3 Billion Seconds



Every moment of the next century holds more change than the last 10 millennia. Join host Rob Wolcott, friends and guests as they explore the next 3 billion seconds.


  • 3 Billion Seconds: Slava Rubin

    3 Billion Seconds: Slava Rubin

    28/03/2018 Duration: 34min

    “Every opportunity deserves the right to fail.” Slava Rubin knows what he’s talking about. Co-founder of Indiegogo, Rubin was rejected by 93 venture firms before successfully creating the first major crowdfunding platform. Today, the platform generates funding, ideas and insights for everyone from entrepreneurs and artists to global corporations. Over $1 billion has been raised through Indiegogo since inception. Join host Rob Wolcott as he sits down with Slava to discuss the future and past of crowdfunding, ICOs, some of the most compelling stories that emerged on Indiegogo, and the lessons he's learned from them.

  • 3 Billion Seconds: Esther Dyson

    3 Billion Seconds: Esther Dyson

    15/12/2017 Duration: 45min

    Join us as host Rob Wolcott talks with Esther Dyson about the future of artificial intelligence and expert systems, health and healthcare at Wellville, privacy versus transparency, and retirement on Mars.

  • 3 Billion Seconds: Beth Comstock

    3 Billion Seconds: Beth Comstock

    06/12/2017 Duration: 44min

    3 Billion Seconds host Rob Wolcott interviews executive Beth Comstock, most recently the Vice Chair of GE, on where we are headed in the coming ten, twenty and one hundred years.