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  • Bricolage Podcast Episode: 13 Rob Ives

    Bricolage Podcast Episode: 13 Rob Ives

    17/03/2019 Duration: 44min

    Show notes can be found on as they don't paste properly into here.   

  • The last UK Maker Faire 2018 Bonus Episode

    The last UK Maker Faire 2018 Bonus Episode

    20/02/2019 Duration: 51min

    Dominic & Gillian (@ddiasco) explore the last UK Maker Faire in April 2018. They start outside on Times Square. They chat with Dave of Rowan Wood Carving before heading inside to chat with a couple of makers.  This bonus episode was recorded in April 2018, at the time we did not know that this was to be the last UK Maker Faire (though please don’t be confused there are OTHER UK based Maker Faire’s they’re just not called the UK Maker Faire). I managed to chat with Ruth Amos, an inventor and engineer who is the star of YouTubes “Kids Invent Stuff” and an initiative to help build confidence for kids and especially girls to be more at ease with using tools. Some links to Ruth’s work: on Twitter #GirlsWithDrills for her initiative with Kisha Bradley KidsInventStuff on YouTube with Sean Brown We got to speak to Colin Furze, probably the most successful British maker on YouTube. Colin’s YouTube Channel Colin on Twitter

  • Bricolage Podcast Episode: 12 Becky Stern

    Bricolage Podcast Episode: 12 Becky Stern

    04/10/2018 Duration: 47min

    Dominic meets with Becky Stern of and YouTube whilst at Maker Faire in New York. They talk all things making including some tips on how to hoard googly eyes and how Becky’s distraction train derailed and killed a village of Canadians. In this episode of Bricolage I talk with Becky Stern in a noisy cafe at the New York Hall of Science, in Queens during the World Maker Faire event at the end of September 2018. We talk about: The importance of audio quality Tinkercad & online courses Train of thought derailment (killed a village of Canadians) Dominic likes to pioneer new things How do you know Dominic founded a Hackerspace? Don’t worry he’ll tell you… NYC Resistor the Brooklyn based makerspace where Becky is a member Makerbot in Brooklyn found space for NYC Resistor Bree Pettis proto-YouTube-Maker and influence on Becky & Dominic The “Death” Elevator (see Instagram) Instructables (where Becky is product manager) Mini Golf Hole at Figment Festival (Human Cell) NYC

  • Bricolage Podcast Episode: 11 Mark Mellors

    Bricolage Podcast Episode: 11 Mark Mellors

    22/06/2018 Duration: 55min

    In this episode I chat with Mark Mellors who is a prolific maker and a familiar name in the British maker and hacker scene.  We specifically talk about: Jelley & Marshmallows collaborations with Simon Jelley Derby Mini Maker Faire 2012 Hitchin Hackspace Alex Palforman-Brown Founder of Hack Hitchin Makevember Manifesto #Makevemeber hashtag Renovation at Hitchin Hackspace Cruft EMF Camp Nottingham Hackspace  Dominic has a rant about the frustration of volunteer labour Hitchin Hackspace is a former public toilet  Hack All The Spaces Podcast, defunct podcast project with Dominic & Kate @katemonkey now lost in the mists of time Pareto's Law Male to Female ratio in Hackspaces Mark & Dominic attempt to check their privilage Red Rabbits https://t

  • Bricolage Podcast Episode: 10 Estefannie Explains It All

    Bricolage Podcast Episode: 10 Estefannie Explains It All

    14/06/2018 Duration: 24min

    I met Estefannie at the Bay Area Maker Faire when I shot a bit of video for Pimoroni, she had made a Daft Punk helmet as a wearable prop showing off her work. She was kind enough to agree to speak with me for Bricolage podcast. Estefannie Explains it all YouTube channel Bay Area Maker Faire Computer Science Tutorials on YouTube Pumpkin Droid, BB8 Jack-o-lantern Smart Gingerbread House Alex Bate from Raspberry Pi Foundation Tough Mudder Deadlines & stress Finding the thing McMaster-Carr Catalogue Paul Beech again Matter Hackers Joel Telling the 3D Printer Guy Laura Kampf  Bob Clagett, I like to make stuff Daft Punk Helmet Estefannie Ranch Elon Musk The Boring Company Hat Hack-Farm NFC LED false nail Twitter Instagram For hyperlinked version visit 

  • Bricolage Podcast Episode: 09 William Osman

    Bricolage Podcast Episode: 09 William Osman

    08/06/2018 Duration: 41min

    Whilst at the Bay Area Maker Faire in late May 2018 Dominic was able to catchup with William Osman, who Dominic first found through YouTube when he made his laser cut skateboard! This podcast episode also features a short chat with "Cameraman John", We believe this is a world exclusive as he's never spoken or been seen on anything before!  William Osman YouTube Channel  Laser Cut Skateboard video Wildfire in Ventura County California Cameraman John, is William's YouTube video channel partner and principle camera operator. John also does the final edit on the videos. Peter Sripol and Sam Foskuhl, also YouTubers were in the room with us.  Making an ASMR, autonomous sensory meridian response.  Getting GE General Education from VC Ventura College.  "Han shot first" George Lucas & Jeff Waynes "War of the Worlds" and reworking your old work. Radios instead of guns in ET.  William Osman Patreon. Clob Blagget (Bob Clagget), there is a running joke between Bob and William where they mock each other pretending to

  • Bricolage Podcast Episode: 08 Jasmine Brackett

    Bricolage Podcast Episode: 08 Jasmine Brackett

    02/06/2018 Duration: 33min

    I was delighted to be able to have a chat with Jasmine at the PiWars event in Cambridge. Jasmine was on a visit to the UK to celebrate her Grandmother-in-law's 100th birthday but was also able to visit a large number of maker-related events! Jasmine is the "keeper of the hounds" at Tindie, managing the Tindie community and promoting the Hackaday Prize. PiWars  Hackaday Prize Tindie The 1st Hackaday prize Trip to Space or $200,000  SatNogs  Libre Space Foundation Vomit Comet Development lab in Pasadena Nottingham Hackaday-Tindie Meetup  UK Maker Faire Makercon, Heidelberg Hackaday Dublin  Spencer Owen RC2014 on Tindie Dr Lucy Rogers Maker Faire  Vanillabox, laser cutter prototype What this podcast is supposed to be about The American Dream Vinduino  GitHub Spencer again... Eurorack modular synths Fyber Labs Wearables on Tindie ETSY  Project to Product on Tindie Bay Area Maker Faire Saturday Night Hackaday meet-up in the Irish Pub HDDG Hardware Developers Didactic Galactic in SF Jasmin's 10th Bu

  • Bricolage Podcast Episode: 07 Tanya Fish

    Bricolage Podcast Episode: 07 Tanya Fish

    09/05/2018 Duration: 32min

    Continuing the interviews I made whilst at the Pi Wars event in Cambridge (thanks Mike and Tim). In this episode of Bricolage I speak with Tanya Fish from Pimoroni. Links of the stuff we speak about: Pi Wars the Fish Waggon Pimoroni Pimoroni Education Code Club BBC Micro:Bit STEAM and STEM Making with cardboard LED throwies  Ford Sierra Guild of Makers Cannons in the Albert Hall (this may or may not be Tanya’s family, but it was a really good performance and gives you the idea). Makevember A lathe & optimism #LaserLife #Laserlife pin (Bert) The Muppet Show  Maker Faire UK GamesBrittania  RaspberryFields Tanurai Thanks as ever to Robert Nixdorf for help with the editing and sound. Also the band of the US Marine Corp for turning up in my kitchen to make the theme music which is also available royalty free on YouTube.

  • Bricolage Podcast Episode: 06 Lucy Rogers

    Bricolage Podcast Episode: 06 Lucy Rogers

    30/04/2018 Duration: 26min

    In this episode Dominic talks to Lucy Rogers better known as Dr-Lucy-Rogers usually said in one breath. She is a fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers. Lucy is known for being a strong presence in the maker scene and for her work in broadcasting. She was a judge on the last 3 series of BBC Robot Wars. Recently she embarked on the founding of a guild, the Guild of Makers, an organisation that supports the growth of the industry related to makers and providing them with support and opportunities to build a community together.  They met at the Pi Wars event at the  Cambridge Computer Laboratory on a sunny Saturday in late April 2018. The 2019 event has already been confirmed and you can get dates and more info by joining their mailing list. The event was very well attended, with teams of makers of all ages as well as school children running their Raspberry Pi brained robots around a series of 7 challenges. It's with great thanks to organisers Mike Horne & Tim Richardson (and their sponsors) for put

  • Bricolage Podcast Episode: 05 Tool Autopsy Part 1

    Bricolage Podcast Episode: 05 Tool Autopsy Part 1

    06/02/2018 Duration: 01h01min

    In my ongoing "hobby" podcast, Bricolage Podcast, I bring you episode number 5 which is (the first?) Tool Autopsy episode with Paul Beech (again).  The basic premiss of this new podcast flavour or segment or... something, is that me and Paul (and maybe other people in the future) go, with a pocket of loose change, to a flea-market (or boot sale or whatever) and buy a few tools. We then do no research and using only our own vague knowledge and intuition we talk about them.  The picture about (is the best picture I have) of the tools we got (don't worry there are more not so good ones later). I suppose this is a sub project of @toolotheday  In this episode:  your hosts are Dominic Morrow (that's me) and Paul Beech of Pimoroni etc We went to the Saturday morning sale at the Cattle Market in Nottingham We talk about trugs and gorilla tubs We always wear Nitrile or latex gloves (our top tip) The first tool TOOL 1 is a bench vice  TOOL 2 is a S8 ROHM chuck key TOOL 3 is two spanners one is 9/16th Inch and the

  • Bricolage Podcast Episode: 04 Nick NZ WoodTurning

    Bricolage Podcast Episode: 04 Nick NZ WoodTurning

    20/01/2018 Duration: 48min

    In this new episode of Bricolage, a podcast for makers, I speak with Nick Zammeti of NZ Woodturning Co and Makers Central. Nick was very welcoming and let me have a look around his workshop where he and his son Charlie's film his YouTube channels.  Nick is also behind the upcoming Makers Central event at the NEC in Birmingham in 5th & 6th May 2018 which will include lots of varied making including electronics, robotics, woodworking and lots of big name YouTube makers. In this show we mention lots of topics and makers including:  Nick's Waffle on Wednesdays Charlie the Maker YouTube channel (Nick's son's channel) Triton Tools (sponsor) Mike Waldt Karl Jacobson Jim Overton Heath Knuckles Nick's Light Sabre video Nick's pencil end 50k subscribers YouTube button  Zortrack 200 3D Printer Harrogate - North of England Woodworking Show D&M The Tool Show UKIWS Woodturning Symposium International Woodworking Faire Atlanta Maker Faire UK Jimmy DiResta Bob Claggett "I like to Make Stuff" Paul &

  • Bricolage Podcast Episode: 03 Donald Bell

    Bricolage Podcast Episode: 03 Donald Bell

    29/12/2017 Duration: 57min

    In this episode (the first via Skype) I speak with Donald Bell, he is in California and I am in the UK so we have a bit of a time difference adding an extra challenge.  We talk about: Donald's YouTube show Maker Project Update Donald Bell on CNET  Instructables Mikeasaurus Flame Thrower Skateboard Becky Stern Donald's Makezine author profile The Ruiz Brothers on Ada Fruit Learning Cool Tools Blog Power Racing Series Bay Area Maker Faire Kitty Grabs Back  You can find more about Donald Bell by following his projects on twitter @MakerProjectLab and on Instagram @makerprojectlab all his videos and projects are documented on  You can follow the podcast @BricolagePod on twitter.  Music in this episode is Red Velvet by Dyallas

  • Bricolage Podcast Episode: 02 Laura Kampf

    Bricolage Podcast Episode: 02 Laura Kampf

    15/12/2017 Duration: 57min

    In this episode, I talk to Laura Kampf. If you have not seen Laura's YouTube channel you are in for a treat.  Laura Kampf on YouTube Instagram & Twitter and her website Skillshare Jimmy DeRista Bob Clagett Making It podcast Rockler Tom Sachs Adam Savage April Wilkerson and her YouTube Giaco Whatever Simone Giertz  Tim Hunkin & Secret Life of Machines World Maker Faire New York Chris Anderson Jimmy DeRista Starkey and Laura and many others will be at Makers Central at the NEC in May 2018

  • Bricolage Podcast Episode: 01 Rachel Konichiwakitty

    Bricolage Podcast Episode: 01 Rachel Konichiwakitty

    09/12/2017 Duration: 01h21min

    In this first episode of Bricolage Podcast, Dominic speaks with Rachel Konichiwakitty in a meeting room at Imperial College, London.    The conversation touches on: Gummi toe-beans (Senjyakuame Nikukyu Paw Shaped Gummy Candy) Opening the present HEMA Science museum (Meet a scientist day) Radioactive spider bite Choosing science What about making? Phd Mindfulness (Headspace & School of Life)  RasPi/Science projects Speaking at unconference Stem cells Optimism and progress E-textiles (CuteCircuit) Maid cafe #Makevember Imposter syndrome Arduino Questioning authorship "People come up with the same solutions because we all have the same problems" Standing on the shoulders of giants Small pond Podcasting Gap year - pace yourself The Winning Post Work life balance Mindfulness as a discipline (Headspace & School of Life)  Article in Nature Superheroes   You can find out more about Rachel and her projects @Konichiwakitty and on her website This podcast is a Pangolini Studios Production wi