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This show is about my successes, failures, life lessons, people and places I encounter, and attempts to generate income building apps and games as I take on the quest to do and be more interesting.So far, I've quit my career as a software engineer at a large corporation, hit the road in Hotel Prius sleeping at truck stops across the United States, traveled outside the Americas for the first time, managed a café in Malta, and moved to Manhattan, New York.Let's see where this goes!-DavidP.S. You can find my apps and games at


  • Certified Magical.

    Certified Magical.

    02/02/2017 Duration: 05min

    I’ve written about that suburb of Disney called Florida once before. And about the Disney secret that, in reality, there’s nothing magical waiting around the next corner. Unless you consider sweaty screaming kids magical. Well, I stand corrected. Transcript and photos available at

  • An Afternoon With Mom.

    An Afternoon With Mom.

    19/01/2017 Duration: 08min

    Why would my mom eat a wild mushroom that popped up in her back yard and risk severe illness or even death? In my very first live interview, I try to find out. -David More on my blog at

  • Oh Savannah.

    Oh Savannah.

    14/01/2017 Duration: 10min

    A winning raffle ticket leads to an afternoon in Savannah, Georgia. My expectations are low, but my experience is magical. -David Transcript and photos available at

  • We Run for the Yazidi.

    We Run for the Yazidi.

    02/01/2017 Duration: 06min

    Eve messaged me, "We're doing a 5K fundraiser for Peace Lily. Sign up!" Oh boy. -David Transcript and photos available at

  • The Metagame.

    The Metagame.

    27/12/2016 Duration: 06min

    Yesterday I released my latest game, Connect/Words, to the resounding sound of silence. And then I ranted and rambled. -David Transcript available at

  • The Case of Missing Socks.

    The Case of Missing Socks.

    20/11/2016 Duration: 02min

    Finally! I’ve figured out how just one sock always goes missing! -David Transcript available at

  • Vagabond.


    22/05/2016 Duration: 01min

    I've secretly always wanted to be a bad boy. Today I have arrived. -David Transcript available at

  • Stone Cold Typo.

    Stone Cold Typo.

    15/04/2016 Duration: 01min

    Imagine the craftsman discovering his typo engraved in stone after completing this intricate masterpiece. Ouch! -David Transcript and photos available at

  • Celebration of the Macabre.

    Celebration of the Macabre.

    23/03/2016 Duration: 01min

    Malta is full of really old churches and cathedrals. And the common theme is "gruesome". -David Transcript and photos available at

  • I’m not cut out for this.

    I’m not cut out for this.

    27/10/2015 Duration: 04min

    I got a call from my sister. "It's an emergency!", she shouted, "There's a snake in my bedroom!" Great. -David Transcript available at