Fallen Angel Diaries



"There is always a method to my madness" - "Follow the method not the madness.""I paint with passion, and not with precision.""In jail I was drawing giant murals with a number two pencil."Realistically, there are so many variations on who a person is, and what they believe in.However, to be honest. we all have common systems of beliefs.Truthfully, the first thing I recommend is realizing one may be wrong. Then figuring out the right to get. - LeeLee.This is a diary, and at this point I've chosen to upload whatever entries I have when I have them. I wasn't sure how the diary format would work, but to be real, this is the way it works the best. I may be sporadic with podcasts, and not perfectionistic. Usually, truthfully it's just me recording into my phone. IF nothing happens for a while there IS a reason -- I've not disappeared.Know that. This podcast is rated MA: for Mature Audiences.