Highly Overrated



Welcome to Highly Overrated! A potcast where Jordan and Reina sit down and toke... whoops, TALK about random things, play games, and get blazed.www.patreon.com/highlyoverratedtwitter.com/highlyoverratedwww.highlyoverratedpod.com


  • Episode 16: Pikachu OG

    Episode 16: Pikachu OG

    22/10/2016 Duration: 38min

    Trying out some Pikachu OG and talking about San Francisco, Is coffee just strong tea?, and TV Shows we're obsessed with right now and forever

  • Episode 15: Candy Land

    Episode 15: Candy Land

    22/10/2016 Duration: 32min

    Reina and Jordan talk about all things that terrify them. From the creepy clowns luring people to the woods, the Ocean, and Kim Kardashian.

  • Episode 15: CherryPie

    Episode 15: CherryPie

    22/09/2016 Duration: 42min

    Luke Springer is on the show with us again and we talk super nerdy gaming, collectables, and all things geek! Oh and Smash Brothers cause it's amazing, duh.

  • Episode 14: High Octane

    Episode 14: High Octane

    08/09/2016 Duration: 39min

    Reina and Jordan have editor, Luke Springer on the show and talk about family drama, siblings, and reminisce about Super Panic Frenzy.