Prosperity Place


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  • 1 - Calzone 1

    1 - Calzone 1

    27/01/2007 Duration: 05min

    Round 1 - Calzone 1 Brent: Well, here we are today at the house of Meredith Calzone. She just bought this house the other day. I wonder when she'll be coming. Oh. Here's her taxi now! Hey Meredith! Meredith ignores Brent and goes straight to the telephone to ask herself "What's this?". Hey, Meredith. You're a sim. Why do sims do this? It's got to be the weirdest interaction out there. Why do you autonomously ask what something is everytime I buy something for y'all. Do you not know what a telephone is? Meredith: I don't know... That's just the way Maxis made me, I guess. I kind of like looking at random things, though. *Sighs* Fine. Suit yourself. Ooh look! Here comes the welcome wagon. Go greet everyone Meredith. Look at all your new friends, Merey. Uh-oh there aren't any of my custom townies on here. I hope that shrub works. All the neighborhood sims are married, and you need a spouse, especially since you're a family sim. Meridith: I'm pretty sure it does work. I saw an article about some magic shru