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Are you an online entrepreneur who is looking to become a thought leader in your space? The Online Genius Podcast can help. Harvard lawyer and online entrepreneur Bobby Klinck interviews marketing and sales experts to help you learn how to build, protect, and sell your expertise online. Sometimes you’ll laugh (we hope you won’t cry!), sometimes you’ll be surprised at what you find out, but you’ll always walk away with valuable tips and tricks about how to build and protect your online platform so you can have the success you want. Find out more at


  • Ep 156: My Biggest Shifts All Have One Thing In Common

    Ep 156: My Biggest Shifts All Have One Thing In Common

    12/05/2020 Duration: 38min

    I’ve made several shifts in my business since I first started, and the biggest ones are what I’m going to be discussing in this episode. There’s something that they all have in common, too. It’s hard for a lot of people to accept that they should be making these shifts. You’ve got to let go of what other people think, so I’m going to walk through some examples of why not doing so is actually hurting your business. I’m a “recovering people pleaser” because for most of my life, I was always an outsider. When you’ve never been part of the “in” crowd, I think there’s often a sense of wanting people to like you. That mentality was always holding me back. If someone is going to be mad that I don’t have a problem using certain types of words, so be it. When I started making this shift in the way I write my emails, people responded because they appreciate that I’m showing who I am. I’ll let you know how I’ve continued with this mindset in my coronavirus messaging. After discussing other problems, I get into the most

  • Begin with the End in Mind

    Begin with the End in Mind

    08/05/2020 Duration: 25min

    In today’s LIVE Friday episode of The Certified BADA$$ Online Marketing Podcast, we are talking about one of THE MOST important rules of business (and life): Begin with the end in mind. We’ve all heard it... but most of us don’t live by it. Today, I’ll lay out what that means for your business. If you're ready to take action, join me for Massive Action May:  

  • Ep 155: My New Social Media Strategy

    Ep 155: My New Social Media Strategy

    05/05/2020 Duration: 34min

    What I’m talking about in today’s episode is my new social media strategy. I wanted to lay this out because I’m going to be doing things differently, but I also need to tell you where I was messing some things up. I’m going to start the episode by apologizing to anyone who has followed me on social media. One of the things I talk about all the time is that you should do the things that matter to your business, not what some guru tells you to. Yet, even I didn’t follow this advice sometimes. I’ll reveal some examples, but I’m sure they’re obvious if you’ve followed me on social media. My Friday podcast episodes are going to be changing too, which I’ve given a few details about before. I’m going to be live on my Facebook page every Friday at noon EST, and I’m treating them as bonus episodes. This is probably the biggest change you’ll see on the business side of my Facebook, but I’ll tell you about how my personal profile is going to be changing too. I’m not telling you to do the same changes that I’m doing. I h

  • What Rules Can You Break As A Marketer?

    What Rules Can You Break As A Marketer?

    01/05/2020 Duration: 36min

    In this week’s Live Friday Podcast episode, we cover a really important subject... when is it okay to zig when other people are zagging? There are marketing gurus telling you that you HAVE to do it their way and who make it sound like if you don’t follow their guidance to the letter, you are bound to fail. In this episode, I call BS on that... and talk about how you should think about creating your own rules for your business. But I also talk about the fundamental rules that we all really do need to follow. Join Massive Action May and get Fans First Society for FREE for the entire month!

  • Ep 154: Marketing During The Time Of Covid

    Ep 154: Marketing During The Time Of Covid

    28/04/2020 Duration: 53min

    In today’s show, we’re diving into a topic that really needs to be talked about: marketing in the time of COVID-19. What do you need to be doing? What do you not need to be doing? Do you need to be changing things? How should you think about building your online business right now? Anybody who’s telling you that right now is a great time to be an online entrepreneur is full of it and you should run away. Yes, it’s better than being a brick-and-mortar entrepreneur, but now is not a great time to be just about anything besides the owner of Instacart or Amazon. I’ll start by talking about some things that we need to come to grips with. A good thing coming from this pandemic is that more people are experiencing the online space than ever before. It’s still going to be bad in the short-term, but listen in on why I think this puts us online entrepreneurs in a fantastic place for the long-term. I’ve already done a podcast on why we can’t just not sell, but I’ll reiterate a few points from it. There’s a four-step pla

  • How to Run a Founder’s Launch

    How to Run a Founder’s Launch

    24/04/2020 Duration: 28min

    In this FIRST ever Live Friday Episode of The Certified BADA$$ Online Marketing Podcast, we are talking all about how to run a Founder’s Launch. This is how I launched my FANS FIRST Society membership last year... generating a five-figure launch and getting my core members in the process. We’ll talk about why to do it and how to do it. Make sure to grab the free Founder’s Launch guide that includes a funnel map and swipe copy. You can get it at

  • Ep 153: My FANS First Society Journey

    Ep 153: My FANS First Society Journey

    21/04/2020 Duration: 38min

    I’m spending this episode looking back at the history of my FANS First Society. Why? It’s been a year since the idea for the FANS First Society was first planted in my mind, so I want to discuss what it’s been like being a business coach for this long. A year ago, I was just “the legal guy.” The only things I had for sale were my legal templates. I knew that more offerings would have to be in my long-term plan, but I didn’t know how to execute. I’ll share the story about how I discovered my X factor and how I knew what I wanted to teach people. I created my first membership without even knowing what it would entail. Despite that, I was able to earn an impressive amount of revenue from the first email I sent out to my list about it. Furthermore, I was seeing immediate results from the people I was serving. It’s amazing to think about what happened over the past year just because of a few small decisions I made. The key thing is that when opportunities came about, I jumped at them. Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of

  • Ep 152: Is It Uncool to Sell Right Now?

    Ep 152: Is It Uncool to Sell Right Now?

    17/04/2020 Duration: 14min

    In this episode I’m going to be answering a question that someone asked in my free Facebook group. The question was this: “Is it uncool or heartless to sell right now?” I want to explain to you why it’s not and why you should be offering your services to the community. The person who asked this question explained that she is a health coach and that her services are made for right now. She said that some of her coaches even suggested giving value and products away during the pandemic. The rationale is that people don’t have enough money, but that’s just bonkers. Is it wrong for Costco to be charging for food and cleaning supplies? Those are things that people can definitely use, and of course it’s not wrong for a company to sell them. We would never think that a brick-and-mortar store should give their items away, but coaches sometimes feel like we should be different. I’ll give you my opinion on why we shouldn’t be.The reality is, there are people who would have bought from you during normal times but won’t n

  • Ep 151: Choosing the Perfect Product Offer

    Ep 151: Choosing the Perfect Product Offer

    14/04/2020 Duration: 41min

    I’m going to help you figure out what your signature offer should be in today’s episode. You know that I’m a big fan of keeping things simple, so it’s important that you have a pretty standard online journey for your customers to go on. You’ll need to figure out your signature offer and the relevant secondary ones. What I mean by “signature offer” is that it’s the centerpiece of what you’re going to create and what all your other offers will relate to. I start by giving you some examples to help you clearly understand what a signature offer is. You could have any type of signature offer, but it must be where most of your mental bandwidth is spent on. Many people are struggling with whether they should create an online course or a membership site. I even see people who have one of those and try to repackage it into the other, but I’ll discuss why this indicates a mistake was made. An online course and a membership serve two different purposes. Having either an online course or a membership as your signature of

  • Ep 150: The Curse of Lumpy Revenue

    Ep 150: The Curse of Lumpy Revenue

    10/04/2020 Duration: 17min

    In this episode I’m talking about a problem a lot of entrepreneurs face: lumpy revenue. So many of my friends are using the launch method and they end up with very “lumpy” periods of revenue. That is, they’ll generate a lot of revenue at launch and then have no revenue for a long period of time. Let’s dig into this problem and how it can be solved.I want to start by talking about why it’s a problem. Let’s be clear: part of the problem is that we humans tend not to be as disciplined as we need to be. Most people get a big hit of revenue and want to spend that money, and you’ll see that I’m no different when I tell you about my first month of big revenue. There are three different ways to address lumpy revenue, and the first is payment plans. It’s a very simple idea that everyone gets, but many people don’t offer them correctly. I’m still getting people to sign up during the current pandemic by having diverse payment plans. The second is coming up with lower-priced product offers. I’m all for focusing on one or

  • Ep 149: Launch Recap

    Ep 149: Launch Recap

    07/04/2020 Duration: 34min

    This is the type of episode that I know my listeners love the most. Today I’m doing a recap of my recent email marketing launch and telling you what happened, what worked, what the plan was, and how we were executing it. I’ll start off by giving you an overview of what the offer was. The concept was that I’d give anyone who signed up for an annual membership to my FANS First Society access to my new course, which teaches everything about email marketing. Because I like treating my existing members like royalty, I decided to give the course to anyone who was already an annual member too. We had a plan to direct people to a webinar, and I had the crazy notion that we would get 500 people to sign up for it. I started actively promoting it on the day after the NBA season came to a stop because of the coronavirus, so I ended up not hitting my goal. I’ll go over my exact numbers to inform you just where my sales ended up. People who would have been a quick “yes” in a normal launch still bought. The difference was t

  • Ep 148: Messaging During Coronavirus

    Ep 148: Messaging During Coronavirus

    03/04/2020 Duration: 15min

    Today we’re going to talk about how to message during the pandemic that we’re dealing with right now. I’ve heard a lot of entrepreneurs ask about this and say they’re not sure about what they’re doing, so I wanted to tackle it head on. My general take is that the best thing we can do, outside of following the advice of health professionals, is to keep on with our business. However, we can’t pretend it’s business as usual – we need to message the right way. There are a couple of things that you need to be thinking about in order to shift your messaging. I’ve already changed the way I send out my messages because of the virus, so I’ll point out some examples and tell you questions you need to be asking yourself. I have to bring the subject of the virus in without making it seem like I’ve come up with a “coronavirus special.” If you create a brand-new offer that’s just a money-making ploy, people will smell it. Still, we can’t pretend this pandemic isn’t happening and just ignore it. I’ve got some tips for you o

  • Ep 147: The Biggest Lessons Ive Learned This Quarter

    Ep 147: The Biggest Lessons I've Learned This Quarter

    31/03/2020 Duration: 37min

    I’m going to share with you the four biggest lessons I’ve learned in the first quarter of 2020 in this episode. It’s been an interesting quarter, and the things I share are important lessons that you can apply to your business and life. The first lesson I've learned is the value and importance of taking time off. I’ve struggled with this, partly because I love what I do. Despite this being completely true, I’ll tell you about some things that have come up this quarter which have made me realize I still need time off. Another big lesson that I’ve learned is the value of an exceptional team. There’s been ups and downs in my team-building life, but we are now a cohesive unit. We pick up the slack for each other, and we recently were able to launch a fantastic quiz after building it over a single weekend. I couldn’t have done that alone.The third lesson is to be ready for the unexpected. As entrepreneurs, we’re always going to face unexpected turns. If we’re not ready for these surprises, we are not going to be i

  • Ep 146: You Have Two Choices (But Really Only One)

    Ep 146: You Have Two Choices (But Really Only One)

    27/03/2020 Duration: 13min

    Today we’re going to be talking about what you should be doing in your online business in light of the coronavirus. I’m not going to be discussing the virus itself, but we have to be honest that things have changed. Everything seems to have been turned on its head, so it would be a disservice to you if I didn’t give my thoughts.You have two choices. You can either sit in fear, worry, and paralysis by doing nothing, or you can get back to work. The only real option you have is the second one. Spending time worrying about things that you cannot change isn’t productive. A lot of people are asking if it’s wrong to sell right now and if they should pull back. My answer is: hell no! It’s not that you should try to capitalize on this pandemic. Right now, the world needs you and me a lot more than it did a few months ago. We can harvest the skills we have to serve people in so many different ways.You need to be out there, and you don’t have a choice. This is a disruption that is going to last months. If you’re thinki

  • Ep 145: Interview With A Copywriter With Kate Dramis

    Ep 145: Interview With A Copywriter With Kate Dramis

    24/03/2020 Duration: 43min

    In this episode, I’ve got an interview with my friend Kate Dramis. She is an awesome copywriter for James Wedmore, and I met her through that community. Kate is really good at teaching entrepreneurs how to write great copy and find their message. Many entrepreneurs enjoy writing but hate writing conversion copy. I ask Kate why this is the case and she argues that conversion copy is really easy to write because it has a clear goal. We then discuss the biggest mistake that people make when writing copy, which Kate says stems from the execution. When you’re writing copy, you’re not writing for yourself. It’s never about you. It’s about your audience. Kate and I get to talking about how emails can be built to target a specific mindset, but a sales page must try to speak to everyone. Kate stresses that your sales page does not sell your offer; people should be somewhat sold by the time they land on that page. She then speaks about describing features versus benefits. Shifting beliefs is something that Kate is very

  • Ep 144: Find Your Voice

    Ep 144: Find Your Voice

    20/03/2020 Duration: 13min

    We’re talking about why you need to find your voice in this episode, and why it’s more important than anything else you could be doing when it comes to your business. It’s an important thing that a lot of people don’t quite get right. You need to find your voice for everything you do in your business. If you’re doing it right, your voice comes across in your emails, your content, social media copy, and more. Templates don’t allow you to inject your personal voice, and I’m going to further explain why I don’t like using them. A lot of the time in emails, people sound stiff, boring, and corporate. If it sounds like it could have been written by artificial intelligence, it’s probably not going to connect with people. The email will feel like it isn’t you. Copywriters can be useful, but there’s a few things you need to be aware of with them that I’ll go over in this episode. The most important differentiator is that you are you. I’ve had people come to me who have gotten a particular lesson from me that they’ve h

  • Ep 143: Be A Radical Giver

    Ep 143: Be A Radical Giver

    17/03/2020 Duration: 34min

    Today I’m talking about one of my core beliefs. It’s a belief that a lot of people need convincing on, but once you implement it, I can guarantee you are going to see massive, positive change in your business: the concept is becoming a radical giver. I don’t just mean giving to get or giving as a tactic; you must get to the point where the act of giving actually brings you joy.  My first ever launch in 2017 was a big flop; I made one sale which ended up resulting in a refund. I knew something had to change and decided for 2018, I was going to focus on giving and gratitude. I wasn’t doing it for the right reasons at first, but once I decided to just become a crazy giver within my circles, everything started to change. My name was really put out there and my business started to grow like never before. How do you implement radical giving into your business? There are right ways and wrong ways. You have to give without expectations, give your time, give people things of value, and even sometimes send people to yo

  • Ep 142: You Need A Swipe File

    Ep 142: You Need A Swipe File

    13/03/2020 Duration: 14min

    Today’s episode is about the importance of swipe files. I will be explaining why you need your own personal swipe file, what to collect in it, and how to use it. For those of you who don’t know, swipe files are collections of saved examples which you might want to use in the future for reference as an inspiration, just like lawyers use go-bys. In marketing, you will have to write emails, webinars, sales pages, and so on. That means you will have to create, but it’ll be very difficult to begin on a blank page without knowing where to start. This is still true even if you know the theoretical rules of writing in marketing. I've personally used a copywriter’s page to get the inspiration for my first sales page. To create a swipe file, you should collect whatever speaks to you since that means it’s effective and worth keeping. Collecting is very simple; it includes things like screenshotting Facebook ads, copying and pasting text from emails, screen grabbing videos, and then saving those in a document for future

  • Ep 141: Time For A Marketing Detox

    Ep 141: Time For A Marketing Detox

    10/03/2020 Duration: 35min

    I’m getting up on a soapbox in this episode, but it’s a good soapbox so I think you’re going to like it. I’m going to give you permission to simplify and do less. Today’s episode is all about how you can give yourself a marketing detox to make things better and to make you feel better in your business. As an online entrepreneur, you are in a world where you are being bombarded by people telling you to do different things. I’ll let you in on an email I recently sent to my list that was related to this, and though I didn’t feel like it was too great, my audience told me differently. The problem is that so many people are looking at what the seven-figure entrepreneurs are doing and think that they should do the same. These tactics are a mistake, and there’s no secret that will make everything fine in your business once you discover it. Beware of gurus bearing secrets. There are also online entrepreneurs who feel like they need to be active on every social media channel that exists. That’s not a recipe for succes

  • Ep 140: Create A Story Journal

    Ep 140: Create A Story Journal

    06/03/2020 Duration: 14min

    In this Foundations Friday episode, I’m going to give you a quick piece of advice that you can use to improve so many different things in your business. We’re going to be talking about creating a story journal and why you need one. As you probably know, I believe that storytelling is huge in everything that we do. Your story journal is all about helping you capture the stories that you can use in your business at various times. Stories are the best way to communicate with people because, as humans, we think in stories. They’re very effective not only at getting your message across, but at allowing people to remember your message.A lot of marketers wonder how to come up with stories. All you need to do is have a journal so that when something happens which you could potentially use in your business, you can write it down. You don’t need to write down a whole, detailed story; you just need to catalogue some quick notes and then think how you can deploy the story in your business.After making notes, the next lev

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