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The first of many more to come! we are 2 guys who love hockey. We do a weekly podcast of all things hockey related, including all 7 Canadian teams! This is our first shot at a podcast so please listen, drop a like and subscribe for more weekly content! thanks a lot! Ryan and Sean!Follow us on Twitter @TalkingPuckP and on our YouTube Channel


  • Episode 11.mp3

    Episode 11.mp3

    07/03/2017 Duration: 34min

    We do a round up of the Canadian teams and discuss the first player signed by Vegas

  • Trade Deadline Special.mp3

    Trade Deadline Special.mp3

    02/03/2017 Duration: 59min

    In this episode we take a look at the Sellers, Buyers and Seller & Buyer teams of the trade deadline.

  • Episode 10.mp3

    Episode 10.mp3

    12/02/2017 Duration: 25min

    This week we discuss the Canadian teams and discuss the mid season goalie equipment changes.

  • Episode 9.mp3

    Episode 9.mp3

    09/02/2017 Duration: 42min

    This week we discuss the Canadian teams, All Star Weekend and the coaching changes in St Louis and Boston.