Mr. Opinion



An unscripted conversation between host (actor/musician/comedian) Kiehl Flynn Smit and a guest; done in a single take, and formed by a single suggestion that he gets at the top of each session.


  • S02-15 Conversation 32 with Jordan Coleman - Uber Everything


    What job would pay you enough to not do your own chores? If you can think of it, it is probably a thing.  Uber night night.  What happens when you shake it off?  The natural human reactions to failure or adversity should be constructive.  What do you find distractive?  Diapers may be the cycle of life and status.

  • S02-14 Conversation 31 with Jimmy Murray - Shower Purist


    Does sensory overload stimulate creative thinking? Programmers find a workaround. iPhone complex in an Android body. What is the first step to solving Cancer? Where in the World is Carmon San Diego? DC is the gateway to the West. Are the theme songs from Tales from the Crypt and Beetlejuice the same? How long did you have your Learners Permit? Where do your thoughts take you, down a rabbit hole or to an ant field?Contact Jimmy Murray on Twitter: @JamesRMurray

  • S02-13 Conversation 30 with Ryan Marsico - Little Neitche


    The hippy rewarded for being patient is a calmer domineer. Get High on Patience. It is much quicker to gain weight than to lose it. Do you consume more than 35 grams of sugar/ day. Carcinogen cola. You officially become and adult when you are aware of your personal flaws and start working on them. Laughter for good and services. Social media is inherently me centric. Look for a FaceCult page.Contact Ryan Marsico on Twitter: @reddoorguys @resistancecmdy @ryanmarsico

  • S02-12 Conversation 29 with Justin Gold - Elevator Shift


    Own your shortcomings. Are you spatially aware or just selfish? What position do take in the elevator? Please adhere to all the mens bathroom etiquette. Separate bathrooms might be the key to a happy marriage. Bathroom sinks do have potable water. Junk drunk. Lollypop corners. Is your Starbucks order more of a milkshake than a coffee? Budgeting and Schmoozing. Michigan parking is unparalleled.Contact Justin on instagram: @official_justingold or the Crossfit website:

  • S02-11 Conversation 28 with Ben Hogestyn - Just Go


    The win is the decision to go the Gym. Your cars stick shift is your mechanical connection. Find your mental balance. No fun in positivity... it does not sell. Water Polo is underrated. Find your passion. Show the love with your dollar. Help make Mr Opinion go viral!Contact Ben Hogestyn on Twitter @benhogestynmalibu or

  • S02-10 Conversation 27 with Adam Barker - DIY Culture


    Can you identify your inspirational friends?  Cool back stories.  Cool is what you make it, and has a trickle-down effect.  Would your 4 yr old self think your 35yr self is cool?  When you are down, just sack up and don't project the desperation vibe.  Lemmy Kilmister and Ms. Pac-Man at The Rainbow Room. Visit

  • S02-9 Conversation 26 with Rachel Kottkamp - Trade ipods


    Vote for a Funk-only station on XMradio. Own your quirks. Why are there no new hymns? Who is Hoku? Ready for a Motown comeback? Drop the formalities, here are some first date ideas: powerball ticket & scratchers, trade ipod, middle ground film, built a fort with glow in the dark pick up sticks. Does your fuzzy sweater suggest that you are trying to die alone? Go ahead put the crazy out on the table.Contact Rachel Kottkamp on Instagram @rachel_Kottkamp and see her at

  • S02-8 Conversation 25 with Nick Bush - Civic Responsibility


    Don't touch my horn! Armadillos are useless animals. Are patient drivers dangerous drivers? Are you a Non-honker? Texting when coming to a red light is still illegal! How protected are you and others, when you are in your bubble? Do you care? Are you entitled? High hopes for 2016! Go Vote!Contact Nick Bush at Website: Youtube: Dad on Avail Sponsor:

  • S02-7 Conversation 24 with Molly Hawkey - Top Emoji


    Saying Dude is not a mistake!  Take the time to communicate properly.  Good grammar.  What is it like in Molly Land? Smile to hide your marionette lines.  Don't let negativity knock you off your flying disk.Contact Molly Hawkey on Instagram and twitter: @mollyhawkey, Facebook: Molly from the Bachelor, Photography website:, Youtube search: Molly HawkeyPodcast Sponsor:

  • S02-6 Conversation 23 with Joe Bereta - Take Pride


    As you get closer to the equator, dogs and cats roles get reversed. Hand washing dishes puts misery on a whole new level! Without passion there is no pride. What are your Dishagreements? Weekend Commitment. Do you have a hard time being dishonest? Stay tuned for the Work Sucks podcast and the new coffee table book Don't be that guy!.Contact Joe Bereta on Instagram and Twitter: @joebereta, Website:, YouTube channels: Baratsandbereta Podcast Sponsor:

  • S02-5 Conversation 22 with Carlos Ramos - Have Fath


    Live and breath creativity. Surround yourself with positive people, you will be influenced by their youthful energy. Commitment eliminates the distraction of options. Embrace creative stress. It's OK to needed time off to find passion again. The masses are lazy. Are you drawn mindlessly to watch the famous for being famous? Accidental branding. We only do things for fear or love. Can't talk back to the machine. Only send me your cool friends.Contact Carlos Ramos on Instagram: @sugarskulls, Periscope: @sugarskulls or Website:

  • S02-4 Conversation 21 with Scott Palmason - Think Utopian


    What would you do 30 seconds into the apocalypse? Everybody Back Up! What’s outside of you defines you. Grateful seems so sedentary. Celebrate victory. Make peace with your parking. Are we destined to destroy ourselves?Contact Scott Palmason atwww.scottpalmason.comgo see "The Pat Bentones" at the Impro theatre in LASponser:

  • S02-3 Conversation 20 with Mike McNeal - Magic Locket


    What is your Horcrux?  Commit to embarrassment.  Are you ready to move the human race forward or fall back to tribal mentality?  Leveled up.  Clap in tempo!  Marriage is a partnership.   JarJar Banks the Scythe Lord.  Seek opportunities to change your perspective.  Facing fear is required to grow.Mike McNealInstagram and Twitter: @thelastmcnealYoutube channel: Nacho Punch

  • S02-2 Conversation 19 with Derek Miller - Off Hand


    Sell it. Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) is a game of the Kinsey Scale. How do you wield your guru factor?  No is No. Bartenders are caged beasts. What is your personal journey? Leave ideas with open with ellipses.Contact Derek Miller atnerdistschool.comTwitter and Instagram: @thederekmillerGo Follow: Opening Night the improvised Musical on Facebook

  • S02-1 Conversation 18 with Michael Minto - Auditory Nudity


    Welcome to Season 2 of Mr. Opinion.Statistics say odds are in favor of the persistent individual.  Set arbitrary goals to keep you from rock bottom.  Can you see the factors of your success.  Don't mother your inner child.  Schedule things early in the morning to cultivate positive attributes.  Donut Juice... A slave to Brands...Who invented peanut butter?Michael MintoInstagram and Twitter: @3TwinsComedyYoutube: 3TwinsComedy

  • Conversation 17 with Abel Arias - Validated


    Where do you fit in? Learned Admiration... Do more of what you like to do? Doing what you are passionate about is the new form of retirement. How would you modify to commodify? Knowing when it is done. Practice shared respect vs mutual distain. Finding solace in the calm of the storm. What is your score in the friendship sport.Contact Abel Arias atwww.abelarias.comInstagram and Twitter: @abelg81

  • Conversation 16 with Kelly Vrooman - Day Owls


    Judgment is born out of jealousy and is fear based. Learn to play bean bag twister. Do moral compass choices produce predictable decisions? Dichotomy of expectations. Glottal stop. What path would you choose when playing 'A Wolf Among Us'? Do you find yourself always heading towards quick sand? Would you crawl under buildings if you lost your common sense?Contact Kelly Vrooman at  www.kelly-vrooman.comYoutube Channels: Jellyman productions and Laurelly ChatsTwitter and Instagram: @kellyvrooms

  • Conversation 15 with Eric Hunicutt - Start Journalling


    The spinning rainbow wheel reminds us of how impatient we have become. Faith is the antidote of surviving the frustration of failure. To do a good impression say the name of the person. Failures are worth more brain currency than successes. What if your curriculum allowed you to learn vs regurgitate. Practiced Failure. Is being stubborn in your DNA? Listen for the sounds of Sunset.Eric HunicuttWebsite: www.erichunicutt.comTwitter: @ehunicutt

  • Conversation 14 with Dave Razowsky - Be Present


    Stop over-thinking. Do some deep tissue cleaning. There is no such thing as a subtle change... clean your baseboards. Sticky-sandy hell. Make eye contact with someone other than your mobile device.Guest: Dave RazowskyWebsite: www.daverazowsky.comTwitter: @drazowskyInstagram: @addcomedydavePodcast: ADD Comedy with Dave Razowsky

  • Conversation 13 with MaryPat Farrell - Unconditional Love


    Go to see the gorilla but allow others to be enthralled with the spider! Are you aware you are exercising? Julie Andrews fan. Do things now that would be cool to your young self. Self-concious Superman. Is lack of confidence your Kryptonite? Courage and confidence are actions. Help TMR become a Cult Classic.MaryPat's original album available on iTunes "MatPat Farrell"Her band, "TINY goliath" also available on iTunes Twitter: @MaryPatFarrellInstagram: @farrell.6

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