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fitness and bodybuilding podcaster from Longmont Colorado.


  • Big and lean in 15 : episode 11 " the goat episode"

    24/01/2018 Duration: 20min

    if you're into muscles or goats look no further , special guest Kyler Aurenhammer is in the studio today to talk about his goat herd and how they have taught him all about discipline and responsibility .

  • Big and Lean in 15 - episode 10 "bobby bucher"

    16/01/2018 Duration: 16min

    thanks for listening to the #BigandLean podcast episode 10 ! on todays episode , George is going to explain why you should take control of your health now before it gets out of hand. A few simple things every day can make a huge difference in your life day to day . Getting old is not a choice but being healthy is !

  • Big and Lean in 15 - episode 9 "15 minutes to new years success"

    03/01/2018 Duration: 17min

    episode 9 features a special guest Levi Deckert , my life long best friend . We talk about the challenges faced in starting habits during the new year , especially in the gym! let me know what you guys think and please give me a 5 star review, like and share !

  • Big and Lean in 15 - episode 8 "merry chrysler"

    26/12/2017 Duration: 16min

    Merry Christmas to all the fit fam out there ! Thanks for listening to the Big and Lean podcast ! George Heiman talks about the struggle of staying fit during the holidays , and how to eat healthy (or not ) but still feel great when it comes time to train again! Please subscribe to the podcast and give me a 5 star rating!! Find me on instagram @americanaesthetix

  • big and lean in 15 - episode 7 "flexible dieting"

    19/12/2017 Duration: 19min

    wanna have your cake and eat it too? on this weeks episode george brings to light the concept of flexible dieting , the only rule is dont go over your macros. other than that is no holds barred so eat up and watch the pounds shred off. if you like this episode please subscribe to the podcast on itunes and give a 5 star review. thanks for listening and your continued support , that is the reason i continue to do so.

  • Big and Lean in 15-episode 6 "whats a NPC?"

    26/11/2017 Duration: 27min

    happy thanksgiving , this week i have a guest appearance from a midwestern lensman and pensman . The guys shed some light on the rather dark world of NPC competitions .

  • Big and lean in 15 - Episode 5 "#anabolicfasting"

    20/11/2017 Duration: 15min

    anabolic fasting . time to shred up and build muscle like you never have before . the next big thing in fitness

  • Big and lean in 15 - Ep 4 "Hard In Tha Paint"

    15/11/2017 Duration: 16min

    when life pushes back , you gotta run through that mother fuckers face.

  • Big and lean in 15 - Ep 3 "Reality Of The Fit Diet"

    08/11/2017 Duration: 13min

    ep 3 what does it really take to get the body of your dreams ? surpisingly less than you would think , most important is a level head and some common sense !