t count on Alan and Amy Matthews to not be at every single Led Zeppelin concert for the rest of time. Other topics include the origin of the phrase spelling bee, African killer bees and how Britt could not BE any more into maps. Future Cartographers of America unite!

  • Feeny and Friends Episode 4- “Cory’s Alternative Friends”

    Feeny and Friends Episode 4- “Cory’s Alternative Friends”

    06/12/2017 Duration: 49min

    This week Patrick and Britt’s long wait is over when beautiful weirdo Topanga finally shows up. They discuss how her unconventional ways are a breath of fresh air next to “plain wrapped” normcore Cory. All except for one, of course: Patrick and Britt just can’t endorse nonconsensual handcuffed kissing (no means no, Topanga!). There’s also hair talk, sports talk and two females talking about something other than a man. This is where the mythology starts, people, and it’s all uphill from here (and maybe, according to Patrick, downhill for Topanga).

  • Feeny and Friends Episode 3- Father Knows Less

    Feeny and Friends Episode 3- "Father Knows Less"

    02/12/2017 Duration: 38min

    This week Patrick and Britt are forced to choose sides as noted DILF Alan Matthews and snooty teacher George Feeny go head to head in the battle for Cory’s soul. In the end, they decide that it’s okay for Alan to wake Cory up in the middle of the night for chip sandwiches. And that it’s also okay for Feeny to lure Cory out in the middle of the night for apple juice cocktails. It’s all very confusing. They also discuss gendered food, euphemistic “groundings” and the European sneaker war. Be on the lookout for their new “I Got Feened” t-shirts!

  • Feeny and Friends Episode 2- On the Fence

    Feeny and Friends Episode 2- "On the Fence"

    02/12/2017 Duration: 43min

    This week Patrick and Britt talk adventures in Philadelphia real estate (disclaimer: neither of them have ever been to Philadelphia). They debate Batman vs. Superman, paintbrush vs. airbrush and, as usual, Cory vs. Feeny. Minkus also makes his first appearance, and Pat drops the biggest bombshell so far: they were in the backyard the whole time!

  • Feeny and Friends Episode 1- Pilot

    Feeny and Friends Episode 1- "Pilot"

    22/11/2017 Duration: 52min

    In their very first episode, Patrick and Britt mostly discuss the mysterious relationship between elderly gentleman snarker George Feeny and his sports-obsessed young pupil Cory Matthews and wonder why curly-haired Cory does not seem to fit with the rest of his straighter-haired family (is a cover-up afoot?). They question whether Feeny’s sister actually exists, puzzle at why Feeny thinks salad is a good dinner option, discuss if sixth grade is too young for story that ends with suicide, ask where Topanga is and marvel at the many butt cuts on display. Long live the 90s!