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Everyone thinks it, no one ever wants to say it. Well, guess what? I'm that woman. I'm the woman that if you ask, expect the answer. Want it filtered to your desired taste of sweetness, not gonna happen here. But if what you want is direct answers (that are not endoresed by any DOCTOR OF ANY KIND) are the things I would say or do. It is highly recommended that you don't try this at home, if you have any shred of hope of keeping your sanity. Behaviors such as these could cause the loss of ones, spouse, partner, family, friends, job, apartment, home, health club, bowling alley. And the last one will rock your world. NO STORE WILL ALLOW YOU ACCESS TO THEIR MERCHANDISE EITHER IN PERSON OR ONOLINE!!! ****this is an absoute lie I just made it up.***So anyway--the more you listen the better I look. I get better time slots and more time. And the more I drink, the better I get, or not, depending on what you think. Don't be shy, you know you want to listen!


  • Black Friday Becomes Drunk Friday

    Black Friday Becomes Drunk Friday

    29/11/2014 Duration: 18min

    We aren't going to buy useless crap, or bother people that should be home tormented by their husband football addiction, who are instead working. We're hanging with our friends, eating leftovers in our jammies, and drinking lot's of alcohol and chasing butterflies.  You know that sounds so much better than shopping anyway. We'll be broadcasting remotely from a friends house in Holiday, where they run a close 2nd to our debauchery at the Delving.  So, make sure you call in, log in to the chat or message us on Twitter.  This show has not yet been rated by the FCC.  

  • Isnt It time To Change The Way Our Country Is Run?

    Isn't It time To Change The Way Our Country Is Run?

    15/11/2014 Duration: 58min

    So you sawy you want a revolution? But exactly how does that happen?  Do you know?  I know I don't know.  Russell Brand seems to get it, but he never tells us what we should do to make the change.  How do we start in our own communities?  Did you know the government in Ireland paid $80 million dollars to a consultant to help bring clean water to their people?  And did you also know, that they were already doing that?  So instead those folks had to pay between 200-600 a year for their water, depending on your household size?  Why not give them water with that money that you took?  How is corruption in government addressed?  Why does it seem the only people getting heard by our officials, are corporations and the wealthy?  So, I'm sort of calling Russell Brand out to not only continue telling his Trewes but offering suggestions on making changes in our own governments locally.  We want to help, but we're not as educated as we'd like to be.  

  • Pre-FPG, whoring the Revolution, and tonights polls

    Pre-FPG, whoring the Revolution, and tonight's polls

    04/11/2014 Duration: 01h03min

    The Clan is being represented at the Hippie Tent, Beware Funsuckers, Reactions to Revolution, Amazing Alzheimer's Man and news about this Friday's show. Cum on in! 

  • Time To Tell Our Truth

    Time To Tell Our Truth

    24/10/2014 Duration: 59min

    Witches On Wine is digging in this winter and beginning to go in a bit of a different direction.  There will still be X rated chat, but we'll be talking about current events as well.  We'll be explaining our hippie diva ways and our BRAND new love affair. Big swinger Halloween party that I'm invited to this Saturday, I'll be talking about that too.  We got our technical difficulties worked out and the phone delay is much less noticeable.  So, tune in, tell your friends so we can laugh.  If you don't listen, we can tell, we're psychic, and we'll talk about you, make fun of your losery ass...we will 

  • Back on the Air

    Back on the Air

    20/10/2014 Duration: 30min

    We are back on the air with a new agenda - we grow tired of drinking out of people's legs - Witches be spreading some love to our fellow men and women - Russell can you hear us?