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  • 010 I Have A New Camera

    010 I Have A New Camera

    14/01/2018 Duration: 05min

    I invested in a new camera for my computer. An APS-C webcam replacement.

  • 009 Muscle Memory

    009 Muscle Memory

    22/12/2017 Duration: 06min

    Your muscle memory is probably one of the most important investments in your photography

  • 008 Baking your Camera

    008 Baking your Camera

    20/12/2017 Duration: 05min

    Let’s talk about a couple of ways to repair an old camera shutter

  • 008 Stability

    008 Stability

    19/12/2017 Duration: 05min

    A few thoughts on getting more stable photos

  • 007 Remember Lytro?

    007 Remember Lytro?

    17/12/2017 Duration: 04min

    In 2015 Lytro has moved on from their consumer facing business. The one thing that kept alive till now was their Living Pictures service. That is not gone to.

  • 006 Chopping Heads Off

    006 Chopping Heads Off

    16/12/2017 Duration: 04min

    A question about Peter Hurley’s cropping of headshots.

  • 005 Selecting Photos

    005 Selecting Photos

    15/12/2017 Duration: 03min

    When in the workflow should you select photos that are similar?

  • 004 Wide Angle on the Cheap

    004 Wide Angle on the Cheap

    14/12/2017 Duration: 06min

    Here’s a way you can trick the viewer into seeing a wider angle picture than your lens permitted. It all has to do with our visual perception system.

  • 003 The scales

    003 The scales

    13/12/2017 Duration: 03min

    Do you do photographic exercises?

  • 002 Adam‘s Observation

    002 Adam‘s Observation

    09/12/2017 Duration: 06min

    Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) had an observation regarding a change in the kinds of cameras that people bring to his tours.

  • 001 Inaugural Episode

    001 Inaugural Episode

    08/12/2017 Duration: 05min

    Send your photography questions • L16 - your thoughts? • Interact