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  • Bars Loaded Episode #8-Warehouse Gym Business


    In episode 8 I get into how we started our gym and the mistakes that we have made. I will definitely revisit the business stuff in a later podcast please keep the questions coming. Be sure to sign up for the You Don’t Know Squat seminar Dec 2nd with Ray Williams. A portion of proceeds […]

  • Bars Loaded Episode #7-Conjugate for Strongman


    Bars Loaded Episode #7-Conjugate for Strongman We are back! Bars Loaded gets into the swing of things with episode #7. I take a look at cycling conjugate method when it comes to strongman. Please give us that 5 star and leave a review so we can make this podcast the best it can be.

  • Bars Loaded Episode #6-Keto Diet and Weight Loss w/ Nez Hoover


    Bars Loaded Episode #6-Keto Diet and Weight Loss w/ Nez Hoover Nez Hoover discusses weight loss how he went from 270 down to 219 in 4 months to make weight for BBB2 Strongman and how he did that with the help of a keto style diet.

  • Bars Loaded Episode #5-Q&A with Coach T


    Bars Loaded Episode #5-Q&A with Coach T We have an amazing show for you guys. We did a Q&A with the infamous Coach T. Coach T touches on question that were sent in via social media. We talked about training, eating recovery among other things. It was an epic Q&A and one we hope to […]

  • Bars Loaded Episode #4- Pizza & PR’s


    Bars Loaded Episode #4- Pizza and PR’s Today discussed pizza and worked in some talk on PR’s. Are the imported? Are they overrated? When should you PR? Should you PR before competition? We have another great episode for you guys!

  • Bars Loaded Episode #3-Estevan Lucero Athlete Ready


    Estevan Lucero Estevan Lucero is an Albuquerque native, and former collegiate football player. Following his collegiate career he played three years of arena football and has since made the transition to being the lead collegiate and high school prep Coach at Athlete Ready. He holds an MBA in Sports Management, he is a NASM performance […]

  • Bars Loaded Episode #2- Does your programming suck?


    Does your programming suck? Bars Loaded Hosted by: @nezhoover, @mr_nfp and @cruel_hand_luke Guests included: @ash_cakes and @crossfit_beaver We have a great show for you! We cover programming… What should your programming look like? Who is doing your programming? What kind of programming we use? We cover a lot of the mistakes beginners make with their […]

  • Bars Loaded Episode #1- You down with the GPP?


    You down with the GPP? Hosted by @nezhoover, @mr_nfp and @cruel_hand_luke In our first episode we get into the discussion of GPP (General Physical Preparedness). What is GPP? How to implement GPP into your training? Who should be using GPP? We go through what our experiences with GPP both personally and coaching. We are excited […]