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Quayde Addison is out in the field, interviewing interesting artists and professionals. Semi-weekly!


  • E53: Giovannie and the Hired Guns

    E53: Giovannie and the Hired Guns


    Quayde gets into mischief with Giovannie of Giovannie and the Hired Guns at The Mercury Lounge in Tulsa, OK. They chat about Stone Cold Steve Austin, Radio Censorship and After Party Culture. Only on the MF’n Quayde Things Podcast.

  • E52: Tom Mooney of New Slang Lubbock

    E52: Tom Mooney of New Slang Lubbock


    Quayde meets up with Tom Mooney, Editor of the New Slang Lubbock blog and podcast. They squash the idea of podcast competition, discuss how much sports reporting has changed and why you should keep your resume updated. Only on the MF’n Quayde Things Podcast.

  • E51: Mitchell Ferguson

    E51: Mitchell Ferguson


    Quayde catches up with Mitchell Ferguson in Oklahoma City, Ok, to chat about their hotel, the Blue Light in Lubbock and Dallas, and Mitchell’s new music. Only on the MF’n Quayde Things Podcast.

  • E50: Wight Lighters

    E50: Wight Lighters


    Quayde drops in on the Wight Lighters. They chat about the goings on in Oklahoma, Gwen Stefani, and Ping Pong. Also, if your opener doesn’t know Little Feet is it a deal breaker? Only on the MF’n Quayde Things Podcast.

  • E49: Zac Wilkerson

    E49: Zac Wilkerson


    Quayde chats with Zac Wilkerson at Gruene Hall. Topics include the cost of Apple Burns in Deep Ellum, the Blue Light Dallas Singer-Songwriter Night, and being a Snarky Asshole.

  • E48: Jerrod Flusche

    E48: Jerrod Flusche


    Quayde catches up with Jerrod Flusche. They discuss his solo career, Dolly Shine’s Reunion Tour and much more.

  • E47: Boys From Oklahoma

    E47: Boys From Oklahoma


    Quayde chats with the Boys From Oklahoma Rolling Company and Oklahoma’s shift on Marijuana Policy.

  • E46: Dolly Shine

    E46: Dolly Shine


    Quayde interviews the guys from Dolly Shine at The Blue Light in Lubbock. They’ve had a good run of reunion shows. What’s next?

  • E45: Michael Moad

    E45: Michael Moad


    Quayde and Michael Moad (Texas/Red Dirt Bassist, formerly with Dalton Domino) chat about his career.

  • E44: The Buffalo Ruckus

    E44: The Buffalo Ruckus


    Quayde drops in on The Buffalo Ruckus.

  • E43: Grady Spencer

    E43: Grady Spencer


    Quayde gets the lowdown on Grady Spencer’s new album.

  • E42: Jackie Darlene

    E42: Jackie Darlene


    Quayde sits down with Jackie Darlene in Lubbock, TX. They chat about new music, Jackie’s career and more.

  • E41: Copper Chief

    E41: Copper Chief


    Quayde hangs out at the HoJo in Lubbock with Copper Chief.

  • E40: Caleb Shirtum

    E40: Caleb Shirtum


    Quayde hangs out at the Boohatch with producer/bassist/badass Caleb Shirtum. The dudes talk about Ireland, playing at Angola Prison, Tom Skinner’s ashes, and a whole bunch of other shit. Make sure to tell your friends about our guests and the podcast!!! Spread love and music!!

  • E39: Gabe Marshall of The Damn Quails

    E39: Gabe Marshall of The Damn Quails


    Quayde chats with Gabe Marshall of The Damn Quails outside The Deli in Norman, OK. Topics include the local Norman scene, forming The Damn Quails, and tour stories. Bullshitting about recording their first album at The Boohatch, the life of the music, and the road life. Plus: new information about new shows with The Damn … Continue reading "E39: Gabe Marshall of The Damn Quails"

  • E38: Bryon White of The Damn Quails

    E38: Bryon White of The Damn Quails


    Quayde interviews Bryon White of the band The Damn Quails on Oklahoma, Mike McClure and his solo project.

  • E37: Thieving Birds

    E37: Thieving Birds


    Check out the audio feed from our first ever Facebook Live interview, with Ace and Beau from the Thieving Birds. Hear about why Green Day’s song Brain Stew was life changing, and how you can learn pickup lines from listening to Every Time I Die. The conversation moves from seeing someone get run over by … Continue reading "E37: Thieving Birds"

  • E36: Andres Rocha  Mason Morris

    E36: Andres Rocha & Mason Morris


    Street show season is back in full force at The Blue Light Live, and Quayde was there to catch up with Koe Wetzel’s drummer Andres Rocha and bass guitarist Mason Morris. The band was fresh off of playing a redneck demolition derby and were in the middle of a lengthy run. They’ve had a crazy-packed … Continue reading "E36: Andres Rocha & Mason Morris"

  • E35: Jon Young

    E35: Jon Young


    We are coming at you this week direct from Jon Young’s house in Stephenville, Texas. Jon’s put together a new band this year and is out supporting his latest album, Relic. We talk about stumbling upon a junk yard for the album’s cover photo, and the idea of tying memories to small objects. Hear about … Continue reading "E35: Jon Young"

  • E34: D.J. Dugan

    E34: D.J. Dugan


    Quayde comes to us from a table, shooting tequila with DJ Dugan in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. DJ is the owner of Shake Music TV and Zine (formerly known as Rattle), and also works at Smith Music Group. Providing a discovery platform for the artists in this scene is his and his team’s main … Continue reading "E34: D.J. Dugan"

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