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Taking the videos to iTunes plus more. Conversations about goals, meditation, health & fitness, maybe some football and sports talk, then eventually hitting the road a little.


  • Red Hot Chili Peppers (Live at Slane Castle)

    Red Hot Chili Peppers (Live at Slane Castle)

    28/04/2021 Duration: 01h41min

    Needed this on the podcast site so I could have an always accessible audio at hand. 

  • Recovery Talk w/ DJ

    Recovery Talk w/ DJ

    19/03/2021 Duration: 01h01min

    This book is a game changer.   I judged it going in, as a I explain early, didn't think it would be relevant for me... I was really wrong.   We had a great conversation and right around the 39-41 minute mark, we get into some heavy issues that I've wrestled with over the last 4 years.   This book offers a great assist, not just some "feel good quotes," to post on the feed, but a real plan and program, a deep mindset to figuring out your shit, becoming aware of its roots and digging them up for a true assessment of its worth and value.   You'll hear DJ reference (or say) several things to the effect of thoughts and emotions that "serve," so give it a good listen and do some soul searching for the habits and decisions that float through your day that do not serve you in the quest to live the best life you possibly can.  

  • Greenlight Review/Talk with DJ

    Greenlight Review/Talk with DJ

    15/02/2021 Duration: 41min

    I sit down with my friend DJ and we discuss the book, Green Light by Matthew McConaughey.   Both enjoyed it and in this podcast we talk about some of the key takeaways, as well as how much of the book is relatable to everyone.  Audio isn't as clear as I'd like, a little bit of background noise from the bar, but still came out ok.   We decided we're going to commit a book, then meet up monthly to talk it out.   As you will figure out in this episode, plus the episode we did last year, we like going a little deep on topics and almost trying to "rewire," them to see how many different ways an idea can be put together and still work - all with the intent of shining light on how relatable so many things are that we're going through, or already went through, similar phases and stages.   Maybe even a young person stumbles upon the link and gives it a listen, then they check the book out, get some inspiration to get after that dream and away they go.  Green Light.Maybe it's someone

  • 2 Beers w AJ Snyder aka Finesstro_Feasts

    2 Beers w AJ Snyder aka Finesstro_Feasts

    01/02/2021 Duration: 29min

    Stopped by Finesstro Feasts for some takeout and handed him a microphone!  Glad I did.   The food was excellent, always is but this time I was able to get some free pointers on the best seasoning and temp for chicken; should we use olive oil or vegetable oil; and that meatloaf is NOT the same as a burger... very glad we figured that out over a couple beers.  Did not realize how many times I said something to effect of "I'm dumb, I know nothing," but I absolutely proved I knew nothing about grilling prior to this conversation.  

  • Best of Motivational Mixes

    Best of Motivational Mixes

    24/10/2020 Duration: 02h54min

    Compilation of motivational youtube vids as a podcast so you can have it on the trails and in the gym.  

  • Eric Thomas - Blueprint 2 Success Mixtape Vol 1

    Eric Thomas - Blueprint 2 Success Mixtape Vol 1

    05/08/2020 Duration: 01h14min

    All credits to Eric Thomas and co. Introducing the first of its kind...The Blueprint to Success Motivational Mixtape, an intense compilation of some of Eric Thomas' most gripping and inspirational messages performed Globally. Strategically wrapped in a mixture of songs and motivational messages from some of history's most engaging and uplifting artists and leaders, Eric continues the saga of triumphing through adversity, staying ahead of the competition, and the importance of perfecting your brand.

  • Me, DJ, Power Bowls, Egos and Visitors

    Me, DJ, Power Bowls, Egos and Visitors

    27/01/2020 Duration: 52min

    I met DJ a few years ago in the gym, we became workout partners then good friends.  During every single workout, we somehow found ourselves diving deep into conversation of relationships, egos, careers and countless other topics.  Finally, we decided to meet up and try to put one of our talks on a podcast and I really enjoyed it.  We start off a touch rocky, but once we get warmed up and started ignoring microphones, things got rolling.  Hope you enjoy. 

  • See You Soon

    See You Soon

    14/03/2019 Duration: 15min

    A lot of irony here, which I hopefully explain a little, but here are some thoughts on social media.  Thoughts on the addiction of and what we might do if it all went away.  And you should always hang through the finish to catch the music I add.  Kind of my favorite part.  

  • Yoga Playlist

    Yoga Playlist

    15/12/2018 Duration: 42min

    A playlist I used last winter. This one should begin w some basic standing stretches/folds (rag doll, inch worms,etc) to begin generating heat.  As the music intensifies, go with it and let the music guide your movement. No thought. 

  • Start Getting Your Thoughts Together

    Start Getting Your Thoughts Together

    15/12/2018 Duration: 14min

    Semi-quick exercise to help you get your thoughts wrapped around the path to your goals.

  • Why Leaders Eat Last

    Why Leaders Eat Last

    29/11/2018 Duration: 45min

    All credits to Simon Sinek and 99U for getting this on YouTube a couple years ago.   If you've never heard this or Simon, this is a MUST listen.(I added this one really for my own pleasure.  You cant find any audio anywhere besides YouTube,so I added this so I can listen again while running).

  • Quick Intro To Ego

    Quick Intro To "Ego"

    19/11/2018 Duration: 17min

    Here is my quick intro to Ego, how I define it, recognize it and use it.  

  • Fine Tune The Process

    Fine Tune The Process

    10/11/2018 Duration: 17min

    Think about ways you can improve your habits and fine tune the process wherever you are.  

  • Discipline Chatter

    Discipline Chatter

    07/11/2018 Duration: 11min

    I'd like to file a complaint w Merriam and/or Webster.  I totally disagree with the "official," definition of the word DISCIPLINE.  It's not bad word and it's not punishment, it's actually the key skill to help you step fwd w positive momentum all day, week, and year.  

  • Level Up (1)

    Level Up (1)

    31/10/2018 Duration: 14min

    Hopefully everyone saw the David Goggins IG post from a few days ago (sept actually).  Check it out here HEREI saw that and thought "yep, off the couch again, you lazy turd..." and found something productive to do.  The thoughts about that post, how comfort and average thinking will kill you, ruin relationships, crash your business, and pretty much turn you into a slug.  AND I also dive into the idea thats been lingering around my head for a while now... LEVEL UPYou heard my heavy cardio breathing, well this is what its like on a black coffee and 3 shots of espresso, no food.  (I say F words here)

  • Metabolize


    28/10/2018 Duration: 19min

    I discuss an update to my nutrition plan and why I felt it would help to clear up some thoughts and emotions.  

  • Early Am Walk

    Early Am Walk

    13/10/2018 Duration: 19min

    Excuse some of the mumbling and wind, things were a bit chilly around 5am.   But I a couple useful nuggets fell out along the walk so hope you enjoy and find something here you can take with you.  

  • Bounce Back

    Bounce Back

    27/07/2018 Duration: 07min

    When you might be hitting rock bottom (of sorts) get ready to bounce right back, higher and further than you ever thought.

  • Be A Recruit

    Be A Recruit

    27/06/2018 Duration: 05min

    Quick, simple and kinda heavy thought on recruiting your loved ones to start engaging in a healthier, more fulfilling life.

  • Maybe Its Easier Than We Thought

    Maybe It's Easier Than We Thought

    15/04/2018 Duration: 10min

    Working through the ideas of internal happiness and realigning some thoughts.

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