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Live @ vibe is a weekly podcast where we interview comedians before and after their performance at Vibe Comedy. You can check out the show at:


  • Episode 15: Joe Antar

    Episode 15: Joe Antar

    19/05/2018 Duration: 17min

    The very talented Joe Antar stops by Vibe, we discuss ponytails on stage, prepping material on the train and bombing in front of old high school friends.

  • Episode 14: Ben Kochan

    Episode 14: Ben Kochan

    30/03/2018 Duration: 13min

    Comedian Ben Kochan does what he does best, slay a room!

  • Episode 13: Vishaal Nandavar

    Episode 13: Vishaal Nandavar

    23/03/2018 Duration: 10min

    Comedian Vishaal drops in to do a set for a tight audience and uses some crowd work.

  • Episode 12: Amy Danger

    Episode 12: Amy Danger

    10/03/2018 Duration: 08min

    Comedian Amy danger joins us on Mardi Gras night.

  • Episode 11: Bonnie Tangey

    Episode 11: Bonnie Tangey

    28/02/2018 Duration: 08min

    Bonnie Tangey brings us some messages from E.T.'s and giggles from the belly with a hilariously creative set, at Vibe. Check out the Vibe Instagram: vibecomedysyd

  • Episode 10: Fady Kassab

    Episode 10: Fady Kassab

    28/02/2018 Duration: 10min

    Fady Kassab is a gem of Sydney, with a sharp delivery and an even sharper wit. Catch him down at Vibe

  • Episode 9: Sam Menzies

    Episode 9: Sam Menzies

    13/02/2018 Duration: 13min

    Comedian and podcaster Sam Menzies drops in to do a set at Sydney's Stand up comedy room, VIBE. Check out Sam's podcast "The Downside with Sam Menzies" 10/02/18

  • Episode 8: Alan Rutledge

    Episode 8: Alan Rutledge

    13/02/2018 Duration: 16min

    The very talented Alan Rutledge drops in to do a set at Sydney's live comedy room, VIBE. 10/02/18

  • Episode 7 Gavin Scott

    Episode 7 Gavin Scott

    18/01/2018 Duration: 12min

    Gavin Scott is a former bouncer and current drug taker. I had a great time discussing comedy competitions, riffing onstage, and performing in front of friends and family. Gavin's facebook: Our Editor:

  • Episode 6: Steph Broadbridge

    Episode 6: Steph Broadbridge

    28/12/2017 Duration: 10min

    We made it to episode 6 baby! This time we had a chat with musical comedian Steph Broadbridge about family, female comedians, and performing over 300 gigs in one year Like Steph at: And our editor at:

  • Episode 5: Sam Kissajukian

    Episode 5: Sam Kissajukian

    20/12/2017 Duration: 11min

    Sam is a prolific comedian who's toured around Australia and England. I had fun chatting with him about the process of working on an hour special Check out sam at: And our editor at:

  • Episode 4: Anthony Locascio

    Episode 4: Anthony Locascio

    13/12/2017 Duration: 13min

    Anthony has only been doing comedy for 6 months and he's already performed an hour in front of 350 people, which by open mic standards is pretty goddam impressive! This episode was edited by the talented Otis Dingwall, find him at:

  • Episode 3: Sarath Chandra

    Episode 3: Sarath Chandra

    07/12/2017 Duration: 11min

    Tonight was fairly quiet at Vibe Comedy but I still had a fun chat with Comedian Sarath Chandra, who's name I totally fucked up. Enjoy! Check out the next event at: and follow Sarath at:

  • Episode 2: Tristan Haze

    Episode 2: Tristan Haze

    29/11/2017 Duration: 19min

    I had a fun time chatting with the kooky and hilarious Tristan Haze, check him out at: