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You're So Stupid is a comedic talk show hosted by Alex Schiffer. Every week he brings his friends on the mic to talk about many different topics, and vent about struggles in daily life as young 20 somethings working in different fields of media. Topics could range from, the frustrations of being in your 20's, hazardous living conditions that plague his Chicago apartment, dumb internet trends, and lots and LOTS of complaining. Forget about all your priorities, family needs, and deadlines. Come be stupid with us!


  • Ep24 - Student Films are So Stupid

    Ep24 - Student Films are So Stupid

    04/05/2017 Duration: 02h04min

    Apologies/Three week hiatus/All the shit we're doing/Worst projects we've worked on/Need to find more weird internet communities Subscribe to us on iTunes!