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  • Hour 1 : You Deserve A Break Today

    21/03/2023 Duration: 38min

    Robbie's Rundown kicks off Tuesday's show with updates on NYC protests for former President Trump in advance of his legal issues, a big sting is executed here locally and the Big Mac Index is once again in the news, this time for all the wrong reasons.

  • Hour 2 : Walter Hudson

    21/03/2023 Duration: 41min

    Jon discusses a few local stories including one about childcare before welcoming in studio Walter Hudson, state representative, who gives us the latest from the legislative session at the Capitol.

  • Hour 3 : Rank Choice Voting

    21/03/2023 Duration: 43min

    Jon opens the third hour finishing up a lengthy discussion on several topics with state rep Walter Hudson and then we get into rank choice voting and how it may be coming to Minnesota before you know it.

  • Hour 1 : Leaky Blinders

    20/03/2023 Duration: 37min

    Robbie's Rundown kicks off today's show after Jon inserts a "dad joke" story to start the week, as we cover stories from news about former President Trump, trademark lawsuits hit the Supreme Court and we have a nuclear coverup in a nearby town.

  • Hour 2 : Andrew Langer

    20/03/2023 Duration: 43min

    Jon discusses more about trans issues and talks about Elon Musk's comments on the issue plus we are joined by Andrew Langer, our DC correspondent, to discuss the pending charges for former President Trump in New York.

  • Hour 3 : AK Kamara

    20/03/2023 Duration: 39min

    Jon is joined in studio by conservative online opinionator AK Kamara to discuss several issues in the news combatting wokeness and dealing with the fallout on social media plus we play your talkbacks and take your calls all morning long.

  • Hour 1 : Pothole Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

    17/03/2023 Duration: 38min

    Robbie's Rundown kicks off today's show with stories on one bill that met resistance in the Capitol, one state banning certain types of candy and YOU could win a prize for the most picturesque pothole!

  • Hour 2 : Tom Emmer / Isaac Orr

    17/03/2023 Duration: 43min

    Double guest appearances in our second hour with Representative Tom Emmer joining to discuss the banking fallout from earlier this week, plus from Center For The American Experiment Isaac Orr joins to discuss EV's, biofuel, mining and more.

  • Hour 3 : Walz 2024? / Immigration Song

    17/03/2023 Duration: 40min

    Jon spends the third hour discussing Governor Walz's plans for 2024 and new immigration policies that may have an effect here at home plus we take your calls and play your talkbacks all morning long.

  • March Madness Post Show!

    16/03/2023 Duration: 58min

    Jon, Producer Robbie and Producer Brett play your leftover talkbacks, discuss Aaron Rodgers pending departure from the Packers, Ted Lasso, the Mandalorian plus Robbie has a bonus pop culture mini rundown to close things out in a supersized post show.

  • Hour 1 : Dog Eat Dog World

    16/03/2023 Duration: 36min

    Robbie's Rundown kicks off the show with the five things you need to know to start your day including stories on more snow arriving soon, legislation on balloon surveillance is up for debate in DC and we have a new most popular breed of dog for 2023.

  • Hour 2 : Pantry Raid / Jeff O'Brien

    16/03/2023 Duration: 44min

    Jon opens the second hour talking about if your pantry is racist (yes, you read that correctly) followed by an in studio conversation with lawyer extraordinaire Jeff O'Brien on the cannabis bill and the latest from the legislature.

  • Hour 3 : Light Rail Lunacy / A Bug's Life

    16/03/2023 Duration: 32min

    Jon kicks off the third hour talking light rail expansion to the SW metro plus a gone green update before talking about teachers wanting kids to eat bugs at once school in Utah.

  • Hour 1 : Friendly Fire And Furry Conventions

    15/03/2023 Duration: 39min

    Robbie's Rundown kicks off the show with the five things you need to know to start your day including a mid air collision between Russian and US aircraft over the Black Sea, vinyl makes a comeback and Mayor Frey and company address the pothole problem plaguing the Twin Cities once and for all.

  • Hour 2 : Connect Four / Rob Doar

    15/03/2023 Duration: 45min

    Jon talks BLM and its connection to Silicon Valley Bank and the controversy surrounding the markets plus we talk city council and then Rob Doar, President Of The Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus, joins ahead of his trip to the state capitol later today to preview the latest.

  • Hour 3 : Gone Green / Liz Collin

    15/03/2023 Duration: 41min

    Jon has a Gone Green update before visiting with Liz Collin from Alpha News to talk mask mandates and other topics as we finish up a Wednesday show with your calls and talkbacks as well.

  • Hour 1 : Flipping The Bird

    14/03/2023 Duration: 37min

    Robbie's Rundown to open Tuesday's show includes stories on the pending snow, the ongoing pothole problem and one judge rules an obscene gesture is a "God given" right plus much more.

  • Hour 2 : Wasted Time / Walter Hudson

    14/03/2023 Duration: 44min

    We open the second hour with news of one nearby state that may allow for paid leave for any reason and some local news with state representative Walter Hudson who joins us in studio for the second portion of the hour.

  • Hour 3 : BONUS Walter Hudson / Gone Green

    14/03/2023 Duration: 39min

    Jon opens the third hour continuing his conversation with Walter Hudson followed by a Gone Green update and then some washing machine news that may leave you in a spin cycle.

  • Hour 1 : And The Winner Is...

    13/03/2023 Duration: 38min

    Robbie's Rundown opens Monday's show with stories on the Oscars, pothole problems in the Twin Cities, bank bailout issues breaking overnight and much more.

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