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The Number One Show About Number Two.


  • Poop Stories Episode Eleven

    Poop Stories Episode Eleven


    Poop Stories Episode ElevenOn this episode of Oatmeal Stories, theres a new intro! Josh Jak, Bee Lion and Bill Miller are back to take a dump in your ears. Josh recounts a disgusting public transit turd tale. Bee asks about Coke farts and then realizes his burrito is to blame. Josh and Bill talk about different foods that change the color of your sh*t. Then they talk about oatmeal and take the time appreciate a good oat pun. It's the show that you like to eat plain. It's Poop Stories with Josh Jak, Bee Lion and Bill Miller!

  • Poop Stories Episode Ten

    Poop Stories Episode Ten


    Poop Stories Episode TenThis week on “Angel Soft For Your Ears” Josh Jak and Bee Lion talk butt comfort and other unsavory topics. They discuss other bodily functions as well and recount past podcast blunders from the BJ & ED show. Josh talks about gross Gusher dumps and laments the unfairness of Instagram photo guidelines. Bee apologizes for not having many poop-related issues. It’s the number one program about number two. It’s Poop Stories with Josh Jak and Bee Lion!

  • Poop Stories Episode Nine

    Poop Stories Episode Nine


    Poop Stories Episode NineThis week on Baby Wipe My Ass, Josh Jak, Bee Lion and Bill Millerdirty the porcelain like old men. Josh retells his poop story from last week. Bill chimes in with his story about the last time his mom wiped his ass. Josh talks about his dad farting on his head and the fart war that has proceeded over the years. Life has created plenty more gross bathroom disasters for Josh. It’s the show that makes you lose your lunch. It’s Poop Stories!

  • Poop Stories Episode Eight

    Poop Stories Episode Eight


    Poop Stories Episode EightThis week on Troubling Tushy Tales, Josh Jak and Bee Lion k about their mothers wiping their butts, among other topics. They also discuss the variety of dumps people take throughout their lives. Josh has a funny work-related poop story to tell. He thinks a lazy sausage-cooker is to blame for this mishap. Bee doesn’t have any person poop stories to tell but shares a story about someone else’s misfortune. It’s the show that’s circling the drain. It’s poop stories!

  • Poop Stories Episode Seven

    Poop Stories Episode Seven


    Poop Stories Episode SevenThis week on The Worst Show To Listen To While Eating, Josh Jak, Bee Lion, and Bill Miller have a lively discussion about one of the grossest things we do as human beings. Josh's butt situation is a disaster. Bee blames Josh's advice from a previous episode for his current issues with his toilet clogging. Bill makes fun of Josh for the ridiculous way he pronounces the word "toilet". It's another quality episode of the show that's crappy in a good way, Poop Stories!

  • Poop Stories Episode Six

    Poop Stories Episode Six


    Poop Stories Episode SixThis week on Ear Diarrhea, Josh Jak, Bee Lion, and Bill Miller have an elegant discussion about the gross stuff that comes out of your butt. Bill wonders why anyone would listen to such a disgusting show, while Bee Lion looks for more poop shows on iTunes. Josh denies ever owning a "Coffee Makes Me Poop" shirt. Bee tells Josh that women can't wipe with baby wipes. Josh disagrees. And a bunch of other crap happens.

  • Poop Stories Episode Five

    Poop Stories Episode Five


    Poop Stories Episode 5 This may be the best episode of Poop Stories yet. Josh Jak, Bee Lion, Bill Miller and Justin have a round-toilet discussion about gross poop stuff. Bee Lion tries out a different type of paper and wipes his ass on the show.

  • Poop Stories Episode Four

    Poop Stories Episode Four


    Poop Stories Episode Four Josh calls out Bee for not using baby wipes as toilet paper like he promised. Bill Miller joins the show gives his theory on why some people have green stools. Jak goes into gross detail that will make your ears vomit.

  • Poop Stories Episode Three

    Poop Stories Episode Three


    Poop Stories Episode ThreeAnother episode of the sh!ttiest show on iTunes. It’s the number one show about number two. Jak and Lion duke it out with disgusting tales of dirty dumps.

  • Poop Stories Episode Two

    Poop Stories Episode Two


    Poop Stories Episode TwoEver since man discovered poop it has been a consistent source of humor. We hope to continue this trend with this poop podcast. We bombard your funny bone with fecal stories. You’re gonna poop anyway. Why not laugh about it. Poop for President 2020. Anyway, this episode, absolutely fantastic. You’ll be laughing all the way to the bathroom.

  • Poop Stories Episode One

    Poop Stories Episode One


    Poop Stories Episode OneThis is episode one of a show that’s all about number two. It’s crappy in a good way.