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  • Reflecting on a Fox News post regarding reparations and slavery.

    Reflecting on a Fox News post regarding reparations and slavery.

    20/03/2019 Duration: 11min

    Understanding the historical context of what you say is important to the point your are trying to make.

  • Lessons from Teaching

    Lessons from Teaching

    22/02/2019 Duration: 13min

    A brief journey into the gems I have gathered while working as an educator. 

  • Black History Month

    Black History Month

    20/02/2019 Duration: 26min

    Tune in to hear the importance of exploring Black History Month and understanding the significance of remembering one's history. 

  • Back to try anchor again.

    Back to try anchor again.

    18/02/2019 Duration: 12min

    Sharing my journey of returning to anchor and feedback on the NFL Kaepernick settlement.

  • NFL Protests

    NFL Protests

    24/05/2018 Duration: 12min

    My thoughts on the recent protests in the NFL.

  • Another school shooting

    Another school shooting

    19/05/2018 Duration: 04min

    My rant on the horrible atrocities impacting our youth.

  • Congratulations


    17/05/2018 Duration: 05min

    Special shout out to my wife for completing her academic journey.

  • This is America

    This is America

    08/05/2018 Duration: 05min

    Pondering a on the latest video by Childish Gambino.

  • Slavery was not a choice

    Slavery was not a choice

    02/05/2018 Duration: 09min

    Responding to the “free thought” comment made by Kanye West.

  • Who are you setting free?

    Who are you setting free?

    01/05/2018 Duration: 04min

    Sharing my thoughts on the death of Rev. Dr. James Cone and the importance of Black Liberation Theology.

  • I Don’t Feel Like It

    I Don’t Feel Like It

    23/04/2018 Duration: 05min

    Sharing how I overcame the dreadful thought of “I Dont feel like it”.

  • I’m Back

    I’m Back

    22/04/2018 Duration: 05min

    Quick update on my unintentional sabbatical and dive back into anchor.

  • March 17, 2018

    March 17, 2018

    17/03/2018 Duration: 13min
  • March 11, 2018

    March 11, 2018

    11/03/2018 Duration: 05min
  • Women’s History Month

    Women’s History Month

    07/03/2018 Duration: 11min
  • Student Protest

    Student Protest

    28/02/2018 Duration: 06min
  • The Cost of Comfort

    The Cost of Comfort

    26/02/2018 Duration: 05min
  • Protect Your Integrity

    Protect Your Integrity

    21/02/2018 Duration: 03min

    A moment of reflection on the importance of protecting your character.

  • Black History Month

    Black History Month

    02/02/2018 Duration: 04min

    Reflecting on the importance of Black History Month.

  • Be You

    Be You

    31/01/2018 Duration: 04min

    Working in a classroom has helped me better understand the importance of being myself.

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