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A podcast dissecting every episode of Seinfeld.


  • Ep. 56: I’ve Enjoyed Being Straight With You

    Ep. 56: I’ve Enjoyed Being Straight With You


    In our 56th episode, we discuss s04e16 of Seinfeld, The Outing. We discuss big country, pod hotels, businessmen might go to a mall, ugliest world leaders, left out in the sun, and in other business: Hot Mugshot guy. Download Episode 55 Show Notes Big Country Muammar Ghadaffi Noble Lie Other Business: Hot Mugshot guy Tim Allen Mugshot Nick Nolte Mugshot Beebz Mugshot Bill Gates Mugshot Hugh Grant Mugshot David Bowie Mugshot Hot Mughshot Girl

  • Ep. 55: No Justification for the Poke

    Ep. 55: No Justification for the Poke


    In our 55th episode, we discuss s04e15 of Seinfeld, The Visa. We discuss yoga, apple picking, Daniel Craig, enameled cast iron, the dig-dug chubby checker song, a sexual rule book, snubbing the Gail Cunningham, Botticelli’s, and in other business: terrible inventions Download Episode 55 Show Notes Chubby Checker’s Dig Dug Song Botticelli’s Real Genius Other Business: Inventions that Didn’t Change the World

  • Ep. 54: Shoes that match the tongue of Taz

    Ep. 54: Shoes that match the tongue of Taz


    We are back with our 54th episode, wherein we discuss s04e14 of Seinfeld, The Visa. We talk back to school fever, cast iron, Patrick makes a painfully bad joke about charcoal grills, Chris forgets to pay attention, we take a very special moment to discuss broad ethnic stereotypes in Seinfeld, and in other business: a dubious discussion of fashion. Download Episode 54 Show Notes Back to School Real Genius Other Business: Obama’s Tan Suit Toddlercore - not a real trend Normcore - a real trend

  • Ep. 53: A Simple Naïveté

    Ep. 53: A Simple Naïveté


    This week, in our 53rd episode, we discuss s04e13 of Seinfeld: The Movie. We discuss Chris’s accolades, softball, papaya king, exploding helicopters, “A Comedy about romance and other perilous adventures”, fake movie dialogue. Download Episode 53 Show Notes Review for Focus Catch a Rising Star Papaya King Year of the Comet

  • Ep. 52: The Gungan Shield

    Ep. 52: The Gungan Shield


    This week, in our 52nd episode, we discuss s04e12 of Seinfeld: The Pick. We discuss yoga, selfies in the voting booth, spoiling ballots, sporting, the fashion industry, breakup sadness, photos on Christmas cards, “inventions”, we dig deep to justify picking, and in other business: a Japanese game show where you find the things that are made of chocolate. Download Episode 52 Show Notes The Flowbee A nice date idea Other Business: Sukori Sweets

  • Ep. 51: Gross Domestic Cronut

    Ep. 51: Gross Domestic Cronut


    This week, our 51st episode with special guest Megan Wong, we discuss s04e11 of Seinfeld: The Airport. We discuss Edmonton’s claim to fame, Virtual Reality, George’s little feet, sucking back wine at the airport, driving stunts, first class vs coach, very good models, mean people in airplanes, the dreaded middle seat, and in other business: Rent-A-Friend Download Episode 51 Show Notes The Hyrax The Hyrax After Dark Other Business: Rent-A-Friend

  • Ep. 50: Wash their Eyes

    Ep. 50: Wash their Eyes


    This week, in our 50th episode extravaganza, we discuss the most famous episode of Seinfeld, s04e11 The Contest. We discuss horrifying commercials, Chris’s film news, JFKJ, and in other business: A Spelling Bee Tie!. Download Episode 50 Show Notes Horrifying Ragu Pasta Sauce Commercial The Liberator Ilana Levine - The Aerobics Instructor Other Business: Missouri county spelling bee on hold after finalists exhaust word list Patrick’s Best Friend

  • Ep. 49: The Birds and the Bees

    Ep. 49: The Birds and the Bees


    In which we talk about Seinfeld s04e10: The Virgin. Chris is back, and really wants to know which one is the boy, and which one is the girl. We also talk about looking cool with ski lift tags, closet design, extra MSG, and in other business: Cat Cafés. Download Episode 49 Show Notes Other Business: Café Chat L'heureux Cat Cafés in Japan!

  • Ep. 48: Is a Clown Ever Sexy?

    Ep. 48: Is a Clown Ever Sexy?


    This week, we chat about Seinfeld s04e09: The Opera. Justin subs for Chris, gets a massage and is now a teacher. We also chat about taking photos of paintings, hockey fights, Chachi Arcola, terrible speeches, the opera crowd, and insane clowns. In other business: scary 3D babies. Download Episode 48 Show Notes Canucks v. Flames Fight Vigo from Ghostbusters II Québec French Profanity Binaca Gross Binaca Ad Opera Shoe Ozzy Nelson **Other Business:* 3D Babies

  • Ep. 47: Cheever Pays His Taxes

    Ep. 47: Cheever Pays His Taxes


    This week, we gab about Seinfeld s04e08: The Cheever Letters. Chris talks about how much he wants to watch Cameron play next gen consoles, Patrick has trouble describing a movie he saw once, stealing office supplies, who is responsible for a cabin burning down, John Cheever vs Wesley Snipes, and in other business: holiday mashups. Download Episode 47 Show Notes The PS4 Mario is Now a Cat Slacker Movie John Cheever Other Business: Thanksgivukkah

  • Ep. 46: Autograph Hunters

    Ep. 46: Autograph Hunters


    This week, we discuss Seinfeld s04e07: The Bubble Boy. Patrick and Cameron are a duo this week, we discuss Halloween and elaborate costumes, phone anxiety, Holocaust 2000, answering machine messages, George looks impressive, O-Lan Jones, Casino Night Zone, in other business, cat pee laptops. Download Episode 46 Show Notes Holocaust 2000 O-Lan Jones Dell Laptops Smell Like Cat Pee

  • Ep. 45: Mickey Mouse Operation

    Ep. 45: Mickey Mouse Operation


    After a thanksgiving break, we’re back to discuss Seinfeld s04e06: The Watch. We discuss phones hopefully for the last time, breakfast foods, bad gifts, degifting, whether you can flirt with your family there, pizza buffets, Uncle Leo’s outfits, and velcro wallets, and in other business, robots. Download Episode 45 Show Notes The Hudsucker Proxy Skymall Anton’s Pasta Bar Blade Runner Umbrella Other Business: Galloping ‘WildCat’ robot terrifies, delights humans

  • Ep. 44: Sweet Juicy White Flesh

    Ep. 44: Sweet Juicy White Flesh


    Back for the second week in a row, we discuss Seinfeld s04e05: The Wallet. Chris is sick, we discuss phones again, a variety of consumer goods, Cameron’s fall from grace and experience as a premium traveller on airplanes, Morty’s problems at the doctor, impressions of Chris, and in other business: a blob. Download Episode 44 Show Notes Aiaiai headphones Coffee Joulies Michael Richard’s Pepsi Ad Gunshow Comics: Kramer is an Owl Other Business: Blobfish wins ugliest animal vote The Blobfish Is Present

  • Ep. 43: Everyone Know Yo-Yo Ma

    Ep. 43: Everyone Know Yo-Yo Ma


    This week, after a mini-haiatus caused by bad planning and torpor, we are back with s04e04: The Ticket. We discuss phones, phone contracts, Komodo Dragons, puns, vomiting doesn’t break the deal, Newman lays it on thick, whether eggs come out of a chicken’s butt, and in other business: food additives. Download Episode 43 Show Notes Samsung Galaxy Mega Other Business: Beaver butt secretion good for baking: agency

  • Ep. 42: The Symptoms of Molly Ringworm

    Ep. 42: The Symptoms of Molly Ringworm


    This week, with our second episode in as many weeks, we watch s04e03, The Pitch and discuss 80’s starlet diseases, the Amish and rumschpringe, pre-toilet paper options, how radar detectors work, Jerry’s axes to grind, and in other business: inventions! Download Episode 42 Show Notes Rumspringa History of Toilet Paper Other Business 12 of the craziest inventions you’ve ever seen

  • Ep. 41: Like Youre a Big Shot

    Ep. 41: Like You're a Big Shot


    After our extended (and unannounced) summer hiatus, we’re back! This week, we’re back in the saddle and discuss s04e02 The Trip: Part 2. We discuss our summer stuff, Dave’s bad reputation, Patrick and Chris might get a PS3, the chalk outline guy in the police force, Seinfeld is evolving, Chris is drunk playing video games with twelve year olds, Chris’ dealings with the law: continued, and in other business, the counterfeit zoo. Download Episode 41 Show Notes China Beach Super Balls Other Business: Counterfeit Zoo Scary Poodle

  • Ep. 40: The Eighties Were The Best

    Ep. 40: The Eighties Were The Best


    This week we discuss s04e01 of Seinfeld, The Trip: Part 1. The gang is back together, and we discuss fan correspondence, breast kinda actresses, someone crazier than Kramer, the saddest three stooges, the best Fred Savage movie. In other business: premium dog travel. Download Episode 40 Show Notes Carnal Knowledge Candice Bergen Backdraft Other Business: Virgin offers rewards for high-flying pets

  • Ep. 39: Truck-Like Device

    Ep. 39: Truck-Like Device


    This week we discuss s03e23 of Seinfeld, The Keys. Our handsome guest host John Grady joins Cameron and Chris to discuss the meat business, comic scholarship, fan updates, getting an all access pass to Cameron’s place, yearning, the details of airport security protocol, and in other business: Norwegians love being bored. Download Episode 39 Show Notes Jon Grady (@RealButcherJon) on Twitter Murphy Brown Mad About You Other Business: Norway’s ‘boring TV’ trend attracts legions of fans Fire Log TV Next Week: s04e01: The Trip

  • Ep. 38: Spoilers

    Ep. 38: Spoilers


    This week we discuss s03e22 of Seinfeld, The Parking Space. We discuss illness, The Man of Steel, what a hot tamale is, visual effects, very wild teens, parking philosophy, and in other business: we answer listener questions. Download Episode 38 Show Notes Man of Steel Tamale Next Week: s03e23: The Keys

  • Ep. 37: Ferris Bueler Painting

    Ep. 37: Ferris Bueler Painting


    This week, Chris keeps it casual, and we discuss s03e21 of Seinfeld, The Letter. We discuss Chris’s travels, the king of budget meats, Cameron’s dad ruins priceless art, the Kramer painting, the efficacy of letters from scorned lovers, and in other business: the slippery slope of eating schmeat. Download Episode 37 Show Notes Catherine Keener Art Institute of Chicago(where the ferris bueler painting is) Other Business: Meet ‘Schmeat’: Lab-grown meat hits the grill this month Next Week: s03e22: The Parking Space