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  • Episode 3 – a serious Post-Oscar Opium Den Chill


    Episode 3 is here, somewhat belatedly. While I can only apologise, in my defence I have been extremely preocupied with exams and PhD applications and various other tedia (plural of tedium? No? Oh well.) But what the hey, listen in for various delights such as: ⊱ Inappropriate Duvet Sharing! ⊱ Live Knitting! ⊱ Post-Oscars Bitching from […]

  • The Oscars Episode


    The special Oscar Nomination Episode! Tune in for such wonderful nuggets of chit-chat as: Dissection of the Oscar Nominations and Predictions! Nixon and his Money-grabbing Comical Greed Crusted Cream biscuits! Tour-de-Streep! Constant references to the Guardian! Kate Winslet and her Holocaust Movie Theory And, a MYSTERIOUS MYSTERY GUEST!

  • The Inaugural ‘George Rambles’ Podcast


    The Inaugural Episode of George Rambles! Listen for: PhD Applications and Visits to New York! Edinburgh Exam Evasion! Fobidden NYU! Kate Winslet and her Baps! Obama-rama and Barackapella! Oh Yes. Oh Yes!

  • George Is Back


    I’m back. This is going to be good…