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  • Its Been Awhile Good Friends

    It's Been Awhile Good Friends

    14/05/2012 Duration: 02h01min

    We Are Back On Podomatic!Starting This Month We'll be posting episodes that'll linger around for at least a month and then they'll be replaced with new or different episodes.Starting with this one, January 2nd 2012.Given our mishaps with technology, while maintaining our geeky goodness should be a rousing good romp!

  • Quick to the Clown Mobile! Osamas Dead! Shave Fast Like!

    Quick to the Clown Mobile! Osama's Dead! Shave Fast Like!

    16/05/2011 Duration: 02h45s

    May 9thIntroThe Week before we took a breakThe Governments Blatantly Full Of Shit, so thus Chaos' doesn't believe themWe're Diving head straight into this thing10 Most Downloaded Movies of the WeekThere are some movies so bad, they can't be MST'edSpider-Man: Turn Off The Dark, RETURNS! New and Approved! And we MOCK IT!!!Ruining Peoples Days Make Chaos' Day case in point Titanic II, it's real.The Spider Man Reboot Movie is looking Good.BREAK!Yes We Actually Discuss the Music We Play, Scary huh?Necrophilla is ICKY and RENDAL CAN'T WATCH HIS LANGUAGESinking Ships and Science CentersGeorge Lucas is an Official Raging Douchebag"SAY JAR-JAR BINKS IS AN ABOMINATION!"The only good thing about Jar-Jar Binks is he's so horrible you ignore the rest of the crap actingThe Chinese are kinda like GoblinsChaos is fully of Blasphemy, Chewbacca with a Ruby Rod Voice.....Star Wars nerds Vs Star Trek Nerds bewary of the Star Trek Wars or the Star Wars TrekTechnical Details of how a transporter works, only nerds careFamily Guy an