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St. Louis Missouri, Gateway to the Legalization.Grassroots Radio Active Marijuanas Mission1. G.R.A.M.s Purpose: Informing Missourians about cannabis benefits opposed to prohibitions harms, highlighting and humanize the cannabis consumer, and inspiring citizens into taking action to repeal marijuana prohibition.2. G.R.A.M.s Business: Providing relevant news, accurate information, scientific research, thought provoking interviews, alternative frames of mind, and leadership to activate Missourians into legalizing marijuana.3. G.R.A.M.s Values: Marijuana legalization core values are; public education, community involvement, grassroots activism, and human interaction.For questions, comments, suggestions and hate mail contact,TriXteR Phillips via


  • 4-20-2011 Special

    4-20-2011 Special

    22/06/2011 Duration: 59min

    In this the premier episode of Grass-Roots Radio Active Marijuana we examine the need to change the image of cannabis and the consumer in order to change the oppressive laws of prohibition fought through the War on Drugs. In the first of three segments, Cannabis Breakdown, we look at the Agricultural/Industrial, Medicinal and Recreational aspects of cannabis. Next up in Re-Frame of Mind we examine three movements organizing public events devoted to bringing the subject of legalization into the light of day. Finally in Call to Arms my tribute to a fallen hero of the Iraq war killed in a no knock drug raid. Also at 20 past the hour the For Twenty Minute my pledge to you of dedication to cannabis law reform. For your continued listening pleasure the links to the songs played on today’s show: Greenleaf 10,000 Years of Revolution is available for download at the NORML Stash Blog Find them on MySpace at Garry Higgins Thicker than a Smokey is avail

  • The For Twenty Minute Sneak Peak!

    The For Twenty Minute Sneak Peak!

    18/06/2011 Duration: 01min

    With recording about to go into full swing the first podcast should be ready withing the next few days. Until then enjoy this one minute preview!