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Why review a whole movie when you can review the trailer? Roberto Suarez, John Whitford, and Barbara Buckner Suarez review and analyze movie trailers for upcoming films to help you decide what movies are worth your hard earned cash!


  • All good things…

    All good things…


    Hello everyone, Roberto here. First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the long delay. Since our last episode back in June many things happened which led to our unannounced hiatus over the summer. The time away has allowed … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 141: ClashBack Mini

    trailerclash 141: ClashBack Mini


    Summer vacation is upon us and we haven’t had the time to record a new episode. To tide you over until our return, here is a ClashBack mini-episode remembering the late, great Eli Wallach. See you in a few weeks! … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 140: The Dark Keaton Rises

    trailerclash 140: The Dark Keaton Rises


    The consequences of selling your soul to Hollywood, Harry Potter is just friend material, November comes in August, the family that mourns together stays together, and a comedy sequel 20 years later. Plus Michael Keaton rises again and  a final Apes trailer! Hosts: Roberto Suarez … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 139: Bond School

    trailerclash 139: Bond School


    A dishonored cop is a better Equalizer, a journalist chases down a conspiracy, an animated tale takes us to the world of the dead, and a prep school for double-0 agents. Plus Nicholas Cage ends the world as we know it! … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 138: Not All Badasses Are Created Equal

    trailerclash 138: Not All Badasses Are Created Equal


    Christmas is a time to grow up, a neurotic skeptic meets a cute medium, a crime-caper prequel, a badass moves from TV to film, and a classic tale of war remade. Plus a superhero team-up with Disney and Marvel! Hosts: Roberto … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 137: Intergalactic

    trailerclash 137: Intergalactic


    We take a second look at two new trailers from far-away galaxies, what happened to Rob Reiner, good people don’t learn their lessons from movies, and Steve Carell goes from a bad day to unrecognizable. Hosts: Roberto Suarez & Barb Buckner … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 136: The Ice Train Cometh

    trailerclash 136: The Ice Train Cometh


    This week, a triple dose post-apocalyptic epics with apes, trains, and desert terrains! Plus robbers run into witches,  a comet freaks out the neighborhood, and a group of Vikings gets stranded! We also take a moment to discuss the recent … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 135: The Female Jack Black

    trailerclash 135: The Female Jack Black


    Young terrorists in Oregon, the real life of the modern vampire, wishing for the end after a long losing battle, a rom-com-mocking rom-com, funny women on the run, and a vacation with a ping-pong champion. Hosts: Roberto Suarez & Barb Buckner Suarez Announcer: Scott … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 134: 12 Years A Boy

    trailerclash 134: 12 Years A Boy


    Good deeds that don’t go unpunished, from “Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.” to just an agent, an old cowboy wants to go out with a bang, a signal of things to come, and a family story twelve years in the making. Plus a look … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 133: Walk Like A Man, Sing Like A Munchkin

    trailerclash 133: Walk Like A Man, Sing Like A Munchkin


    A Polish immigrant traverses the dark side of the American Dream, Clint Eastwood goes to Broadway, another Kickstarted movie, a musician trapped in limbo, an old claim jumper gets more than he bargained for, and a young girl goes missing in … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 132: Iron Chef

    trailerclash 132: Iron Chef


    A clichéd sports films about sport film clichés, from Iron Man to iron chef, video on demand goes high caliber, beauty in the sci-fi of the beholder, and more German accents than you can shake a spy at. And are … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 131: Lucy Flawless

    trailerclash 131: Lucy Flawless


    Mark Ruffalo and Keira Knightly tell a familiar story Once again, Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz don’t want you to see their movie, Morgan Freeman helps Scarlett Johansson use 100% of her brain, Roman Polanski brings another play to the … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 130: Pretty Phantastic

    trailerclash 130: Pretty Phantastic


    A second look at the latest from the Wachowski’s, a found footage adventure by way of E.T., a reinvented origin for the Ninja Turtles, a horror cult classic gets a surprise sequel, and The Rock goes mythical. All that plus … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 129: Marvel Madness

    trailerclash 129: Marvel Madness


    A dramatic turn for Kristen Wiig, a movie for Roberto’s mom, chasing birds with Sir Ben Kingsley, a harrowing mystery based on a true story, and a classic dystopic tale makes it to the big screen. Plus a great video … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 128: It’s a Blockbuster, Charlie Brown!

    trailerclash 128: It’s a Blockbuster, Charlie Brown!


    Monsters in the mirror, sentient killer robots, demon-hunting cops, and the Godfather of Soul. Plus Pixar and Star Wars news, another look at Maleficent, and a big screen comeback for Snoopy and the Peanuts gang! Hosts: Roberto Suarez & John Whitford … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 127: Fool Me Four Times…

    trailerclash 127: Fool Me Four Times…


    Michael Fassbender wears a new mask, Jodorowsky’s first film in 23 years, the Transformers don’t fool us anymore, a return trip to Frank Miller’s world, and a new take on a Broadway classic. All that and a ClashBack! Hosts: Roberto Suarez … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 126: Better Red Than Undead

    trailerclash 126: Better Red Than Undead


    Teen Wolf meets The Howling, Nazi zombies return, the con is on with Kurt Russell and Matt Dillon, Tony Jaa looks for his elephant again, and another raccoon hits the big screen. Plus we may soon be taking another trip … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 125: Godzilla Vs. Elmo

    trailerclash 125: Godzilla Vs. Elmo


    A Russian war epic, we get “taken” on a role-reversed adventure, a museum for members only, a story of crime and mustaches, and a movie for all the moms. Plus a second look at the King of the Monsters, and … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 124: Space Oddities

    trailerclash 124: Space Oddities


    Two of Roberto’s most anticipated trailers are finally here: Alejandro Jodorowsky’s space epic that never was and the Marvel Universe expands into a far away galaxy! Plus John Cusack, Thomas Jane, and Tom Hardy go for a drive, and Nicholas … Continue reading →

  • trailerclash 123: Double Take

    trailerclash 123: Double Take


    A psychedelic trip through 15th century England, an animated fable of mice and bears, Anton Yelchin sees dead people, two Jesse Eisenbergs are better than one (didn’t we say this last week?), and Simon Pegg searches for happiness. Hosts: Roberto Suarez … Continue reading →

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