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  • Rant


    03/08/2018 Duration: 07min

    #RANT There's seems to be so much info out there about what we SHOULD be doing, or HOW we should be living. You should be doing this, you should be doing that...blah blah. WHAT A CROCK. At Grab LIfe By The Balls aren't here to add on more pressure and tell you how to live your life.... We are here to uncover your INNER CHAMPION (yeah sounds a woowoo but seriously we have an unlimited potential) sometimes we just need a WING MAN, a coach, mentor or whatever who see's that in us- every elite, professional sportsperson has a team behind them and, not the one on the field with them, the team of coaches, therapists, mentors, etc to get them performing at their best). A GRAB LIFE BY THE BALLS Wing Man is an invaluable asset here to uncover your hidden gems- your underlying motivation, the stuff that is MOST important to you. And, rather than working on your weaknesses what about utilising your STRENGTHS? Then, with that in mind, choose your journey, step into your vision, stop trying to play a role in everyone

  • Episode 3 Tyler Birch

    Episode 3 Tyler Birch

    01/08/2018 Duration: 46min

    'Balls & All' The Grab Life By The Balls​ podcast. Episode 3 with Tyler Birch​. Tyler opens up about his journey. Highlights include: - own your dark side - take responsibility - the downside of perfection - addictions - owning all parts of ourselves Tyler also mentions Common Ground: Thanks to Tony Enchelmaier​ for reaching out. Tony is just about to become a facilitator for Common Ground so Sunny Coaster's get in touch him (he's a legend). He also talks about John Broadbent's book 'Man Unplugged: Exploring The Inner Man' which you can find here: Our new production manager, Jackson pops up a few times. It seems he likes to be in front of the camera rather than behind it. #grablifebytheballs blowing the lid on what's really going on for men. Cheers, Sammy P

  • Balls  All #2- Heath Dale

    Balls & All #2- Heath Dale

    28/07/2018 Duration: 43min

    BALLS & ALL EPISODE #2 (F bombs and the like proceed with caution) Going 'Balls & All' with everyday blokes. Heath is a dad, husband, FIFO and passionate about Rights of Passage. Relationships. Work life balance. More to life than money. Depression. Gratitude. Books mentioned: The Magic: The Power of Now: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life: Fella's join the facebook group to see this stuff first: Or, sign up to our VIP mailing list via the website: Upcoming Events: BONFIRE & BBQ: Grab Life By The Balls Certified Wing Man: #grablifebytheballs

  • Balls  All- The Grab Life By The Balls podcast

    Balls & All- The Grab Life By The Balls podcast

    22/07/2018 Duration: 31min

    Looks like I've started another podcast....(Language warning: there's a couple of F bombs and the like) Going live with Shane Giese to blow the lid on what's happening for men from all walks of life- lets face it we all have our own challenges. This convo going to blow the lid on the challenges of (what we call at Grab Life By The Balls) The Inner Prick and The Good Boy Syndrome, as well as letting go of what everyone else is doing; so we can #grablifebytheballs create a better world by building a community of inspired, empowered and on purpose men. Giesa blows me away in this interview, I'm still getting chills as I write this, he shares his darkest moment of his life, how he overcame that, what motivated him to swim the English Channel and his struggle (now passion) of becoming a new dad and the lack of info out there for new dad's. If you, or know of someone that, could guide Shane through turning his passion into something more than that let us know. Giesa is also writing an article for us which I'll p