Ron Lester



Ron Lesters loss of 348lbs is BlogTalkRadios gain. Since undergoing dramatic duodenal-switch surgery in 2001, the "Varsity Blues" moive star, not only has a buff new bod, but a new lease on life, too. And now hes bringing his inspirational and funny attitude, along with co-host Scott Berta. A way to listen to not only inspirational conversations with LIVE callers about weight-loss, Troop support, or whatever topics are thrown at this comic duo. But New Music and interviews with bands from around the world! RonLesterRadio is giving a whole new vibe to the worlds largest online radio network.Thursdays at 8 pm. EST and 5pm PST Ron and Scott not only talk about Ron's ongoing efforts to stay buff after shedding 348 pounds. But help others with physical and emotional challenges overcome those hardships and go from fat-ass to kick-ass. Comedy and honesty are the way to reach people! Ron said in an interview one time and this show proves it! Ron also believes you can't help someone if they don't know where YOU have been. They need to have something to relate too. Ron burtel honesty is never a doubt on the show! Example, From one of his first interview on BolgTalkRadio....At Rons low point several years back, he feared that even with his svelte new figure he couldnt continue living in this cruel, cruel world.My then-girlfriend and I courted for a couple of months, and when we were getting ready to have that magical moment, when I got naked, she saw my skin, Ron said on BlogTalkRadio's World Talk Live! I looked like a deflated balloon. It grossed her out. She broke up with me that night asked me to leave. And that about killed me. I literally sat out in my truck and I had a gun and I went through all this stuff I lost the weight and Im still getting treated like this? I was going to kill myself. But then I said, You know what, shes not worth it. After moving from his hometown of Kennesaw, Ga., to Los Angeles in the mid-1