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  • 126: What You Need To Know

    126: What You Need To Know

    19/04/2021 Duration: 10min

    Our brain is the most powerful tool on this planet. All of the best inventions come from a human brain How we feel comes from our own brain What we do and don't do comes from our brain. So learning how to use our brains, instead of letting them use us, is pretty important if you ask me… We are taught how to read & write, taught how to tie our shoe laces, taught how to drive a car… but we aren’t taught how to use our minds (our brains). ** THIS PODCAST IS BEING DELETED FROM END OF MAY 2021 ** Be sure to subscribe to the new podcast called: You Are F*cking Brilliant Because you are my friend - you are fucking brilliant & I want to tell you all about it & share everything I have with you over there to help you own the brilliance & be, do & have everything you want. Cause you deserve it! For more info & to book your free consult visit: Huge love, Xena xx

  • 125: Why Confidence Is The Answer

    125: Why Confidence Is The Answer

    01/04/2021 Duration: 14min

    If I gave you a magic pill that guaranteed you would succeed at anything you did - what would you do? If you were guaranteed not to fail what would you do? You would be unstoppable… THIS is self-confidence. And the more self confidence we have the more amazing our lives are. **WE HAVE MOVED TO A NEW PODCAST CALLED: You Are F*cking Brilliant** Here are the links to find all the goodness you have enjoyed here: Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Stitcher - I Heart Radio -

  • 124: Why Your Brain Is An Asshole Sometimes

    124: Why Your Brain Is An Asshole Sometimes

    31/03/2021 Duration: 09min

    This podcast has come to an end and we have launched a new podcast called: You Are F*cking Brilliant (by Xena Jones) You will find the remainder of this episode & all the other amazing episodes (just like you have enjoyed here!) with the following links or by visiting : Apple Podcasts - Spotify - Stitcher - I Heart Radio -

  • 123: A New Direction... Wanna Come?

    123: A New Direction... Wanna Come?

    24/03/2021 Duration: 19min

    Change is as good as a holiday, maybe even better! Today I announced that this podcast is coming to an end AND we are off in a new direction, on a new journey... and if you have enjoyed THIS podcast & got value from it, then I think you'll want to come! I am sharing how & why I made this decision and why even when things are going well you can still decide to make changes & move in a new direction. I am practicing what I preach & teach - Vulnerability, courage and willingness to take action & not wait till the 'right time or I feel ready.' Listen to this episode and get a sneak peak of the new one too! Our new podcast is called You Are F*cking Brilliant. You will find it everywhere you have been listening to this. Thank you all for you support & love of this podcast and I hope to see you on the other side! Huge love, Xena xx MORE INFO HERE:

  • 122: Worrying About What Others Think  People Pleasing

    122: Worrying About What Others Think & People Pleasing

    17/03/2021 Duration: 23min

    Most people don’t go and do their work in the world because they are afraid of what a few people will think… We are so afraid of what other people might think or say that we edit & dilute ourselves or worse still never do what we truly want to do… Do YOU even like the person you re being when you are trying to control how they feel about you? Do YOU like the person you are when you hold back in life out of fear of what others may think? As a recovering people-pleaser I have plenty of stories to share & inside wisdom to give when it comes to breaking this cycle. And when you're ready check out my new website & book in a consult call to explore if coaching is right for you:

  • 121: Drop The Doubt  Take Action

    121: Drop The Doubt & Take Action

    10/03/2021 Duration: 32min

    Are you ready to drop the doubt and start taking action? SELF-DOUBT is the biggest killer of our confidence and it stops us from going after & getting what it is we really want. SELF-DOUBT is what we give into when we quit OR simply dip our toe in the water & never start SELF-DOUBT stops us from taking the action we want to take, the action we know we need to take Doubt comes from a thought you are thinking. Thinking: I don’t know that I have what it takes Feeling: Doubt Doing: Don’t take action, hesitate, put it off, avoid, procrastinate, spin in confusion, don’t make decisions, don’t take steps forward or make progress, dip toe in... Listen to this episode to find out the solution to dropping the doubt & taking action TODAY! And when you're ready come check out (stalk) my new website & sign up for your free consult call:

  • BONUS: International Women’s Day Plus An Invite To Coffee

    BONUS: International Women’s Day Plus An Invite To Coffee

    07/03/2021 Duration: 22min

    BONUS: International Women’s Day Plus An Invite To Coffee by Solo Women Travel Tribe Podcast with Xena

  • 120: Other Peoples Opinions  Judgements

    120: Other Peoples Opinions & Judgements

    03/03/2021 Duration: 20min

    Do you worry about what other pope think? Do you want other people to like you? You are not alone my friend and this episode is for you! We spend so much time thinking about & worrying other peoples opinions. We do so much to try and control other peoples opinions of us. We even pretend and lie to get them to like us. But we can’t control other peoples minds. 'You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches.' Listen to this episode and hear about how other peoples opinions are formed & how to stop worrying about it & finally stop giving a f**k what other people think of you. At the end of this episode I am giving you 6 journal prompts to take this work even deeper. And when you're ready to take this work to the next level, book your free 60 minute call with me here: And check out my new website here:

  • 119: Wanting More

    119: Wanting More

    24/02/2021 Duration: 25min

    You’re allowed to want more. You’re allowed to want something different. In this episode we are addressing the unspoken pressure from society that imply we should just be grateful fir what we have & where we are AND that if you have more then someone else will have less so basically you are a terrible person... BS! I am sharing with you my 5 suggestions of what to do if you are wanting more and what to watch out for when the doubt & fear kicks in (and it will)... And when you're ready book your free consult and together let's get you what you want!

  • 118: How To Stop Doubting Yourself

    118: How To Stop Doubting Yourself

    17/02/2021 Duration: 23min

    Self-doubt can stop us from going after our dreams, it can stop us from living the life we want to be living. Doubt can literally hold us hostage, keep us stuck & stop us from taking any action... In this episode I am sharing with you: > Why our brains produce self doubt & why it's actually a good thing! > How redefining your self-doubt & what you make it mean will take the sting out of it & keep you moving forward > A simple way to tick your brain into seeing that you can do it & you actually do have what it takes

  • 117: When You Dont Know Where To Start

    117: When You Don't Know Where To Start

    10/02/2021 Duration: 19min

    I don't know where to start, I don't know how... These are common thoughts I hear when women want to grow their confidence, set goals, make changes in their lives and these sneaky little thoughts pack a mean punch. In this episode I am explaining knowing where to start is never the real problem & the 3 self-sabotaging behaviours we often fall into when we are having these kinds of thoughts. And as always I am sharing how to shift your thinking & start taking action towards what it is that you truly want. And when you are ready to see jut how powerful coaching can be, book your free 60 minute consult call with me right here:

  • 116: When Fear Holds You Back

    116: When Fear Holds You Back

    03/02/2021 Duration: 22min

    Fear is a liar It doesn’t tell you the whole truth. Fear will convince you of all the worst case scenarios and that you are going to die. And it will leave out ALL other possibilities.. FEAR is one of our brains ways of trying to protect us. There is one thing that will sabotage your confidence, your happiness and achieving your dreams more than ANYTHING else … And that is your brain! To book your free consult call and experience first hand the difference life coaching can make, simply visit:

  • 115: When Shit Happens

    115: When Shit Happens

    27/01/2021 Duration: 27min

    Last week is best described as a beautiful gift wrapped in the most shitty packaging. I am sharing my week with you & we are covering the following topics & how I handled the shit that happened... - When people disagree with you - People pleasing - Saying no - Embracing who you are - Being in integrity - Haing your own back - Allowing the negative emotions without making it mean something is wrong This episode is packed with good shit! And if you want to take me up on the offer of a free coaching consult visit this link:

  • 114: Comparison

    114: Comparison

    20/01/2021 Duration: 19min

    The #1 reason we compare ourselves to others is because we aren’t feeling good enough. Firstly comparison is normal, we all do it & we have evolved from caveman days to compare ourselves to others & once upon a time it was required for survival. However in todays day & age 90% of the time we use compassion against ourselves & beat ourselves up. In this episode we are exploring triggers that lead us to compare & how to use our compassion in a positive sense.

  • 113: Be More You To Grow Your Confidence

    113: Be More You To Grow Your Confidence

    13/01/2021 Duration: 20min

    The more I embrace who I am without trying to change myself the more my confidence grows. The more I embrace who I am the more success I create in my personal life & in my business. I see am seeing this over & over again with myself & with my clients. The more we try to edit or dull ourselves and the more we try to change who we are at our core the more we rejected ourselves & thus further drain our confidence... I invite you to listen to this episode to hear about how this shows up in our lives and the amazing transformation that comes when we begin to fully own & love who we are.

  • 112: Having Your Own Back

    112: Having Your Own Back

    06/01/2021 Duration: 25min

    Having your own back is a key ingredient in being confident and creating the life you want to be living. It’s like the cocoa powder in a chocolate cake - you can’t make it without it. Having your own back means loving & supporting you, believing in you, trusting you, backing you. In this episode we are exploring HOW to build belief in yourself & have your own back. And when you are ready to explore hiring me as your Life Coach book in for a free consult here: Your future self will thank you for it.

  • 111: How To Set  Achieve Goals

    111: How To Set & Achieve Goals

    30/12/2020 Duration: 20min

    In this episode we are breaking down the 4 steps required to set & achieve your goals. I share with you the most important component when it comes to goal setting AND I am giving you a motivational pep talk to leave you inspired, ready and excited to make this year your best year yet! Let's go my friend!

  • 110: Stop Should-ing On Yourself

    110: Stop Should-ing On Yourself

    23/12/2020 Duration: 21min

    The words 'I should' implies that we are bad or wrong. Should creates feelings of shame & guilt. Anything that follows the words 'I should...' never feels good. We are effectively should-ing on ourselves. In this episode we are exploring the bigger picture... Why should you...? Because so & so said you should ? Because society implies you should ? Because you will feel better if you do ? When we replace our I shoulds with if I wanted to I could... we are met with a very different reality... Why haven't you ? I don’t know how or where to start. I don’t really want to. I'm scared or afraid of failing. You don't want to miss this episode!! . And this is the work I do with my clients I help you feel better about yourself & your life. I show you exactly how to feel happy & how to be more confident. And it all starts with getting on a free 1 hour call with me. A call that is guaranteed to help you feel better & give you clarity. Regardless of wether you decide to hire me as your coach This call will help you ri

  • BONUS: Why Wait?

    BONUS: Why Wait?

    21/12/2020 Duration: 16min

    Why are we waiting? Waiting till Monday or next year to make changes, set goals, go after what we want? When what we really want is to feel better. The reason we want to do anything is because of how we think we will feel. So why put that off? Why wait?

  • 109: Perfection Poison

    109: Perfection Poison

    16/12/2020 Duration: 22min

    As women we have been raised in society to think that we must always strive for perfection and all too often I see this holding us back in the real world. Where men are willing to jump all in without the answers, as women we often hold back and wait till we are ready... In this episode I am giving you plenty of examples of how this may be showing up in your own life and 2 tools you can use today to start letting go of perfection and embracing your courageousness today! . Book your free 1 hour consult call here: you will be glad you did.

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