Breaking Barriers With Beyah



This podcast may seem similar to others but I? will be talking about different events that go around college campuses, the day to day life of a college student, being a black female business seeker and more. I will also be talking about certain trending events going on in the media and news lately. We will discuss those topics and I? will try to have special guest come on the show and just lay everything out on the table. I’ve always wanted to have my own podcast and it will be great for my career down the road in the COM world. So stay tuned for more fun on Break Barriers with


  • Tavernpointe Restaurant

    Tavernpointe Restaurant

    08/11/2017 Duration: 01min

    Intro tag& intro monologue • First segment part 1 • Ally comment 1 • Savanah comment 2 • Ending of segment 1 • End of podcast!