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Bring your water wings, this is not the shallow endDeep End Theory is a project on UCLA Radio. You can catch us live every Thursday at 8PM on


  • Matt Fax -- Colorscapes, Praana, the hiatus and the Origin of Matt Fax [Interview]

    Matt Fax -- Colorscapes, Praana, the hiatus and the Origin of Matt Fax [Interview]

    29/11/2019 Duration: 29min

    Surprise! Rounding off an already great lineup of artists to come onto the show for 2019, go ahead and add on rising progressive star @mattfaxmusic. He sits down to chat ahead of his U.S. debut in San Francisco. We chat about his other musical alter-egos, times he almost quit music, @colorize_music’s Colorscapes compilation, and of course, his dearly beloved rabbit.

  • Stefan Seay - Understated 008 [Interview  Guest Mix]

    Stefan Seay - Understated 008 [Interview & Guest Mix]

    13/11/2019 Duration: 01h38min

    Our interview @stefanseayofficial for @understatedla 008. Tune in for a conversation about the upcoming warehouse party, Chicago house, hip hop roots, and a sneak peek of an upcoming release on @justin-jay’s @fantastic-voyage-music. Be sure to catch Stefan at Understated 008 Friday, Nov. 15th in a warehouse in DTLA. . #house #underground #dtla #understatedla

  • Bryn Liedl -- Exploring Consciousness, Float Tanks and Trance Techno [Interview  Guest Mix]

    Bryn Liedl -- Exploring Consciousness, Float Tanks and Trance Techno [Interview & Guest Mix]

    24/10/2019 Duration: 01h29min

    Enjoy on your favorite platform: -- One of the most spiritually grounded guests we’ve sat down with, producer/dj/songwriter/singer @brynliedlmusic sat down with us at his studio in Vancouver to talk about how he gets into the zone. We go in on what consciousness really means to him and how it has influenced his outlook and his music. All the way from float tanks to track naming, we go into the tricks he used to stay productive under a time deadline for his debut album under @euphonicrecords. Also be sure to stick around for 60 minutes of the latest and greatest in progressive trance/techno. Guest Mix Tracklist: 1. Bryn Liedl - Berlin Haze (2019 Tour Intro) 2. Kyau & Albert - Under Your Spell (Bryn Liedl Extended Mix) 3. Bryn Liedl - Surreal (monstergetdown remix) 4. Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles 5. Bryn Liedl & Dezza - Always (Bryn Liedl Club Mix) 6. Aoud - SE MKII 7. Bryn Liedl - Forgotten Fields (EEEMUS Lost Time Remix) 8. Bryn Liedl - Ascension 9. Bryn Liedl - I

  • R.E.M. Cycles - Volume 2 [DET 033]

    R.E.M. Cycles - Volume 2 [DET 033]

    06/10/2019 Duration: 52min

    You won't be hearing these sounds at a club. Here's a mix of mindful, reflective and beautiful sounds from artists such as: @lane8music, @drapermusic, @tycho, @amrhmusic, @aboveandbeyond(flowstate), @durante, @wearepraana, @haydenjamesartist , @kaskade, @ben-bohmer and more.

  • Enamour [Interview  Guest Mix]

    Enamour [Interview & Guest Mix]

    10/09/2019 Duration: 01h36min

    Enjoy on your favorite platform: -- As one of the more insightful chats w/ @enamourmusic on decision making as an emerging artist, we went deep into the fateful events that lead to opportunities with dream labels and collaborations. When asked about goal setting: .. "You have to have quick wins, pretty early on in your learning curve and in your journey to stay motivated. So for me it was setting very achievable goals and super longterm goals, but making sure that there was enough in between where I was constantly reinforcing the idea." "I’m extremely happy with how quickly it's happened. People say "Oh wow, three years, that's really impressive." But I subscribe to the mentality that time should only really be measured in hours when you're talking about this kind of stuff. So when I meet people and they're like, "Oh, I’ve been producing for 10 years, I'm so jealous." So I ask how many hours per week they produce, and they say "Oh, well I don't produce every week. And sometimes

  • Graydient Collective [Interview  Guest Mix]

    Graydient Collective [Interview & Guest Mix]

    26/08/2019 Duration: 01h13min

    With one of the sickest live B2B performances in station, Julian Gray and 28mm show what Graydient Collective's really about. We catch up with Christian as his success has grown leading to his move to LA. Meanwhile Julian sheds light on the adjustments he’s had to make while touring more heavily and being away from the comforts of home. ⁣◾️◽️◽️⁣ ⁣⁣#techno #progressive #house #progressivehouse #electro

  • The Basement - Volume 3 [DET 032]

    The Basement - Volume 3 [DET 032]

    31/07/2019 Duration: 56min

    Latest and more progressive edition of The Basement. Tracks from Amtrac, Luces, Mahalo, Durante, Fort Romeau, Sound Quelle, Eli & Fur, and many more. Enjoy.

  • Tinlicker [Interview  DET Mix]

    Tinlicker [Interview & DET Mix]

    27/06/2019 Duration: 01h44min

    Our interview with @tinlicker before their Anjunabeats LA set at the Hollywood Palladium. We talk about the origins of the Tinlicker name and Iron Giant, similarities between progressive and drum and bass, and future potential Anjuna collaborations

  • Gari Safari [Interview  Guest Mix]

    Gari Safari [Interview & Guest Mix]

    22/05/2019 Duration: 01h15min

    Tune in for our chat with crew at @garisafari. We talk about their upcoming warehouse show this Friday, May 24th, in DTLA. Also cover building of their epic safari-themed party, Jackson and Anabel being sisters, and Diego's love of cockroaches. Awesome party and awesome interview, make sure you don't miss out! Tickets:

  • Kyau  Albert [Interview  Guest Mix]

    Kyau & Albert [Interview & Guest Mix]

    12/05/2019 Duration: 01h22min

    Our interview with @kyauandalbert live from Avalon Hollywood for their Euphonic Records label night. Their latest album, Neverlost, the peace spread by trance fans, and the history of Kyau vs. Albert are all covered. The guys then bless us with a guest mix, so tune in.

  • Dezza [Interview  Guest Mix]

    Dezza [Interview & Guest Mix]

    30/04/2019 Duration: 01h40min

    The #DET exclusive conversation with @dereksilvester is out now on Spotify, SoundCloud, and all major podcast services. Tune in for a conversation about his latest album Cosmos, relationships with other progressive house leaders and much more.⁣

  • Mary Droppinz [Interview  Guest Mix]

    Mary Droppinz [Interview & Guest Mix]

    01/03/2019 Duration: 49min

    Mary Droppinz [Interview & Guest Mix] by Leslie Snipes & Malik

  • NAIAD - Understated 007 [Interview  Guest Mix]

    NAIAD - Understated 007 [Interview & Guest Mix]

    25/01/2019 Duration: 56min

    On the latest episode of DET, @mynameisnaiad from @understatedla weighs in on topics like female power in the techno scene, what it's like tour with and work under @richiehawtin, and how to get started in the music industry. Her forthcoming EP set to release on @understatedla, My Name is NAIAD. Check it out and see her play life tonight at Understated 007. Link in bio. . #understatedla #progressive #techno #housemusic #dtla #housemusicloves

  • Julian Gray [Interview  Guest Mix]

    Julian Gray [Interview & Guest Mix]

    21/11/2018 Duration: 01h07min

    @juliangray joined us to chat about his latest releases on @mau5trap and @zerothree-music, his unique musical style and history, and his perspectives on being healthy in the electronic music scene. Julian closes out the show with a live guest mix. Tune in for a thought provoking conversation and a simmering mix.

  • REM Cycles Volume 1 [DET 031]

    REM Cycles Volume 1 [DET 031]

    16/11/2018 Duration: 57min

    This week we are introducing another new concept, #REMCYCLES, a vibe to give you headspace for those Sunday mornings. Link in bio. Relax and fade away… #deephouse #anjunadeep #progressivehouse #headspace @lane8music @hosinimusic @benbohmermusic @jodywisternoff

  • Night Rider Volume 1 [DET 030]

    Night Rider Volume 1 [DET 030]

    09/11/2018 Duration: 01h02min

    Introducing a new concept and very special passion project, Night Rider. Based off of Spotify’s Night Rider playlist, this mix will take you on a dark and heavy progressive midnight ride. Relax, hit the pedal, and cruise. Tracklist: Sweet Disposition - Undercatt Remix - The Temper Trap Voice Of Silence - Cristoph Heartbeat - Sunlight Project Remix - ACAYA Chlo - Extended Mix - Eli & Fur Desire - Cut Snake You Don't Know - Extended Mix - Man Without A Clue, Max Reals December - Original Mix - Kolonie Rule of Thirds - Mahalo Sweat (Bixel Boys Remix) - Karma Fields Parallel Lines - Enzo Bennet Remix - ATTLAS Move Me - Loosid Waiting For Winter - No Mana Remix - Gabriel & Dresden Audio Dust - i_o Hands To Heaven - Rodg Remix - Armin van Buuren Heights - Extended Mix - Rodg Bounce Back - Rodg Remix - Armin van Buuren Oblivion - Extended Mix - Matt Fax Daylight (feat. DarkDark) - Heyz

  • Live @ Donnie Disco [10-26-2018]

    Live @ Donnie Disco [10-26-2018]

    31/10/2018 Duration: 04h07min

    Tune in for our live, 4 hour set at Donnie Disco 2018. A lot of genres in this one, from disco to deep house to a few classics. Sit back, relax, and get spooky. Tracklist: Safe and Sound (WWW) - Justice Delight - Original Mix - Giacca & Flores Special - Original Mix - Chesus Eternity - Sebb Junior Love Somebody Else - Maceo Plex & John Dasilva Mix - Joi Cardwell Set It Out - Dr Packer Remix - Purple Disco Machine Try It - Groove Motion Arty Boy - Set Mo Remix - Flight Facilities Thriller - Michael Jackson Real Love - Franky Rizardo Save Me Now - Aeroplane Sweet Dynamite - Todd Terje Edit - Claudja Barry Piece Together, Pt. 1 - Reverso 68 Yatchiminou (Dj Vas Edit) - Jimmy Hiacynthe Pineapple Jam - Original Mix - Kraak & Smaak Ultimatum - Disclosure GLOW (BIXEL EDITION) - Bixel Boys It's My Man - Extended Mix - Mickey Go! (feat. Mai Lan) - KC Lights Remix - M83 F.E.V.E.R - Original mix - Sugar Hill The Future (feat. Antony & Cleopatra) - Purple Disco Machine Remix - Motez Like It Is - Coeo Saturday Night - Ori

  • Noir D Costas [Interview  Guest Mix]

    Noir D Costas [Interview & Guest Mix]

    21/09/2018 Duration: 01h33min

    And here it is, our talk with the very busy man, @noirdcostas. Running point at Artificial People and curating events in LA/Hollywood and soon to be Las Vegas at The W hotels while also producing and DJing as an artist himself, Noir is always finding ways to be creative. Also as a representative of the LGBT community he explains the branding behind Robosexuality, an overarching theme at their events. #housemusiclovers #disco #techhousemusic

  • Thomas Garcia [Interview  Guest Mix]

    Thomas Garcia [Interview & Guest Mix]

    08/08/2018 Duration: 01h12min

    Rising house DJ/producer goes deep on how he was inspired by to dust off and revive a 2 year old project which is now his latest single 'I Must Be Dreaming'. He also serves up some solid tips for first time producers. 'I Must Be Dreaming'

  • The Basement Volume 2 [DET029]

    The Basement Volume 2 [DET029]

    18/07/2018 Duration: 45min

    Another edition of The Basement to satisfy your deep itch. Thank you: @yotto @luttrellmusic @lane8music @deemontero @rufusdusol x x

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