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Living Irvine is your one-stop shop for anything and everything about the beautiful city of Irvine California! Being a local expert, I have made it my mission to provide as much value as possible to the community of Irvine!In this podcast to can expect to find the following?- Eateries to accommodate all occasions (Date night, Family time, Special occasions, happy hours, etc)- Places to visit- Real estate Market Updates- New listings- Community Reviews- Community Updates- Small Business Spotlights!and more!Interested in being featured?E: Alexdeguzman@bhhscal.comP: 714-655-9910


  • Episode 10 - #Pre-Approval Dat Nguyen Interview

    Episode 10 - #Pre-Approval Dat Nguyen Interview

    25/04/2018 Duration: 37min

    Hey everyone! As spring approaches, I have been getting a number of inquiries asking, "Alex I am considering buying a home! Where do I start?" Before any home search, it is imperative to get pre-qualified or pre-approved. Doing so allows you identify your budget early, help you plan a course of action, and further streamline the home buying process. Many times, consumers believe that the Real Estate Agent handles everything to include the mortgage or vice versa. In fact, the lender and the real estate agent work hand in hand to help borrowers reach home ownership! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach on out to us! Real Estate Agent w/ The Ronnie & Cyrena Group / BHHS California Properties Alexander Deguzman / BRE#01997929 P: 714-655-9910 E: W: Mortgage Loan Officer w/ Excelerate Capital Dat Nguyen / NMLS: #1457879 P: 949-214-5382 E: W:

  • Episode 9 - Irvine Spectrum

    Episode 9 - Irvine Spectrum

    13/04/2018 Duration: 18min

    Hey everyone! This episode highlights the Irvine Spectrum! Located right off the 5 & 405 Freeway! The Irvine Spectrum is by far one of my favorite places to go! It has tons of eateries, attractions, shops, and places to grab a drink! Whether you're a young family, going on a date, or going alone! The Irvine Spectrum has something for everyone! Address: 670 Spectrum Center Drive, Irvine CA 92618 Phone: 949-753-5180 Hours of operations Sunday-Thursday: 10AM-9PM Friday-Saturday: 10AM-10PM Are you an artist looking to perform at the Irvine Spectrum? Contact: Do you have a place, restaraunt or business you want me to cover? Are you somebody who wants to get featured on my podcast? If so, contact me below! Alexander Deguzman/BRE#01997929 P: (714)-655-9910 E: W:

  • Episode 8 - VA Loan Overview

    Episode 8 - VA Loan Overview

    03/04/2018 Duration: 24min

    Hey everybody! Welcome to Episode 8 - VA Loan Overview where I invite a good friend of mine Brian Landeros from Mortgage Heroes to discuss the VA loan. Brian and I go over the basics, things to look for, some common FAQ's, and answered some specific questions from Active Duty/Veteran Service members. If you had a question that wasn't covered in this podcast, maybe something that wasn't as clarified as you would've liked, and/or you would like some one on one attention. Please feel free to reach out to one of us! "Team work makes the dream work" ***Have Questions? Looking to Lease, Sell, or Buy Real Estate? Contact me today!*** Alexander Deguzman BRE#01997929 Call/Text - (714)-655-9910 Email - FB/IG/Linkedin - @Homesbydeguzman ***Looking to get Pre-Qualified/Pre-Approved?*** Brian H. Landeros 873 Anchorage Place Chula Vista, Ca. 91914 Mobile: 619.601.7797 Direct: 619.934.7775 ext 308 Fax: 619.502.7518 Email: NMLS#1690363 FB: w

  • Episode 7 - JUST LISTED! 94 Desert Pine in Cypress Village

    Episode 7 - JUST LISTED! 94 Desert Pine in Cypress Village

    30/03/2018 Duration: 14min

    Hey everyone! During Episode 7 - JUST LISTED! 94 Desert Pine in Cypress Village I invite you all to our GRAND OPEN house, I talk about our new listing, Cypress Village, and its local amenities! GRAND OPEN HOUSE: March 31st 12-5PM - Easter Egg Decorations, Easter egg hunts, Easter Bunny photos, and more! FREE FREE FREE

  • Episode 6 - Laguna Altura

    Episode 6 - Laguna Altura

    20/03/2018 Duration: 14min

    Hey everyone! Welcome to this neighborhood spotlight episode where I highlight specific communities! For this episode, I wanted to take a moment to highlight the beautiful community of Laguna Altura in Irvine California! Below is a brief summary of Laguna Altura - Built by Irvine Pacific - Consist of 582 Homes - Built in 2011 - Tracts - Sienna, San Remo, Cortona, Toscana - 24 Hour Gate guarded, multiple parks, playground, pools, walking trails, etc! - Off the 133 South / Close to the 405 Freeway - Located near the Quail Hill shopping center, Irvine Shopping center, Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Laguna beach, and more! - Located in the Irvine Unified School District - HOA/Mello-Roos (Is Applicable)(Contact for more information) Below are the links to the schools that fall under this Zip Code AND local amenities! -Schools- Alderwood Elementary (949)-936-5400 2005 Knollcrest Irvine, CA 92603 Racho San Joaquin (949)-936-6500 4861 Michelson Drive

  • Episode 5 - Downpayment vs Closing Cost

    Episode 5 - Downpayment vs Closing Cost

    21/12/2017 Duration: 20min

    Episode 5 - Downpayment vs Closing Cost During this episode I go over the difference between a down payment and closing cost! This is a frequently asked question that I get asked from all of my first time home buyers! In this podcast you will learn the following: - What is a Down Payment (Why you need one) - What is Closing Cost (What does closing cost entail) - How much you can expect to pay in a Down Payment & Closing Cost - How to figure out how much you will need up front - Different methods to eliminate or reduce those costs As always, I definitely appreciate you taking the time to tune in to my podcast. IF you enjoyed it, it would mean the world to me if you could take 30 seconds to leave me a 5 stars and review! If you're currently in the market or you have a topic you would like me to cover! Do not hesitate to contact me! Alexander Deguzman/#01997929 Email: Phone: (714)-655-9910 FB/IG/SC: @Homesbydeguzman Love you all!

  • Pre-Approval vs Pre-Qualification amp What lenders are looking for when applying for a mortgage

    Pre-Approval vs Pre-Qualification & What lenders are looking for when applying for a mortgage

    16/12/2017 Duration: 12min

    Episode 4 - Pre-Approval vs Pre-Qualification & What lenders are looking for when applying for a mortgage Welcome everybody to my Real Estate podcast episode 4! During this episode I will be covering the key differences between a Pre-Approval/Pre-Qualification and its importance. In addition, I will be giving you quick snapshot on what lenders are looking for when it comes time to apply for a mortgage. Whether you're looking to purchase in a month, 3 months, 6 months, a year, or NEVER. This information is key as it will further streamline your home buying process! Summary: - Pre-Qualification versus Pre-Approval & Its importance - What Lenders are looking for when applying for a mortgage - Capacity - Credit Worthiness - Collateral Lastly, I want to apologize for the audio quality of this particular episode. I can assure you that the value is still there! I recently went out of town for a few weeks and was having some technical difficulties. However, I did not want that to stop me fr

  • Different Factors To Consider When Writing An Offer

    Different Factors To Consider When Writing An Offer

    11/12/2017 Duration: 23min

    Hello Everybody! Welcome to my podcast Episode 3 - Different Factors To Consider When Writing An Offer! During this episode, I bring to light many of the different factors that come into play when writing a real estate offer. Whether you're looking to purchase or sell a home, people always get so fixated on the list price. The fact of the matter is, it is all about the NET! How much you take home OR are out the door is what matters! Below is what value you should be receiving by the end of the podcast! - The importance of making your first offer the best offer - Why you should focus on the overall net versus the list/purchase price - How to make your offer stand out - The risk in writing a low ball offer I hope I was able to add value to your life! As always, I appreciate you for taking the time to listen! IF you liked my content, please take a quick moment to give me 5 stars/Review and share this podcast with your friends & family! If you have any questions, topics, or you just

  • Top 3 Things that Drive an Increase in Home Values

    Top 3 Things that Drive an Increase in Home Values

    01/12/2017 Duration: 16min

    Episode 2 - Top 3 Things that Drive an Increase in Home Values This podcast episode highlights the top 3 things that drives an increase in home values. I further extrapolate on the factors of demand, property market drivers, and population. These factors serve as the primary drivers in home values nation wide. I explain these factors in a technical AND simplistic approach. If you understand these concepts, you should be able to have a good understanding on how to analyze appreciation rates within your local market places. I hope you found this podcast valuable! If you have any questions or suggestions. Do not hesitate to contact me at the following: Phone: 714-655-9910 Email:

  • Rent vs Buy, House Hacking, Military PCS

    Rent vs Buy, House Hacking, Military PCS

    28/11/2017 Duration: 32min

    During this real estate podcast I go over the following topics. 1.) Rent vs Buy 2.) House Hacking 3.) How to build wealth through Real Estate as a Military member Deciding to purchase a home or to rent can be a difficult decision. It seems that there is always a debate to whether there is a silver bullet answer to this. Renters say home ownership is too risk and too much of a commitment. While homeowners say that renters are just wasting all of their money. The fact of the matter is, it is all dependent on the families specific goals and current situation. I bring to light the different concerns both sides may have. In addition, I begin to talk about how to "house hack" in a culture where rooming with a bunch of room mates is the way to go. Lastly, I talk about how military members can leverage their current BAH to slowly snowball their real estate portfolio. Despite having to consider deployments and PCS's, I have shared my insight on how to mitigate those risk and continue to build