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  • Episode 8 – Olivia Parker and Rosamond Purcell – Photographers in Parallel

    23/09/2019 Duration: 27min

    Olivia Parker and Rosamond Purcell are renowned photographers, and have been colleagues and friends since the late 70’s. This podcast is in anticipation of the panel discussion, which will also include neuroscientist Bevil Conway and historian Sean O’ Neil, part of the programming for Olivia Parker’s retrospective at the Peabody Essex Museum. After graduating from […]

  • Episode 7 – Debra Wise and Lee Mikeska Gardner

    11/03/2019 Duration: 28min

    Debra Wise and Lee Mikeska Gardner, of the Underground Railway Theater and The Nora Theatre Company respectively are actors and directors and are engaged with both art and science in their theater work, by way of their involvement with Catalyst Collaborative @ MIT. “Each season, URT or The Nora produces at least one play that […]

  • Episode 6 – Brian Knep and Andrew Witt

    01/12/2018 Duration: 22min

    Media artist Brian Knep and architect/mathematician Andrew Witt, had a terrific conversation as part of a Catalyst to Go program for MACOM, an engineering firm in Lowell, MA. Our topic for that conversation was “Something From Nothing.” This podcast expands on some of the ideas discussed, among them: collaboration and co-creation, failure and profiting from […]

  • Episode 5 – Julia Buntaine Hoel

    20/11/2018 Duration: 10min

    Julia Buntaine Hoel is a conceptual artist, director of SciArt Center, and editor in chief of SciArt Magazine. Buntaine Hoel attained her double BA in neuroscience and sculpture from Hampshire College, her post-baccalaureate certificate in Studio Art from Maryland Institute College of Art, and her MFA of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts. She has […]

  • Episode 4 – Lisa Wong

    14/10/2018 Duration: 12min

    Dr. Lisa Wong is a pediatrician, musician, and arts education advocate who is passionate about the intersection of arts and healing. She served as President of Longwood Symphony Orchestra for over twenty years, leading the LSO in creating the “Healing Art of Music Program” for community engagement. As a cofounder of BACH, Boston Arts Consortium for Health, she […]

  • Episode 3 – Tedi Asher

    12/03/2018 Duration: 14min

    Neuroscientist researcher Tedi Asher may be the only neuroscientist in the US working with curators in an art museum. In this case it is the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem, MA. She is working with the curators there to explore and evaluate the visitor’s experience and to help change the way art is presented and […]

  • Episode 2 – Joe Akin

    12/12/2017 Duration: 11min

    Researcher Joe Akin co-founded a company as he was finishing his graduate work, to better communicate scientific results. The startup REfigure, which aims to Reuse, Reveal, and Recreate, is devoted not only to helping scientists communicate their results but also to contribute to the broader population’s understanding of science. We look forward to hearing from […]

  • Episode 1 – Alan Lightman

    16/11/2017 Duration: 14min

    Physicist, writer, and social entrepreneur Alan Lightman is someone who literally embodies the synergy between art and science. In his scientific work, Alan has made fundamental contributions to the astrophysics of black holes and is known as the author of the international bestseller Einstein’s Dreams, which has been adapted into dozens of independent theatrical productions […]