Bea's B&b



Beas B&B is about a queer twenty year old witch who lives in a very unique bed and breakfast in the Pacific Northwest. Admist chanting lilies, a back talking rolling pin, and odd parents, Bea records her never uneventful life on an old tape recorder.


  • Baking

    15/04/2015 Duration: 03min

    Bea tries something her mother and father have warned her to never, ever do.

  • Meet The Parents

    02/04/2015 Duration: 05min

    Meet my mom and dad. My Dad makes awesome living carvings, and my mom...well, she sometimes leaves dead mice on my pillow.

  • Beatrice Jolie

    04/01/2015 Duration: 03min

    Meet Beatrice Jolie, no relation to that actress in Tomb Raider. I live in the weirdest house in the world, and my mixing bowl keeps spitting eggs back out at me.