• Episode 12

    Episode 12

    12/06/2018 Duration: 01min
  • Stomach virus

    Stomach virus

    20/04/2018 Duration: 01min

    Yep I’m sick again

  • March 25, 2018

    March 25, 2018

    25/03/2018 Duration: 02min
  • Mar 14, 2018

    Mar 14, 2018

    14/03/2018 Duration: 02min
  • SICK


    14/03/2018 Duration: 02min

    Help I’m sick today

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    26/12/2017 Duration: 02min

    Merry Christmas

  • Interviews Are scripted

    Interviews Are scripted

    15/12/2017 Duration: 04min

    Interviews are scripted not a THEORY

  • Theory’s and more

    Theory’s and more

    09/12/2017 Duration: 04min

    Theory’s and more

  • Bitchy stepsister pt2

    Bitchy stepsister pt2

    11/11/2017 Duration: 04min

    Asmr Bitchy step sister pt2

  • Tapping objectsampscratching

    Tapping objects&scratching

    05/11/2017 Duration: 04min

    For this ASMR video I will be Tapping random objects. The objects that I will be tapping are Two snow globes, A lotion bottle, and a notebook .

  • B*tchy stepsister asmr pt1

    B*tchy stepsister asmr pt1

    05/11/2017 Duration: 04min

    Part 1 part two maybe coming soon on Saturday at 1:00pm USA central standard time

  • Asmr(maybe)


    05/11/2017 Duration: 03min

    Asmr(I think)