Coffee With Kelly



Spend a few minutes with Kelly as she shares parenting and marriage advice, Christian living tips, and some general common sense over a cup of coffee.


  • Say No To Drama

    Say No To Drama

    18/12/2016 Duration: 03min

    Everybody loves a good story. Some of my favorite stories are the true ones about mishaps, hijinks, and shenanigans. I love to hear my husband talk about his past adventures as a bachelor. Like the time when he was traveling over a mountain pass with a van full of people and needed to put snow...

  • Serving


    22/11/2016 Duration: 03min

    "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". This verse in Luke 6:31 is commonly known as the Golden Rule. I remember as a child being told to follow the Golden Rule. Even my friends who were not Christians new to treat others the way they would like to be treated. But isn't that the Gospel...

  • Choosing To Forgive

    Choosing To Forgive

    28/10/2016 Duration: 02min

    You may have heard the news story about the father who, in his grief, chose to forgive his daughter's killer. It's times like these that we wonder how is that possible? How could a person forgive someone for such a horrendous offense? It's one thing to forgive a person who has lied to you or said...

  • Different Child, Different Style

    Different Child, Different Style

    07/10/2016 Duration: 02min

    When you drive past a car lot you will notice several different looking cars. There are cars with 4 doors, 2 doors, or pick-up trucks. There are minivans, SUVs, and utility vehicles. They all come in different colors and different customizations but all serve the same purpose. They are all to move...

  • Dating


    09/09/2016 Duration: 02min

    Flowers, restaurants, movie theaters, candy, long walks. All of these mark the time when boyfriends and girlfriends get together and date. Dating even continues once the couple says “I do”. However, once the business of life takes over, often times dating becomes a thing of the past. Dating is...

  • Never Ending Communication

    Never Ending Communication

    26/08/2016 Duration: 03min

    When an ambulance races down the street and you are headed to the side of the road to let it pass, did it ever occur to you that several lives are being impacted at that very second? What I mean is that there are people who are responding to some emergency to offer assistance. There is someone who...

  • Communicate Even When It Hurts

    Communicate Even When It Hurts

    12/08/2016 Duration: 03min

    “Just walk away”, “Just forget about it”, “Give it some time and it will get better”. These are all tempting thoughts that come to mind when we have been hurt by someone we love. I decided at the beginning of my marriage that I would talk even when it hurts. This behavior was illustrated by...

  • Voices


    22/07/2016 Duration: 02min

    My family and I recently took a road trip across our state to visit family. Even though we know the way we use a GPS app to track our progress, give us our estimated time of arrival, and alert us of any road hazards. Maybe you do this too. Well, we were reminded how funny the English language can...

  • Going Without

    Going Without

    08/07/2016 Duration: 02min

    I grew up in an area that had a lot of tall evergreens. Although the weather was very temperate in this area windstorms created a big hazard. It was not unusual to lose electricity several times during the year. Usually the power would be out for a day or so. Occasionally, we would lose power for a...

  • Pray Courageously

    Pray Courageously

    24/06/2016 Duration: 02min

    As a Christ follower we strive to become Christ-like. After all, that’s the process of sanctification. To be like Jesus means to be sinless, abounding in love, compassion, selfless. To be like Jesus is to have self-discipline, joy, peace, patience, and so on. I have learned that to become more like...

  • Proper Perspective

    Proper Perspective

    10/06/2016 Duration: 03min

    “The glass is ½ empty. The glass is ½ full”. Is often illustrated to see two different ways of thinking. Remember the blue dress controversy of 2015? Is the dress white and gold or black and blue? It all depended upon how your eyes translated the image to your brain. It was based on perspective...

  • Be A Blessing

    Be A Blessing

    13/05/2016 Duration: 02min

    The average person will spend 2,080 hours at work this year. Some of you may spend a lot more and some of you less. Either way, that is a lot of time away from home. We spend a lot of time with other people. Depending upon what your occupation is or what you do away from your home, you come into...

  • Parenting - Creative Discipline

    Parenting - Creative Discipline

    06/05/2016 Duration: 02min

    No one likes to be disciplined. Discipline tends to bring negative thoughts to mind for many people. Some of us think about how we were raised and see how our parents treated us as the definition of discipline. While others who maybe never experienced much discipline are uneasy with the thought...

  • Marriage - The D Word

    Marriage - The "D" Word

    29/04/2016 Duration: 02min

    As a child of the 80’s it seemed as though divorce had become the new trend. I remember standing at the bus stop and listening to a kid say how his parents were getting divorced. Another kid piped up and said his parents had divorced the previous year. Still, another classmate shared that her...

  • You Have The Power of Prayer

    You Have The Power of Prayer

    22/04/2016 Duration: 02min

    I believe in the power of prayer Nothing to do with me. I have seen God do miraculous things in the lives of other people, my family members, and myself. God is a powerful God 2 Kings 20:1-11 – In the face of doubt and discouragement I get encouragement from King Hezekiah’s testimony I too need to...

  • Creative Parenting - Rewards

    Creative Parenting - Rewards

    15/04/2016 Duration: 02min

    Everyone enjoys a treat from the treat bag! It’s fun to receive awards for doing a good job. Usually it doesn’t really matter what the reward is along as it brings a smile. Throughout my life I have set goals for myself. With these goals I always set up a reward system. For instance, I recently...

  • Compliment your Spouse in Front of Others

    Compliment your Spouse in Front of Others

    08/04/2016 Duration: 02min

    Everyone enjoys a kind word. We like to know that we are appreciated. We like to know that when we have accomplished something that others take notice. This isn’t necessarily a sign of pride but instead it’s affirmation that you are doing good. In the book of Proverbs it says, “Let someone else...