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  • Max Reimer: Live Theatre Lives On

    23/12/2018 Duration: 22min
  • Corey Nislow: Living Organ Donation

    23/12/2018 Duration: 23min
  • Lara Boyd: The Leading Cause of Death in Women

    23/12/2018 Duration: 22min
  • Marco Maara: The Legacy of Nobel Laureate Michael Smith

    23/12/2018 Duration: 22min
  • Janet Austion: Her Majesty's Representative in British Columbia

    23/12/2018 Duration: 22min
  • Bill Tieleman - Proportional Representation - Part 1 - No

    10/11/2018 Duration: 21min
  • Nicolee Ambrose & Marc Hetherington - Understanding American Viewpoints on Socio-Economic Issues

    10/11/2018 Duration: 22min
  • Andrew Trites - Southern Resident Orcas are Picky Eaters

    10/11/2018 Duration: 22min
  • Bruce Blair - The Nuclear Threat is once again on the Rise

    10/11/2018 Duration: 22min
  • Patrick Condon: LRT - Why is it taking so long?

    13/10/2018 Duration: 22min
  • John Neate: Succeeding in the Complex World of Coffee

    13/10/2018 Duration: 23min
  • Anne McMullin: In Search of Real Estate Solutions

    27/09/2018 Duration: 23min
  • Joe Dion: Can Canada's First Nations Save the Resource Industry?

    27/09/2018 Duration: 23min
  • Lynn Mueller: Wastewater to the Rescue

    27/09/2018 Duration: 23min
  • Abeer Yusuf: Vancouver Love me, Love me Not

    16/09/2018 Duration: 23min
  • Gordon McCauley: Putting Canada on the Drug Global Stage

    03/09/2018 Duration: 23min
  • Kim Thompson: Corporate Social Responsibility

    27/08/2018 Duration: 23min
  • Dr Lee MacKay - Preparing for the Baby Boomer Tsunami

    21/08/2018 Duration: 23min
  • Bruce Sharpe: The Future of the Electric Car

    19/08/2018 Duration: 23min
  • Justin Dhaliwal: A Guide to Being a Licensed Marijuana Producer

    08/08/2018 Duration: 23min
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