St. Louis Vape Review



3 gentlemen (yep, I am going with gentlemen), review the best and worst of vaping's e-juices and chat about vaping news.


  • SLVR 003: Thanks, Drew

    SLVR 003: Thanks, Drew


    Do you like insightful and poetic reviews of the vape juices?You are in the right place.Each week the fine gentlemen of St. Louis Vape Review discuss the oils, the tech, and the culture of vaping.This week our selections include: Orangecicle from the No Smoke Shop in Barnhart (Go, Barnhart!)Blue Raspberry from Vapor Savior Blue Straspberry from Galaxy on Telegraph RoadThen we strike up a curious conversation about regulations in the fairly new market.Stay Vape Out There,Dale

  • SLVR 002: Throat Punch

    SLVR 002: Throat Punch


    On this sexy episode of St. Louis Vape Review ...Goku battles putting on socks for 3 hours for no reason.Then we vape ...Mardi Gras Milk from The No Smoke Shop in Barnhart. Some Random Mystery Flavor from a Random Gas Station. Swedish Fish from ... Um ... Well, I guess it came from someplace. And Pineapple Express from 510 in Imperial. Remember to Stay Vape out there!Dale

  • St. Louis Vape Review 001: Go, Festus!

    St. Louis Vape Review 001: Go, Festus!


    3 Fine gentlemen (Really? That's what you are going with? Gentlemen? Who are you trying to fool?) talk about vaping and the vaping scene in the St. Louis area.We review three flavors this podcast:Blue raspberry from Titanium VaporBlue cotton from Cloud CreatorsTropical Breeze from The Greenhouse (Go, Festus!)Remember to stay vape out there!Dale