Mr. & Mrs. Chatterbox



Meet Cam and Steph! The husband and wife duo that have a lot to say, hence the name Chatterbox. Stay tuned every week to hear them share their thoughts on pop culture, music, movies & more. Plus, each episode Cam geeks out about all things nerd in "Cam's Nerd Corner." Be sure to subscribe!


  • Ep. 20 - R. Kelly: Homecoming

    19/07/2017 Duration: 44min

    In this episode the Chatterboxes talk about the latest R. Kelly scandal and if its possible to separate the art from the artist. They also briefly talk about Jay-Z's 4:44 and the Carter twins. In Cam's nerd corner he talks about the sixth ever Spider-man movie; Spider-man: Homecoming! Lastly, Cam has started selling is art on society6, so if you see anything you like buy it for support. Cams Art: follow us: IG:@mrandmrschatterbox tumblr: mrandmrschatterbox writer us:

  • Ep. 19 - Who Let the Women Out?

    08/06/2017 Duration: 52min

    In this episode, the Chatterboxes have a special guest, Whitney! Steph's sister joins in on the discussion about the box office hit 'Wonder Woman.' Cam gushes about 'Tekken 7' in his Nerd Corner. And the Chatterboxes end the episode with a debate on mediocre movie remakes/reboots. Why are they a thing? follow us: IG: @mrandmrschatterbox tumblr: mrandmrschatterbox write us:

  • Ep. 18 - Master of Making Beds

    25/05/2017 Duration: 39min

    In this episode, the Chatterboxes ask all the hard questions, such as: Did a teenager produce the 2017 Billboard Music Awards? Why is the Netflix show "Master of None" so good? And is making a bed daily really necessary? In Cam's Nerd Corner, Steph and Cam share their thoughts on the 3rd trailer for "Spiderman: Homecoming." Follow us: FB: IG: @mrandmrschatterbox Write us: