Office Chatter



Four guys argue about sports. What's not to like?


  • Episode 14

    Episode 14


    Allen, Danny, and Tyler get back to discuss NFL Week 13, Seattle's new hockey team, and more. Segments include "moment of the week" and "jackass of the week."    

  • Episode 13

    Episode 13


    The guys discuss NFL Week 12, who their pick for MVP is, and the jackass of the week.

  • The Gangs Back Again

    The Gang's Back Again


    The guys get back to discuss NFL, NBA, and some hockey (HA).

  • Week 1 - 2018: The Gangs Back

    Week 1 - 2018: The Gang's Back


    The OC gang is back after a hiatus to discuss the results of Week 1 in the NFL season.

  • NFL Trades, McGregor  Masters

    NFL Trades, McGregor & Masters


    Allen, Kevin & Tyler sit down to discuss the news in the sports world during the first week of April.

  • Free Agency, Madness,  Tigers Back

    Free Agency, Madness, & Tiger's Back


    The guys get together to hit Free Agency, March Madness, and the return of Tiger Woods.

  • The Best Weekend In Sports

    The Best Weekend In Sports


    Allen, Kevin & Tyler are back to discuss NFL combine szn, return of baseball carts, and the start of March Madness. Tyler makes his most absurd take to date.

  • NBA All-Star Break

    NBA All-Star Break


    Allen & Tyler sit down in a NBA episode to discuss all the hot topics in the NBA before the all-star break including the Cavs trade, Celtics struggles, and the return of Chris Bosh.

  • Divisional Weekend

    Divisional Weekend


    After a short hiatus over the holiday season, the Office Chatter gang is back to tackle the NFL playoffs. It's divisional weekend and our crew of 3 is here to talk all the weekends' games. We finish up with yet another Alabama national championship.

  • Fake Rules and Non-Catches

    Fake Rules and Non-Catches


    The Office Chatter boys are back minus one per usual to take on Week 15 in the NFL. The Catch Rule strikes again and Cam Newton is literally playing Madden on the field. Tyler has an absurd rule for touchbacks in the end-zone. Case Keenum is still Case Keenum. Our bold predictions segment returns  -- maybe a win for everyone's favorite 0-14 team? We finish up with our Jackass of the Week -- with a controversial choice from Danny.

  • One Last Thing

    One Last Thing


    NFL Week 14 Recap including the Wentz injury, Rodgers revival, and Josh Gordon's sunglasses. Giancarlo joins the Evil Empire and Is Tiger Back or is it Tiger's Back? We finish up with some BOLD predictions and our picks for Jackass of the Week.

  • Sports Are Violent

    Sports Are Violent

    07/12/2017 Duration: 34min

    In the sixth installment of our title podcast, we discuss the newfound fact that the NFL is violent. We touch upon the big stories in Week 14, including JuJu's & Gronk's hit, the return of everybody's favorite sober WR, and if Case Keenum has done enough to prove himself. The gang (minus one) also discusses the breaking news of Rafael Palmeiro wanting to attempt a comeback and Ohtani doing whatever he wants. We touch on the upcoming winter olympics and how some of us think it's a waste of time. Last, we finish out with our "Jackass of the Week."