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We are the previous ChitChat podcast, now rebranded as the Meeples Included Podcast! We're here to bring you news, info and new perspectives on gaming... while maybe veering off into different aspects of geek culture as well. Join Maggi and Jason as they delve into their favorite board games, publishers, and more!


  • Movies, Shows, Books, And Games

    Movies, Shows, Books, And Games

    15/11/2017 Duration: 01h21min

    As Maggi and Jason head to BGGCon 2017, they wanted to leave all of you some listening nuggets of movie, shows, books, and board game thoughts and opinions. They cover a wide range of topics from Wonder Woman to soundtracks, latest books they are reading, to games they have been playing and many random topics in between. So sit back and enjoy the randomness that has become the Meeples Included Podcast! Time Stamp 1:25 The Belko Experiment/Movie Soundtracks 11:37 Wonder Woman, Betrayal at Baldur's Gate, 24:49 Animal Crossing 42:40 Board Games 51:36 Dropmix 1:05 Arkham Horror LCG, Netrunner, Magic, Doomtown Reloaded Links Jason Hancock's Twitter PunchBoard Media Link Docking Bay 94 Podcast Link   Marguerite Cottrell's Twitter Marguerite Cottrell's Youtube Channel Meeples Included Website

  • Meeples Included Podcast Episode 10

    Meeples Included Podcast Episode 10

    16/10/2017 Duration: 01h28min

    This week presents a new title with the same talking format. ChitChat is now going to be Meeples Included Podcast. Maggi and Jason are working on some new art and switching everything over to the new branding. BUT! While they are working on that, they did manage to find a few minutes to get together and talk about their latest geek culture interests and games they have been playing, which also includes a impromptu (Who are they kidding, the whole podcast is impromptu), Kickstarter segment. Sit back, relax, and fill your lovely earholes with some nonesensical gabbing, ranging from purses to movies to board games, and all the randomness they come to deliver in this hour plus long episode! Time Stamps 5:28 RocketBook 11:06 Tabletop Gaming 14:37 The Gallerist 28:25 Spirit Island 38:33 7th Continent 45:44 Kickstarter - Five Ravens, Stellar Leap, and more 52:19 The Ruhr 56:04 Stop Thief! 1:06:24 Through The Ages App 1:12:26 Aura 1:16:10 Innovation 1:18:38 First Class Links Jason Hancock's Twitter Pathological Nerdc

  • A Twofer!

    A Twofer!

    01/09/2017 Duration: 01h34min

    In the latest episode with Maggi and Jason, Adrienne and Netters stop by to chat about games, decorating gaming room, and our personal playthroughs of the game The Climbers by the publisher Chili Spiele. Links Netters Twitter Netters Youtube Channel Netters Etsy Adrienne Twitter Greatway Games Podcast Maggi Twitter Jason Twitter Timeline 0:00 Adrienne Joins Us 33:40 Netters Joins Us

  • Origins 2017

    Origins 2017

    01/07/2017 Duration: 01h20min

    We are back! Jason and Maggi have lots to talk about as Maggi just got back from Origins and Jason visited a small gaming convention in Portland, Or. So, sit back and let the ChitChat Podcast fill your earholes with many mini reviews of many games we've been playing. Timestamps 4:43 Origins 15:55 Wits & Wagers Las Vegas 22:08 Sentient 26:06 Century Spice Road 28:55 The Climbers 39:41 Codename Duet 44:25 Word Slam 50:55 Belfort 58:49 Honshu 1:02 Sentient 1:08 Karmaka Links Jason Hancock's Twitter Marguerite Cottrell's Twitter Marguerite Cottrell's Youtube Channel Meeples Included Website  

  • Too Many Jasons

    Too Many Jasons

    26/04/2017 Duration: 01h44min

    This week Jason Washburn of Talon Strikes Studios joins Jason Hancock and Marguerite Cottrell to talk about King's Champion currently on Kickstarter and the trials and tribulations of running a Kickstarter, plus our usual random conversational topics as they come up. Time Stamp 0:00 Intorductions & Small Talk 17:38 Running a Kickstarter & King's Champion 1:16:05 Talk about Star Wars Voltron, Firefly, Fast & Furious 8, Tom Hanks movies Links Jason Hancock's Twitter Marguerite Cottrell's Twitter Marguerite Cottrell's Youtube Channel Jason Washburn's Twitter King's Champion Kickstarter Meeples Included Website  

  • Saved By The Bell

    Saved By The Bell

    01/04/2017 Duration: 01h11min

    Just making it under the bell ringing the end of March for this month's podcast! Yaaayyy for waiting til last minute /sigh. This episode Maggi and Jason talk about teaching games. What we do to prep if we know it's a new game we plan on teaching, our general take on teaching games for different situations, and how we handle certain situations that arise. Of course, a ChitChat podcast would not be complete if we also didn't venture off topic to talk about Pokemon Duel, Primus, Kickstarter, and other random ramblings that pop into our heads. Kickstarter Links: Dinosaur Island Stop Thief The Grim Forest King's Champion Chit Chat Links: Jason Hancock's Twitter Pathological Nerdcasters Network Website Marguerite Cottrell's Twitter Marguerite Cottrell's Youtube Channel Meeples Included Website

  • The Last Garden

    The Last Garden

    15/02/2017 Duration: 01h27min

    Chris Rowlands joins Marguerite Cottrell and Jason Hancock in ChitChat's latest episode to talk about his new game The Last Garden coming soon to Kickstarter. We also discuss the small convention we all attended a little bit of in Everett, Washington called OrcaCon.   Timestamp 1:55 Meet Chris Rowlands 5:41 The Last Garden 1:07:32 OrcaCon 2017   Links One Thousand XP website Chris Rowland's Twitter Meeples Included Website Marguerite Cottrell's Twitter Meeples Included Twitter Jason Hancock's Twitter Docking Bay 94 Podcast

  • Granite Game Summit  Rogue One Special Edition

    Granite Game Summit & Rogue One Special Edition

    06/01/2017 Duration: 01h38min

    Happy New Year everyone! It's 2017! We are starting it off with a bang! Kimberly Bullock joins us this episode to talk about how Granite Game Summit Convention got it's start, tips on running a convention, and we go deep into Rogue One; What we like, didn't like about the latest Star Wars movie. We also side track our conversation of Kickstarters with some of our favorite local game stores in Portland, Oregon. Time Stamps :33 Introductions 3:35 Kimberly Bullock and Granite Summit Convention 35:43 SPOILERS! Our thoughts on Rogue One SPOILERS! 1:14 Kickstarters Received and our favorite Portland, Oregon Local Game Stores Important Links Granite Game Summit's Twitter Kimberly Bullock's Twitter Granite Game Summit's Website Jason Hancock's Twitter Pathological Nerdcasters Network Website Marguerite Cottrell's Twitter Marguerite Cottrell's Youtube Channel Meeples Included Website  

  • Adrienne Stops By

    Adrienne Stops By

    28/11/2016 Duration: 01h04min

    We recorded this before BGGCon with the goal to have it published before hand, but sometimes life has a different say. So sit back an enjoy our talk with Adrienne and her board game art project, games, Star Wars, Star Trek, and much, much more. Timestamps: 2:10 Extra Life 8:00 Adrienne’s MSA and Her Board Game Art Project 23:40 Adrienne’s Board Game History 28:35 Colonists and Civilization 6 32:57 Star Trek vs. Star Wars (Again) 34:39 Robophobia 35:59 Adrienne’s New Podcast GreatWay Games 40:31 More People That Game, The Better Links: Maggibot's Twitter Jason's Twitter Adrienne's Twitter Adrienne's Podcast

  • Too Many Games! (aka Essen Spiel 2016)

    Too Many Games! (aka Essen Spiel 2016)

    06/10/2016 Duration: 01h23min

    Episode Two! This episode finds Maggibot and Jason discussing several titles that are coming out of Essen that they are excited for. Timestamps 0:00  Intro/CCG’s 4:43 The Networks 7:42 Terraforming Mars/Pandemic The Cthulhu Reigns 10:39 The Oracle of Delphi 15:14 Honshu 16:16 Kingsport Festival The Card Game 19:27 Cottage Garden 22:45 Shogun Big Box 24:58 Peak Oil 28:11 Thunderbirds: The Hood Expansion 30:10 Fields of Green 33:49 Letters From Whitechapel: Dear Boss 37:31 Mask of Anubis 39:35 Tramways 41:40 The Colonists 44:36 Yokohama 47:08 Guns & Steel 48:44 Great Western Trail 51:58 Hyperborea: Light & Shadow 54:10 Power Grid:The Card Game 55:40 Doomtown: Blood Moon Rising Expansion 58:20 Targi: Die Ervweiterung 1:00:50 Colt Express: Marshalls & Prisoners 1:02:41 Fabled Fruit 1:05:00 Anachrony 1:08:27 Key To The City -  London 1:09:40 Motion Pictures:Movies Out of Cardboard 1:11:32 Capitol Lux 1:13:47 Iberia Pandemic 1:14:59 Railroad Revolution Links Maggibot's Twitter Maggibot's Patreon Jason's

  • Introductions


    08/09/2016 Duration: 01h12min

    We are the new ChitChat podcast! We're here to bring you news, info and new perspectives on gaming... while maybe veering off into different aspects of geek culture as well. Join Maggi and Jason as we delve into our favorite board games, publishers, and more! Time Stamps 0:00 Introductions 3:40 Star Wars vs. Star Trek 9:33 Dark Dealings 14:05 Ponzi Scheme 19:02 Agricola (Revised Edition)/Caverna 21:45 Vast Crystal Caverns 29:30 Trickerion/Power Grid 33:47 Legendary Encounters:Firefly 40:59 Ghostbusters/Zombicide 43:31 London Dread 46:48 Champions of Midgard/New Bedford 51:39 BGGCon 56:43 Extra Life 57:59 OrcaCon 1:06:37 Arkwright 1:08:28 Outro Links: Maggi's Twitter Jason's Twitter Incompetech