Comedy podcast on current events hosted by stand up comedians Marcus Cox and Joey Purse


  • Hysterical Garbage Ep.4

    Hysterical Garbage Ep.4

    02/12/2017 Duration: 47min

    In this weeks episode we discuss Marcus v. The DJ, an "anonymous bomber", Dirty amusement park water accusations, The name Leroy and more!

  • Hysterical Garbage Ep.3

    Hysterical Garbage Ep.3

    15/11/2017 Duration: 45min

    Episode 3 we talk about, Terry Crews allegations, A couple "cheating" situation, Sammy Sosas' surprising change, OJ Simpson being OJ Simpson and more!

  • Hysterical Garbage Ep.2

    Hysterical Garbage Ep.2

    08/11/2017 Duration: 56min

    In episode two we discuss what Papa Johns blames their lack of sales on, Actor/Singer Tyrese's mental breakdown, Senator getting attacked while mowing his lawn and more!