Clinical Finance Optimized



Clinical research means business. Increase the relevance of the finance role supporting clinical research to be a critical component to trial success.


  • Let's Talk About Site Payments

    05/06/2018 Duration: 18min
  • Common Financial Challenges from a Pharma’s Perspective

    30/04/2018 Duration: 25min
  • How to Manage and Streamline Study Budgeting, Forecasting and Amendments

    27/03/2018 Duration: 17min
  • Sharing Data Across Finance and Operations Systems

    28/02/2018 Duration: 15min
  • When to Hire and When to Automate

    09/01/2018 Duration: 08min
  • Ensuring Your Vendor Contract Process Doesn't Delay Your Business Goals (or Trial)

    13/12/2017 Duration: 10min
  • The Finance Dream Team of 2018

    04/12/2017 Duration: 11min