Unnecessary Robots



Comedian and Musician Tiana Miller is joined by different friends from the performance art scene every week in her Brooklyn apartment to discuss anything from life on the road to living with mental illness to dead body removal. Stay tuned until the end of each episode for a new song improved each week or check out @TianaMillerComedy for isolated music tracks.


  • Ep 20 Brian Bonelli of Clown Vomit

    Ep 20 Brian Bonelli of Clown Vomit

    15/10/2018 Duration: 01h14min

    Brian Bonelli of Clown Vomit drops in to show us Egg Salad, two solo songs and talk about how the supergroup formed. Also, songs about the presidents and bug porn, oh joy!

  • Ep 19 Anthony Kapfer

    Ep 19 Anthony Kapfer

    12/09/2018 Duration: 01h15min

    Anthony stops by to play his hit song "D is For Divorce", play a song he's been working on live and premiere an upcoming single from his new album. Check out more of his work or buy his book here, www.AnthonyKapfer.com