Crooked Sticks



Podcast by Kane Quinones


  • Moving in on Biblical Womanhood

    06/04/2018 Duration: 58min

    This episode focuses on biblical femininity and how to move in close enough to realize we may not have all the answers. Thanks to Emily Katherine Dalton for joining me and providing much needed insight on this important topic. music by Ben Sound.

  • Small Groups, Large Impact

    25/02/2018 Duration: 22min

    Andrew Hackler, the Connections Pastor at West Rome Baptist Church, and I sit down and talk about the important role small groups play in our walk with Christ. Music by Bensound. Check out Michael Shaw on Youtube @ Michael Shaw for Stories that Make the Cut.

  • BP

    10/02/2018 Duration: 43min

    BP and I talk about how he has seen the Lord redeeming him his entire life, how to not be a people-pleaser, and start living life with God. Music by Bensound. Check out Michael Shaw on Youtube for some great new videos every week for tips on creative writing, movie reviews, and mind-boggling card tricks. Check out @JaminLawrence on Instagram and see his new shirt "Christ is Better".

  • Davidson

    27/01/2018 Duration: 24min

    1/26/18 Davidson Mobley shares about how the Lord worked in his life through his parents' divorce, redeeming his story through his new family. Royalty free music by Bensound.

  • Introduction

    12/11/2017 Duration: 12min

    11/11/17 Welcome to the first episode of Crooked Sticks, a podcast about redemption. This podcast is about people's stories, both personal and cultural, and how even through the brokenness the Lord uses Crooked Sticks to make straight lines. In this episode, I share my story about my parents' divorce and how even though divorce was never intended by the Lord, He can still redeem that part of my story through Jesus Christ in my marriage. Royalty Free music by Bensound