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  • 38. John Sheppard King of Bullies (S2E19)

    38. John Sheppard King of Bullies (S2E19)


    Rodney is a nerd. John is a jock. They clash over the attention of the most popular cheerleader at school. It's a tale as old as time. Also there's a super volcano and a giant space ship.Episode Link

  • 37. Ronan the Wraithist (S2E18)

    37. Ronan the Wraithist (S2E18)


    Introducing: Michael Kenmore AKA Michael AKA Mikey Boi AKA Trip Tucker coming to a theatre near you this summer. Look out though, he's a sketchy character, probably best to stay clear."Uh Oh, Michael Comes to Town!"-David ByrneEpisode Link

  • 36. Silversun Silversun Silversun (S2E17)

    36. Silversun Silversun Silversun (S2E17)


    Remember this guy? Genii scientist, looks a bit like the Silversun Pickups guy? Well he's back in a big way. So is Chief O'Brien! Edward James Almost is conspicuously missing, I wonder what that's about...Episode Link

  • 35. Ambiguous Marital Status (S2E16)

    35. Ambiguous Marital Status (S2E16)


    It's another body snatchers episode. Gotta love it. Another one. Love all these body cohabitation plots. Really could use more of them. More body snatchers please. Really love it. So great. Keep em coming Stargate.Episode Link

  • 34. A Very Boyish Episode (S2E15)

    34. A Very Boyish Episode (S2E15)


    Oh man remember this one? The Tower? With the feudal society inhabited exclusively by cartoons? Yeah we have lots of laughs at this episode's expense. Also, I don't know why you would ever let a child listen to this program but this one is especially not the time, juvenile humor abounds. Episode Link

  • 33. Breakfast Club Inception (S2E14)

    33. Breakfast Club Inception (S2E14)


    Man oh man Rodney is in a real fix this time. Will Sheppard and Zelenka find the giant whale circling over his downed underwater spacecraft in time? Yes. Yes they will. Have you seen this show? Of course they will!Episode Link

  • 32. The Zard (S2E13)

    32. The Zard (S2E13)


    Gotta catch em all.Episode Link

  • 31. Howie Brendan (S2E12)

    31. Howie Brendan (S2E12)


    John Sheppard stumbles through the forest, hungry and alone. His friends have abandoned him, his survival is in his own hands now. He freezes suddenly. He turns his head sharply to the right. Screaming? That was definitely screaming. He sprints toward the sound, pointy green bushes scratch and claw at him as he runs past. The terrified yelling gets louder and louder until he finally breaks through the foliage into an open field. Sheppard drops to his knees. His eyes glow, expressing a state of bewildered awe. Standing before him is the most perfect human specimen he has ever seen. A man, dressed in a loose white shirt, smiles back at him. "Greetings stranger," he says, "my name is Howie Brendan."

  • 30. T3 Wraithspotting (S2E11)

    30. T3 Wraithspotting (S2E11)


    "And I'll praise you in this storm, and I will lift my hands That you are who you are, no matter where you are. And every tear I've cried, you hold in your hand.You never left my side. Though my heart is torn, I will praise you in this storm." -David C. Astingcrowns

  • 29. The Lost Boyz (S2E10)

    29. The Lost Boyz (S2E10)


    "In this emotional ep, Shepherd risks everything to save his friend from squalor in the drug house. The Atlantis recovery clinic is open to anyone brave enough to deny themselves a life of addiction. Will Ford find his way back home? Not if the Lost Boyz have anything to say about it."-DavidEpisode Link

  • 28. Rodney Plays the Sims (S2E9)

    28. Rodney Plays the Sims (S2E9)


    Here's the one where we talk about Aurora. As usual, there are plenty of niche references. Also, more importantly, a new theory about Colonel Chill and the motivations behind his actions. Maybe he's actually a great guy? Listen to find out!Episode Link

  • 27. Bad Makeup Day (S2E8)

    27. Bad Makeup Day (S2E8)


    Oh no! Sheppard is turning into a bug boy!Additionally, he's been chugging protein powder and now he's too golly goshing strong!Episode Link

  • 26. Pseudoscience and Lon Chaney Jr (S2E7)

    26. Pseudoscience and Lon Chaney Jr (S2E7)


    "Is the patient going to live, doctor?""Well, she's got a deep, insatiable hunger for human life energy. Her skin is unnaturally pale. Her dad has been treating her with homeopathy for many years. Ronan and Sheppard are chasing her through the forest with guns blazing. She's got all the signs of Stage III Wraithism.""So that's a no?""That's a definite no."Episode Link

  • 25. A Very Divisive Episode (S2E6)

    25. A Very Divisive Episode (S2E6)


    Jinkies, listen to this review of Trinity whydoncha? These boys usually get along so well but today's discussion features some tense disagreements surrounding everybody's favorite narcissist Rodney McKay. Tune in for the reality tv episode of your favorite Stargate podcast, Stargate Atlantcast.Episode Link

  • 24. Banquet City (S2E5)

    24. Banquet City (S2E5)


    Space Australia. Young Gregory Scott Cummins. Wraith digestive systems?Episode Link

  • 23. Davids DeviantArt (S2E4)

    23. David's DeviantArt (S2E4)


    Boy oh boy oh boy oh boy here's the one where Rodney and Lt. Cabbage get stuck in the same bod. David's wildest dreams about McKay and Beckett come to fruition before his very eyes.Episode Link

  • 22. Sunburn Planet (S2E3)

    22. Sunburn Planet (S2E3)


    "Yes you, with the Newsies hat and cute little note pad.""Hi, my question is, what did you talk about in this episode?""Well, jeepers mister, we talked all about season 2 episode 3: Runner. David gets introduced to Ronan and we have some good laughs about crazy Ford and Rodney. Gee willikers oh boy hot dog.""Sir, I am a journalist. I will not be condescended to.""Listen Junior. What if I told you your entire existence was contained within an episode description of a goofy Stargate fan podcast?""What? No. That can't be. I'm a real boyyyohmygodmylifeisalieeeee...."Episode Link

  • 21. John Sheppard Space Racist (S2E2)

    21. John Sheppard Space Racist (S2E2)


    In this episode we talk all about The Intruder. Get those laugh muscles ready for some good good goofs about 2001: A Space Odyssey, desaturated flashbacks, and John Sheppard's secret bigotry.Episode Link

  • 20. Sandwich Positive (S2E1)

    20. Sandwich Positive (S2E1)


    Here we go it's season 2! We're talking all about The Siege part 3. Goofs abound! Lukas has lazy mouth. David is a bully about it but don't worry, they're still friends! Also featuring a subpar Julia Child impression. Don't miss out, it's a good one!Episode Link:

  • 19. Space Jam vs Armageddon (S1E19)

    19. Space Jam vs Armageddon (S1E19)


    Jinkies it's the season finale! We've said our goodbyes to Handsome Scientist and now it's time to say goodbye to season 1. Explosions, bad plans, and cartoonish acting abound as we review The Siege Part 2.Episode Link

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